Kim Di Brito

Kim Di Brito


Silverthorne, Colorado, USA

I have always had a deep and profound love of Mother Earth and was blessed to have been born and raised on her majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  I appreciate and feel her beauty all around me from the lakes and forests to the canyons and plains.

I began my spiritual journey over 25 years ago with a passion for crystals and channeling, soul groups and energy healing. But as time moved on, my daily life was being filled by my children, family and career, and my spiritual self seemed to take a back seat.

My remembering came when we moved to Australia four years ago. My mind and body rose from its sleep to find a whole new world of thoughts and teachings that I had been missing for so long. Where have I been? I found an amazing trance channeling instructor and soul group that helped ground me back into my body and opened up the crystal unions once more.  Connecting back to Mother Earth and her sacred healing waters, rich cultures and incredible landscapes had lifted my spirits. I was beginning to find my deep soul connections again.  Now I was ready to experience the crystals in a way I had never known…

I had my first Crystal Light Healing and immediately found the calling from this ancient sacred wisdom.  I needed to immerse myself in it; to feel every emotion and learn every lesson.

To awaken and re-connect with your own soul is a very personal and unique experience.  In Crystal Light Healing, I honor your connection with your soul, to Source, to Mother Earth, and to the grand Universe.  I honor where you are on your soul path and aspire to guide and balance you along the way.  I am just the channel for your beautiful spirit on this amazing journey. As a Crystal Light Healing Teacher and Practitioner, I wish for everyone to connect with their divine souls through their own crystalline matrixes and energy centers.

I am able to provide individual sessions and coursework throughout the US and Australia.  Crystal Light Healing Sessions are by appointment only and can be performed at my preferred local healing center or designated private location.  Distance Healings can be accommodated immediately.

Crystal Light Healing Instructional Coursework must be scheduled 8 weeks in advance.

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Phone: 970 468 0658

Mobile: 0411 704 623



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