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Wave of Love in 2007 !!!!

Just came across this old article on the weekend that appeared in our Sunshine Coast Newspaper here in Australia. When we launched ‘The Wave of Love’ in 2007 on youtube it went viral… what beautiful memories to reflect on as we come into the last half of 2012 🙂 You can read more about ‘The …

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Sounds of the Cosmos Part 2

This article follows on from the previous article, so I do recommend reading ‘The Sounds of the Cosmos – Part 1’ first. Our hearing today is limited to between 16hz and 25,000hz (though the average is 20hz to 20,000hz varying according to age etc). However, there are unlimited ranges of sound frequencies above and below …

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Canada Events – July 2012

Simone M. Matthews travelled to Canada in July 2012 and facilitated Sacred Geometry Talks, as well as her Crystal Light Healing IV workshop and Essence of Angels Practitioners and Essence of Angels Teachers Events. Read more about Crystal Light Healing > Read more about Essence of angels >   Event Photos Sharing with you a …

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Crystal Healing: Star Hollandite

Star Hollandite crystals are Quartz (silica dioxide) crystals that contain Hollandite, a mineral oxide of manganese and barium, with possible potassium, iron and aluminium impurities.  The chemical composition of Hollandite in Quartz is represented as: SiO2 + Ba(Mn4+ Mn2+)8O16.  The hardness of the structure of these crystals varies, with Hollandite having a hardness of 4.0- …

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Healing through the Archangels

The question I am most often asked is ‘What is an Archangel ?’.  Please keep reading as the answer may surprise you ! Take a moment to cast your mind back to the beginning of creation some 13 billion years ago.   Within the void, the infinite darkness, a spark of LOVE (also called Source Energy, …

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