Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Cosmic Unity - Life & Soul Purpose Coaching

Coogee, NSW, Australia

UniversalLifeTools Qualification: 
Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner

The soulful art of transformational conversation is my incantation, as little as one hour can make a huge life changing impact. My mission is to assist those of you who may be stuck or struggling on your spiritual journey. My niche is working with lightworkers and starseeds to uncover their full potential and mission here on Earth, and assisting one to fulfil that mission and provide soulful guidance and support whilst on that beautiful yet sometimes very challenging journey.

Assisting those along the path of awakening also includes those of you who are struggling with Ascension sickness, such as the ego desperately trying to hold on to old ways of living and thinking, negative and limiting beliefs, loneliness, homesickness, dark night of the soul and spiritual crisis experiences to name a few.

I take one through the process of conjuring Unity within (Mind, Body and Soul – as above, so below, so within) and hence living and embodying your true authentic self without fear of judgement, healing past wounds and traumas which you may not even realise are having effect on you now (from this life and beyond), relinquishing to the Universe what is no longer serving you, which can entail emotions such as fear, regret, anger, sadness, guilt, shame etc. and un-resourceful behaviours to name a few. Then we can together integrate resourceful thoughts and behaviours in their place, bringing you to a place of magical synchronicity with the Universe.

This is effectively done by working both with your subconscious & superconscious mind (higher self) together in union with the intention, whilst I hold the space for you to find transformational healing within yourself. I strongly believe we all have the tools within, sometimes we just need some guidance to uncover, integrate and embody them – Everyone is whole and perfect as they are for where they are at in their life at the moment, we are just continually evolving, and evolving can be scary!

Once one has gone through the process of releasing what may be blocking or hindering them, I then like to add in a whole bunch of resources to help one on their journey. If one is wanting to gain further psychic abilities, astral travel, remember past lives or future lives etc. these are able to be achieved through the modalities of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Aetheric Healing™ and Astrology which all form a part of the Life & Soul Purpose Coaching.

This holistic approach is completely different to visiting a psychologist or counsellor, as it is a very hands on, practical, forward focused and Rachel doesn’t need to know the story behind the problem if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, so this form of coaching can be really beneficial for those who want to spread their wings and move on from something but don’t want to disclose specific details.

Please visit my website at www.cosmic-unity.com and facebook page www.facebook.com/coachwithcosmicunity to find out more and book online, or contact me on coaching@cosmic-unity.com or 0478068776.

For ayone who has found me through this page on Universal Life Tools, please let me know and I will provide you with a 30% discount on your first session!

I look forward to working with you beautiful soul!

Love and Light to all beings in all directions of time and space xx

Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapist

Contact Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Mobile: 0478068776

Email: coaching@cosmic-unity.com


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