Shealla-Dreaming Sponsors

The publication of Shealla-Dreaming was made possible through the LOVE & support of Sponsors.

I feel humbled that so many altruistic angels believed in my dream, believed in the wisdoms of Shealla-Dreaming and found it within their hearts and souls to sponsor the publication of my book.

All the monies raised by our Gold, Silver & Rainbow Sponsors is recycled back into organisations that support a world more beautiful.  As each book is sold, our sponsorship 'LOVE money' is gifted to a range of different ventures... revolving the cycle of conscious LOVE money.... through the power of our Hearts.

Listed below are the visionary altruistic angels that reached into their hearts and sponsored the production of our book 'Shealla-Dreaming'.  Please visit their websites, find out more about these beautiful souls, and support the work and visions they bring to Earth and all humanity.

Please support the following Gold Sponsors of Shealla-Dreaming

Catharine Boon
Jan Kindred
Owen Arnold
Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Taubert
Dorothy & Terry Arnold
Qld, Australia
Please note that this thank you image replaces an earlier image that was posted here as part of our thank you page. We have just been informed that the earlier image had been mistakenly used as it was copyright of Vincent Scott Tylor, thus we have taken immediate steps to rectify this accordingly, thank you.
Barbara Matthews
Qld, Australia
A second big thank you and hug of appreciation to Barbara, for knitting these 'Trauma Teddies' that help young children around the world in their time of need.  If more people like you volunteered their time and energy to those less fortunate, the world would be a much better place.  Thank you.




 Please support the following Silver Sponsors of Shealla-Dreaming 
Giuliana Ryan
Joanne Bunton
Kyrona Unity Hope

Laura Di Mambro
Lorraine Gardiner and Jennifer Standen
Renai Stupart
Vicki Anderson





Please support the following Rainblow Sponsors of Shealla-Dreaming

Audrey Agcaoili (Singapore) –

Jodie Barnsley (Australia) –

Melton Brown (USA)

Amanda Buckmaster (Australia) –

Mitzi Bursac (Australia)

Robyn Clifford (Australia) – – (website coming soon…)

Tracy Cooke (Australia)

Susan Joy Coombes (Australia) –

Cathy Crawford (Australia)

Carol Cross (Australia) –

Rebecca DeCarlo (Australia) –

Kathy Dundas (Australia)

Pascale Dureau (Australia) -

Fiona Falzon (Australia) -

Vi Faure-Brac (Australia) –

Debbie Fitzgerald (Australia) -  Unique Spirit   – website coming soon…

Geoffrey Fuller (Australia)

Lorraine Gardiner & Jennifer Standen (Australia) –

Global Friends  –

Jan Gorman (Australia)

Amaliah Grace (Australia) –

Elaine Hanson (Canada) – Hanson Hardware Ltd

Melissa Hastie (Australia)

Kristina Hayball (France) -  Sacred Sounds

France Heady (United States) –

Jennifer Hedger (Australia)

Gaynelle Hirsch (USA)

Maria Hogg (Australia) – Website coming soon…

Hebe Hope (New Zealand)

Christine Hopkins (Australia)

Sandra Hughes – (Australia)

Linda Hunt & Leanne Tomlinson (Australia) –

Gloria Hurst (New Zealand)

Narelle Hynard (Australia)

Elisabetta Invernizzi (Italy)

Kerry Jacques (Australia)

Rachelle Jarrett (Australia)  –

Sandra Klymovich (Australia)

Nancy Koszman (Canada)

Lisa Kruck (Australia) - Ajala Jewellery (web coming soon)

Kylie Lightmon (Australia) – KyCreations

Rochelle Lines (Australia)

Jo Lovelock (Australia)

Tanja L’Veena (Australia)

Janet Maloney (Australia)  -

Daniela Marchetta (Australia)

Nicole Marsten (Australia) –

Jacque Mason (Australia):

Margaret Matthews (Australia)

Alice McCutcheon (USA)

Karen McElroy (Australia) –

Tracey McMullen (Australia) –

Michell Mercer (Australia) –

Janine Michael (Australia) – Holistic Health Kinesiology

Beulah Momple (Australia)

Wendy Morton (Australia)

Sammy Nuttall (Australia) –

Julie O’Connell (Australia)

Rhonda Ohlson (Australia) –

Patricia Palmer (Australia)

Gregory Pashen (Australia) –

Diana Pisano (USA)

Francesa Purnell (Australia)

Gaybrielle Rackemann (Australia)

Jacqui Revell (Australia)

Lyvea Rose (Australia) –

Louise Rutledge (Canada)

Claudia B. Seijas (Australia) –

Petra Stampfer (Australia) –

Beverley Stanton (Australia) – Illuminessence

Fridelle Stanyer (Australia

Vanessa Sumner (Australia) –

Natasha Symons (Australia) -

Angela Taylor (Australia) –   Website coming soon..

Yvonne Tzaka (Australia) – Aurora Moon

Chris Van Wyk (China)

Elena Vasilis (Australia)

Jodi Walton (United Kingdom) –

Caryn Wells (Australia)

Karen White (Australia)

Jan Winslade (Australia) –

Jenita Young (Australia) – Mahogany Health

Susan Young (Australia)

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