Melissa Lange

Ascension Therapies

Seacombe Gardens, South Australia, Australia

My soul’s greatest desire is that all beings on earth may experience enlightenment in this lifetime.

My journey has been one of service which has taken many forms working with sports, children, refugees and in corporate sales/business each one adding a piece to my puzzle.  My hope is that I can empower others to reach for the stars and dream big and to be a conduit for others to experience their own self healing.

I was born a sensitive child and early in life realised that my energy, the things I could sense or know made those around me uncomfortable. Not wanting others to feel this way I made an unconscious choice to shut down or disconnect from aspects of myself and my personal power fearing rejection and abandonment. I would often gaze at the stars or the ocean knowing they felt more like home than my life as I felt disconnected.  I was always a student of life, of spiritual material, cultures and philosophies which I shared with very few in my life. Over many years I had gradually began to ignore my feelings and my intuition in regard to what I wanted from life.

Well that changed late in 2006 as I was confronted with a series of situations involving those closest to me to trigger my wake up.  Spirit began to guide me on what I can only describe as a wonderful rollercoaster, adventure in self discovery and healing.  I was able to realise during these times that they were opportunities to heal my inner wounds and return me to the path my soul had chosen for this life. I became increasingly sensitive to chemicals, foods and energies.

In my quest for knowledge, answers and understanding I read many books, attended workshops and travelled to sacred sites. I visited ancient lands and locations I felt drawn to in Australia, US, Hawaii, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and Egypt to activate my Higher chakras, DNA and to heal and reclaim and integrate aspects of higher myself. I am still to this day discovering vast uncharted territories and opening to new ways of living, seeing and hearing as I connect with Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings, Lady Gaia, animals, plants and crystals.

I work on an intuitive level with energy healing and clearing when spirit asks, primarily on an etheric and karmic level for people and places. I utilise the principles and energies of Reiki, Crystals and colour.

Crystal Light Healing has come to me at this time to assist my remembering, only time will tell where it will take us!

Events by Melissa Lange

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Crystal Light Healing® Teacher

Crystal Light Healing® Honours

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Transference Healing – Fundamental Level Training
  • Usui Reiki – Shoduen Level 1 & Okuden Level II
  • Angel Intuitive Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Interior Design

Contact Melissa Lange

Mobile: 0432 493 874



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