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Treasure Happiness, Flourish JOY

Our home has been brimming with love, laughter & fantastical moments that a house full of children under 10 so effortlessly weave.   Our week has been so very full in many many ways… backyard camping, bonfires, toasted marshmallows, beach walks, picnics, gelato at sunset, mountain hikes, shared meals and many late nights over a bottle …

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Heart Retreat Photos – June 2018

Just over a week ago I facilitated our June 2018 Heart Retreat here in my home town of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.   I love to facilitate Heart Retreats… the experience of connection, upliftment and being privy to witness attendees blossom in their innate beauty.  How miraculously, time after time, our attendees take the ‘stories of …

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Liquid Crystal – Structured Water

Water in nature is vital for life and in fact every living thing needs water to survive.  The very first lifeforms on Earth (single cellular micro-organisms) came into existence through water.  Water flows, aids efficient transfer of nutrients & waste and can dissolve nearly anything. Water also has an amazing number of features such as …

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Dandelion {coffee} Tea

Winter is peeping it’s head around the corner here in Australia, so I am back to preparing my favourite Dandelion herbal tea decoction… which tastes like coffee ! I know, sounds too good to be true right ?   But really, Dandelion Tea is a delicious coffee alternative, with healing medicinal qualities too. Sharing a little …

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She Let Go | She Let LOVE

With Uranus trail-blazing through Taurus for the next 7+ years, I have been doing a fair bit of letting go this week. To be truthful, I have been letting go in a big way of late (I call it the ‘Menopause Effect’), but in recent weeks my letting go has ramped up to the max.  …

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Uranus in Taurus: 2018 to 2026

Today, May 15/16 2018,  Uranus moves into the astro sign of Taurus where it will transit for the next 7+ years ! Uranus takes 84 years to fully transit our Sun, hence spending around 7 years transiting through each of the 12 Astrological signs.   Average human life expectancy is around 84 years, so a full …

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