Paris Luongo The Creative Heart

Paris Luongo

The Creative Heart

Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia

It is a pleasure for me to be able to connect with you through this beautiful website.

I have a passion for learning and am forever a student of life. I feel that I am continually looking for opportunities where I can spiritually grow, evolve and learn. Which makes me want to then grow, evolve and learn even more. I feel that it is important for us all to have passion, joy and laughter in our lives.

My passion and what brings me joy is teaching. My aim is to always teach through the heart and to never be ridged, but instead always allow my teaching to continually evolve and be flexible to the needs of my students. I also love to teach through simple truths and encouraging people to find their own truth through their own uniqueness.

My other passion is energy healing. Over the years my healing has changed dramatically as I incorporated new techniques, discovered new concepts and expanded my conscious awareness. I love to empower people to take an active part in their own healing (I guess that is the teacher in me) and I find so much joy helping people find their way and their own inner light.

My work has lead me to combine lots of different modalities and tools when I am teaching and healing. I love to work with sound, crystal bowls and Solfeggio frequencies, colour, crystals, The Archangels and Ascended Masters, meditation and relaxation techniques and galactic frequencies.

I always hold the highest and purest of intentions for my students and clients. I believe that everyone has a right to be joyful, happy and healthy. And that I can hold a space for you to connect to your unique Divine spark and to find your true bliss.

I have been co-running The Creative Heart centre in Sydney since 2007. I love connecting with new people and get inspired by the lives and stories of others. The vision for the centre was to create a haven where people would always feel welcome and safe to be themselves. A space where people could learn, grown, develop and share their own wisdom and talents. A space of nurturing, non-judgement, support and love. Our aim was to create a sense of community and a place where people felt like they belonged. I feel that it is important for people to always feel a sense of belonging and that they are a part of a ‘tribe’, being able to connect with like-minded souls is integral.

I would love to hear from you. I am currently working with groups and individuals from Rouse Hill and Seven Hills NSW. I am also available to travel to you and can work via distance.

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Seichim Master/Teacher
  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Certified Rainbow Spirit Healer
  • Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner

Contact Paris Luongo

Phone: 0403 194 941


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