Kaatheryn Tempest

Kaatheryn Tempest

Mapleton, Queensland, Australia

Kaatheryn Tempest is the founder of the Awakened Healing Spacewww.awakenedhealingspace.com.au, operating from Mapleton and Maleny QLD.  The Awakened Healing Space was created to offer a platform to remind you that you are an Immortal Sovereign Being, whose sole purpose on planet is “To Be Love”.     Our mission is to free you from the illusion of limitation by connecting you consciously with your Sovereign Spiritual Signature, the aspect of you, out of form, that created you, in perfection, for the purpose of bringing divine love to this dimension.

For the last 25 years Kaatheryn has been using her abilities to change out-dated patterns of belief, starting in her family of origin and carrying that ability throughout her business life and into her current life as the founder of The Awakened Healing Space.

After an extensive career in Business Administration Management and Finance within Multi-national corporations, the universe created the opportunity for Kaatheryn to commit fully to her path as Catalyst, Workshop Facilitator, Sacred Geometrist, Healer and Yoga teacher.

Kaatheryn has been aware of her intuitive and healing abilities since the age of 7 and with this awareness has known that her purpose on this planet was to change systems that were dysfunctional.    The thread of Kaatheryn’s life has been identifying  dysfunctional systems  and creating  functional systems, be it in business, community, family or in the individual.

One of the most powerful tools she has found to create change has been working with the activation of the DNA Light Codes within the human energy body and physical body.  This work has evolved into what is now knows as Trans Sovereign DNA Activations.  These sessions recode the “junk” DNA, so that they  respond to the language of the universe, which is light and sacred geometry.      Clients report profound awakenings and transformations from the DNA light code activation series.

Kaatheryn is a natural catalyst and healer.   She has the ability to be present in the moment with clients, allowing the core of the session to become apparent to both client and practitioner, facilitating deep change.

With a deep understanding of the human condition, through her own personal journey of seeking truth, Kaatheryn has had to face all aspects of herself and transform her old belief systems and ways of operating completely.

She is a compassionate, strong and knowledgeable woman, blending, Intuitive Counselling, Crystal Light Healing, Sound Healing, Chiron Healing, Genome Healing, Yoga practices, Meditation, Sacred Geometric Grids and Trans Sovereign DNA  Activation technologies as needed to create individualised sessions for clients.

Events by Kaatheryn Tempest

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Crystal Light Healing® Teacher

Crystal Light Healing® Honours

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Kaatheryn’s Credentials


    • Trans Sovereign Dna Activations
    • Intuitive Counselling
    • Crystal & Sound Healing
    • Reiki Healing
    • Seichim Healing
    • Entity Removal
    • House and Land Clearing
    • Private Yoga
  • Workshops
    • Crystal Light Healing Practitioner Training Series
    • Reiki Training – all levels
    • House and Land Clearing Training
    • Multi Dimensional Crystal Gridding Training

Contact Kaatheryn Tempest

Mobile: +61 (0) 492 877 228

Email: kaatetempest@gmail.com


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