Shealla-Dreaming: 2040

Shealla-Dreaming 2040

As discussed in my book 'Shealla-Dreaming', on the 8/9 September 2040, a Golden Conjunction will take place in our celestial sky, which will be visible from Earth.  This conjunction, a geocentric alignment of six planets, will all group together at less than 10 degrees apart in the sign of Libra.

The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will dance together in Libra, representing the awakening of and union of humanity in the new Golden Age.

This date is not a destination, but rather a celebration of the work that each and everyone of has done in the NOW to ripple out and create an awakened humanity.

Time Capsule 2040

During the official book launch of Shealla-Dreaming, we invited attendees to seed their DREAMS of 2040 into our 2040 DreamTimeCapsule. Our DreamTimeCapsule2040 is a sacred keeper & dream catalyst toward weaving a global dream into physical beingness by 2040.

An opportunity to DREAM a future for Earth.  To DREAM a BIG DREAM, a dream without limitation, a multi-dimensional dream,  a dream of what we know within our Hearts is possible for Earth by the year 2040.

An opportunity to make a PLEDGE to yourself & to the Earth.   To acknowledge the steps that YOU will make between now & 2040

How can I 'Dream & Pledge' toward 2040 ?

Want to make a 'Dreaming & Pledge toward 2040, but your missed out book launch ?

Inviting you to fill out the form below to share your Dreams & Pledges... and will we add your entries into our DreamTimeCapsule2040.

YOUR DREAM:  Is YOUR envisioning of an awakened & enlightened humanity in 2040.  Your heartfull dream for the world & your soulfull belief of what you envision the world will become by 2040.  There are no limitations here, this is YOUR Heart & Soul dream!

YOUR PLEDGE: The active steps that YOU are pledging to take between NOW & 2040 to bring your dreams & visions to life.  Your commitment to make YOUR DREAM a tangible reality!   The HOWs & WHATs that you are pledging to do/be in your community in order to be an active participant in co-creating your DREAM!

Our DreamTimeCapsule2040 will be opened on the 9 September 2040, and your Dreams will be shared with the world via this Universal Life Tools website (or maybe via a more advanced technology that you may have dreamed and created for 2040 !)

Thank you for your role in co-creating the DREAM and pledging to bring your dreams to life through conscious design + enduring actions!

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