Rebecca DeCarlo

Rebecca DeCarlo

That Crystal Site

Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia

JuJu Remedy - Libido - Simone M. MatthewsMessage from Simone – JuJu Remedy

If you would like to purchase Quartz Points to support your making of my JuJu Remedy (as I demonstrated on the new SBS TV Program ‘Medicine Myth’), I highly recommend Rebecca DeCarlo to help match you with the perfect Quartz.   Rebecca sells an amazing array of crystals through her website ThatCrystalSite, that energetically would be perfect for your medicinal JuJu.  Simply fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form on her website, mention that you would like 2 x Quartz Crystals for JuJu… and she will match you with the perfect pair.  Small Quartz Points are inexpensive too… more good news !


Crystals Rock!

My name is Rebecca, and I am so pleased you have taken the time to be here. I would love for you to experience the power and beauty found in crystals and be open to the transformation that can come from being in their presence.

My story:
At age 5 I put out a call to whoever was running the show up there – asking for saving; ‘I can not possibly stay here any longer!! Get me out of here!! They are all crazy, I can not help them and they are killing me slowly with their negativity!’

My reply came through my grand mothers’ neighbour, Arturo, who asked me to come into his garage to see what he had spent the last 3 months uncovering. I followed, jaded with cynicism as to what he could possibly have found that made his eyes twinkle so and was pointed to dozens of buckets filled with brown water. I rolled my eyes, thinking he was crazy like the rest of them – ‘brown water’ – I thought to myself and he obviously saw, but he told me to stick my hands in and pull something out. Begrudgingly, I did.

As I put my hands in the dank water, my hands began to tingle, I felt the cells in my body spark alive, and it was like all the numbness I had put in place to protect myself was shaking out. Which of course made me have to see what was in the bucket, I reached a little deeper and felt rocks; part smooth and part rough. I heard ‘take one’ so I fumbled a bit before finding one that ‘stuck’ to my hand. It was as big as my hand, and when I pulled it from the water I was bewitched. Rainbow colours flashed across the surface of this rock. I had never seen anything like it. How did the colours get in there? What was this magic? Arturo was an opal miner. His job was finding treasure in the earth.

In that instant I was saved. It was as if a light was turned on in me that has never been able to be extinguished. He gifted me that rock, while I didn’t realise at the time, it was in fact a divine appointment that would set me on my path and guide my entire life.

From that moment on I sought out crystals everywhere and I was blessed with true friends; friends that never judged me, that were always there sparkling and bright as if happy to see me. Many highly charged emotional moments were released in their presence. Time stood still, the world seemed to be ok – it was as if I was in a love bubble. I had no words for the reason I loved them so, no consciousness to explain the magic, all I knew was that we were blood brothers (and sisters), kindred spirits and I would never forgo them – they were my answered prayers. They were my crystalline friends – all of whom I still have with me 35 years later.

If you are drawn to crystals, there is a very real reason… You have been asking for help from the universe to create more balance, more alignment, more connection and expansion beyond the world as it currently is into the world of your dreams. On some level you are ready to be the REAL YOU. And the frequencies the crystals emit are working with your energy so that you remember and become the YOU that you came here to be. Not the ‘show’ you might have put on to please others, not the shut down version of you who doesn’t want to be judged, made to feel less than you are or is scared to be seen. The REAL YOU.

Crystals are your answered prayer. They are your special friends, your personal cheer squad that stays with you wherever you go, shining their light eternally. They are your invitation to become more than you have allowed yourself to be; to open into your Divinity.

I invite you to shake out all that protection you have in place, all the judgements others have placed upon you, all the limitations you have accepted as true and become the REAL YOU… the magnificent, infinite being experiencing this life from a place of wholeness… A Crystal Light Healing or DNA Activation will amplify your connection with any of your crystal friends and create awareness that expand you into your Divine essence.

Its YOUR time – NOW.

Shall we?

Crystal Light Healing® Teacher

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