JuJu Remedy – Menopause, Libido & Immunity


JuJu Remedy – Menopause, Libido & Immunity

As seen on ‘Medicine or Myth’ TV Show (Episode 2) – Airs Mondays, 8.30pm, SBS
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My JuJu Remedy is one of THE best natural treatments for MENOPAUSE. JuJu helps to boost LIBIDO, elevates MOOD & reduces HOT FLUSHES. The Remedy also supports the immune system, helping to ward off sore throats, colds & flu’s !!!

One of the KEY amplifiers of this tonic is QUARTZ Crystal & Piezolectricity.  Keep reading down the page for my insights on this Quartz LIGHTritional medicine.

Here is my JuJu Remedy that is so easy to make at home.. I know you will just love it !  


JuJu Remedy – Recipe


JuJu Remedy - Menopause, Libido, Hot Flushes & Immunity - Natural Treatment - Simone Matthewshttps://www.universallifetools.com/2018/05/juju-remedy-menopause-libido/

The photo above is my fresh batch of JuJu Remedy, minus a couple of tablespoons we enjoyed with dinner!

To boost libido and reduce menopausal symptoms, I recommend savouring a liberal tablespoon of this yumminess every day.   You could eat straight from the jar, or mix with the juice of a whole lemon & warm water to make a beautifully refreshing morning tonic drink (you may wish to blend in the blender if the grated bits are a bit too chunky).

JuJu also makes a fabulous condiment drizzled over Kumera (sweet potato), green beans, carrots or spiralised veges such as carrot or zucchini (courgette).  It is also a great condiment served with a curry (mixed with mango chunks is YUM!).

If you have a sore throat or feel like a cold/flu is taking hold, take one teaspoon of JuJu every hour to not only soothe the throat, but to ward off the microbes.  Or even add to hot water and sip as a warming medicinal tea (you may wish to blend in the blender if the grated bits are a bit too chunky).

In summer, I love adding 1 or 2 teaspoons to a glass of freshly pressed pineapple juice.  And a sprig of mint & sip away… soooo refreshing.  Hint – you may wish to mix the JuJu into the juice & then strain to remove all the grated bits!


The following ingredient list is an approximate measurement of ingredients. I often use way more Turmeric plus I often add in one or two finely chopped red chilli too… but this may not be as palatable for you hence the more palatable ratios are detailed below. Basically… change it up and find the ratio/mix of ingredients that suits your own taste – see my ‘Variations’ further down the page for some tips & ideas.

250 grams scrubbed fresh Ginger
150 grams scrubbed fresh Turmeric  (I often double this quantity, say up to 300 grams)
10 cloves of peeled fresh Garlic
2 Lemons
5 sprigs of fresh Thyme
1 tablespoon Black Peppercorns
1 tsp Cayenne Powder  (I often add one or two finely chopped red chillis too)
2 cups Raw Honey
14 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt
1 cup raw Coconut Oil
2 Clear Quartz Points


Put your heart & hands into making this nourishing JuJu blend for YOU!  Whether your immunity needs boosting, or you are experiencing Menopausal depression/lack of desire… the making of JuJu is about taking time in your life to be present, create something to nourish YOU, and allow yourself to receive nurturing & love from the medicinal & LIGHTRITION qualities of JuJu.

  1. Use a fine Grater (Microplane), grate the Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic & the rind of the Lemons and add to a bowl.
  2. Place a sprig of Thyme between your thumb & forefinger and pull your fingers down along the shaft of the sprig (from top to bottom) to gently remove all of the leaves.  Repeat for all sprigs.  Place all of the Thyme leaves in the bowl.   For an extra LOVE boost for JuJu, add the Thymes leaves one by one to the Remedy… whilst you focus on loving & caring for yourself as you dedicate ‘thyme’ (time) to Lightrition you!
  3. In a mortar & pestle bruise the Black Peppercorns to roughly crush them (I prefer this option to pre-cracked pepper, as many of the natural essential oils have evaporated from pre-cracked).  Add the Pepper to the bowl.
  4. Add the Cayenne Powder to the bowl.
  5. Add the Raw Honey to the bowl.
  6. Add Himalayan Salt to the bowl.
  7. Gently warm the Coconut Oil in a saucepan and add it to the bowl.
  8. Place the two Clear Quartz Points into the bowl.  If you don’t know much about Quartz, one of our Certified Teachers Rebecca DeCarlo can help you out & supply you with the perfect pieces.  Please ONLY use CLEAR QUARTZ POINTS, as other crystals may contain minerals that are contraindicated (toxic).  2 x Quartz Points the size of your pinky finger are the perfect size. 
  9. Using a wooden spoon, gently stir all of the ingredients in the bowl together in a circular ‘fibonacci spiral’ type motion.  As you are stirring, place your intentions into the JuJu mixture… the Quartz Crystals will amplify the energy via the piezoelectric effect of the JuJu.  See more details below – ‘Why Quartz Crystals‘.  In the Medicine or Myth TV Show, I stirred my Remedy with a large Quartz Laser – however this is not a necessary step – a wooden spoon works just fine –  but the ESSENTIAL step is to ensure 2 small Quartz Points are stirred within the JuJu.
  10. Bottle your JuJu (including Quartz Points) in a mason jar, using a spatula to scrape every last bit from bowl to jar.  Or you could of course keep the bowl remnants all to yourself and get really messy with finger-licking goodness.  Ok the secrets out… this was me yesterday afternoon !!!
  11. Store your JuJu in a cool, dark place (your pantry is ideal)… it tastes even better after it ferments in a week or two.  I currently have a spare jar of JuJu that I have been fermenting for about 6 months… and I promise you, just like a fine wine the taste gets better & better with age.   Just make sure that on the surface of the JuJu there are no food bits (ie the surface is sealed with coconut oil) – this will prevent the JuJu from spoiling.
  12. If your JuJu shows any signs of growing mold on the surface, simply scrape the icky bits off and refrigerate the rest immediately.
  13. Each time you take a serving from your JuJu jar, be sure to stir the JuJu with your spoon – this important step helps to re-invigorate/release the piezolectricity from the Quartz Crystals.  As you consume your serving of JuJu, hold gratitude & visualise the JuJu warming, loving, healing & nurturing your body from the inside out.   Affirm to yourself that JuJu Remedy has boosted your JuJu.
Why Quartz Crystals ?

Quartz Crystals have been used for thousands & thousands years for everything from healing, biodynamic farming practices and technology – YES computer chips and the humble Quartz Watch are powered through Quartz!   One of the miraculous healing/nutritional/energetic properties of Quartz comes from is Piezoelectric effect.

The piezoelectric effect was discovered in 1880 by two French physicists, brothers Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie (incidently Pierre was the husband of Marie Curie the famous physicist & chemist who discovered the theory of radio activity).  The brothers discovered then when Quartz Crystal is struck (pressured applied), Quartz releases an electric current – electricity!   

Now putting this in the context of JuJu, when you stir your JuJu Remedy, the two Quartz Crystals within JuJu ‘strike each other’, releasing a current of electricity through ALL of the medicinal ingredients within JuJu.

Watch the video below for an example of Quartz Crystals releasing Piezolectricity, you can actually see the light of the electricity being emitted.  This video was filmed at one of my Crystal Light Healing® workshops… where I teach about the energetic & healing qualities of Quartz.

What effect does Piezolectricity – the electrical current emitted from Quartz – have on JuJu Remedy ?    Firstly, science shows us that piezoelectricity changes the structure of water molecules.  Hence the water that is naturally present within the JuJu ingredients becomes ‘structured water‘ through piezoelectricity.  Structured water is more bioavailable within the body (enhances your absorption of the nutrients within JuJu), has been shown to reduce inflammation and support the body in healing/finding equilibrium and supports our bodies natural desire toward health, vitality & wellbeing.

Secondly, I believe that the Piezolectricity excites the cell membranes of the JuJu ingredients, amplifying the medicinal properties of the remedy to greater than the sum of the individual parts.   Just like using Quartz in Biodynamic Farming helps to increase the amount of ‘light’ a plant utilises to maximises health, nutritional value & resiliency – using Quartz within food preparation, activates the ‘light’ within the food such that we absorb the FULL health benefits from food – Body, Mind & Soul.   I call this a foods LIGHTrition, the way nature intended nutrition to be.   There is so much more to this, including how Piezolectricity flourishes a healthy Gut Microbiome… but I look forward to sharing me in my Lightrition Blog, and upcoming Lightrition your Life online learning courses.

Thirdly, Quartz amplifies an ‘unseen’ energetic aspect of JuJu – the amplification of our thoughts, our intentions, our loving self-care toward health & healing – using ‘Hands & Heart’ to heal thyself.  Just because something can’t be measured, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.   Forinstance the LOVE you have for your child, your partner, friends, family – you can’t measure it, but it sure is real.   Quartz ‘amplifies’ the unseen, works with a force of nature that science is yet to quantify… yet you can FEEL the benefits- you don’t need a scientist to confirm your feelings & experiences.   If this last point is a little too whoo-hoo for you, check out the video below, the science of improving health outcomes when yourself/healing practitioner instills a sense of hope/faith in your healing.  

Whilst the video below discusses ‘placebo’, this can be extrapolated as healing that occurs through the unseen, the divine that exists within all us in action!  We each are our own healers, and Quartz & Lightrition can be divine tools.


JuJu Remedy – Recipe Variations

Coconut FreeLeave out the coconut entirely if you prefer and instead add more honey.  You could even substitute Ghee (which is a delicious version of JuJu too).   Using good quality healthful fats such as Coconut or Ghee is an important cofactor in the health benefits of JuJu (see the details below).

SweetenerIf you are making JuJu for immunity, then raw Manuka honey is brilliant in this recipe.   Alternatively, if you are vegan then you could substitute Agave, Rice Syrup or even Maple Syrup.  If you have a little more time in the kitchen… adding freshly made elderberry syrup takes JuJu to the next level.

SavouryIf this amount of honey is not to your taste, decrease the amount and increase the quantity of Coconut Oil… or leave out the honey completely and go rambo with the burn (try it, you will certainly feel alive!).   The savory version I find is very versatile… and when mixed with lemon juice makes the most delish salad dressing.   I actually have two batches made up in my kitchen – one sweet & one savoury.

CayenneChange up/down the amount of Cayenne to suit your tastes.  You can even use fresh chilli if you prefer.  It is the warming stimulant herbs that improve the activity of JuJu.   If Cayenne/Chilli is a no no for you, then maybe increase the quantity of Peppercorns.

Himalayan Salt – I know, Himalayan salt has a lot of food miles on it (and is actually from Pakistan not the Himalayas)…. so if you are after a more environment/sustainable source of salt, you could use local pink salts (eg Murray River Salt here in Australia) or even natural (unprocessed, non-bleached, non-iodonised) Sea Salt flakes.


JuJu Remedy – Hints & Wisdoms

Wear Gloves – Unless you don’t mind your hands stained a vivid yellow/orange colour, then I highly recommend wearing gloves when grating the Turmeric.  To be honest, I don’t mind it (and it does leave your hands within 24hrs, particularly after a shower/bath)… and using your hands is a must do medicinal element to JuJu.  But if you have a special date night, then maybe gloves are in order… or maybe you could both make the JuJu together… I am thinking of that scene from the movie Ghosts

Using your Hands – As I teach in Aetheric Healing™, your hands are mirrors of the human experience of your Soul. Your thumb represents your Soul, your four fingers represent Earth, Fire, Air & Water and the centre of your palm connects you with the spiral of our Earth & the spiral of Galaxy.  In addition, your entire body is mirror-reflected in your hands via various points (ie hand reflexology).  When you prepare food with your hands, the Lightrition (physical & energetic nutritional properties) of the food changes to align with your genetic profile or medicinal needs at that time.    What you think about during food preparation becomes imprinted within the food AND amplified through the Quartz Crystals.  Think happy, healthful & vital thoughts and you then become what you eat!


What creates the potency of JuJu ?

The potency & health benefits of JuJu are due to each of the ingredients having super-medicinal benefits unto themselves… and then like magic, when you mix them all together SHAZAM, the JuJu comes alive, an alchemical wonder tonic.     I have been making JuJu for over 20 years now and in particular it is my medicinal rock during the winter months.


Each of the ingredients in JuJu have been used medicinally for thousands of years through TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurvedic Medicine, by Western Herbalists and through countless traditional medicine practices in cultures & countries around the world.

Here is a short summary of each ingredient & their key Medicinal activities.  Each ingredient is an amazing super food unto themselves, I will be writing further about each one individually very soon 🙂

Ginger –  I love the warming vibrancy of ginger… whether in a stirfry, a winter soup, a sweet treat, or in my JuJu.   Ginger stimulates digestive juices and gives a bit of oomph to a cold/sluggish digestive system (poor appetite, slow transit time, cramping)…  no wonder it is a go to for nausea & motion sickness.   Ginger is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & a natural antibiotic.  The warming qualities of ginger stimulate cellular process including removal of toxins, uptake of nutrients and boosting the bodies immunity.  Ginger is a vasodilator (increases bloodflow) and is involved in triggering the release of Testosterone (as it contains trace amounts of manganese)… hence improves your desire & sensitivity of genital stimulation.

Turmeric – Beloved earthy, bitter & pungent Turmeric… I love you so!   I cannot imagine making a coconut curry paste without my cherished Turmeric.    Turmeric has so many many properties… but here are just a few.  Anti-inflammatory, cytotoxic (protects your cells… great cancer preventative), anti-microbial, anti-biotic, promotes liver & gallbladder function, soothes digestion and also displays anti-depressant effects.  The action & absorption of Turmeric has scientifically been shown to be enhanced when consumed in combination with a lipid (eg quality fat such as Coconut Oil) & Blackpepper.  In addition, when consumed with Bromelain (eg pineapple), absorption is also enhanced.  Curcumin (the main active ingredient of Turmeric), has been shown to increase the neurotransmitters Serotonin & Dopamine.. increasing pleasure, wellbeing, libido & overall mood.

Garlic – I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t use garlic in the kitchen… either in a meal or as a remedy.   When our daughter was run she experienced ear-aches now and then… and freshly made garlic oil drizzled into the ear canal, captured with a cotton ball and lots of Mumma hugs always did the trick.   Ginger is anti-microbial, antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-histamine to name but a few.  And YES is it an aphrodisiac… who’s potency is ramped up when combined with Ginger & Turmeric.  Garlic helps to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and hence raise Testosterone for an additional libido boost.

Lemon – Just for a moment, imagine you a cutting a lemon open.  Feel the knife gliding through the fruit, essential oils drifting through the air as you cut through the rind, juices squirting through the flesh as the inside of the lemon is revealed.   Are you salivating in this moment ?  Do you feel uplifted, more vibrant, happy even ?  The essential oils in the lemon rind uplifts your mood (great to enhance immunity… think psycho-neuro-immunology), awaken your senses to the environment and also has a strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-septic effects to name but a few.

Thyme – I have a big pot of Thyme growing by my front door that I can pick a sprig from at any time.   I often brush my fingers over my Thyme to take in her essential oil benefits.  Thyme has a gentle estrogenic effect in the body, helping to ease hot flashes (flushes), ease vaginal dryness as well as elevate mood.  JuJu Remedy not only incorporates THYME but JuJu also takes TIME to prepare – your intention as you create JuJu is vital in activating its full potency.  Thyme is anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, astringent & expectorant (think mucous on the chest).   Thyme & garlic together also ward off intestinal worms.

Black Peppercorn –  Just like Garlic, black pepper is a daily staple in my kitchen.  It is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, febrifuge (great for a fever), and an analgesic… try chewing on a few pepper corns and you will feel the numbing effect in your mouth.  And just like some of the other ingredients above, it is also an aphrodisiac!  Studies have shown that Blackpepper increases the uptake of curcumin (the active ingredient of Turmeric) increasing the neurotransmitters Serotonin & Dopamine.. increasing pleasure, wellbeing, libido & overall mood.

Cayenne – A little certainly goes a long way with Cayenne.  I love the warming & stimulating effects of Cayenne that boosts the zoots of your immune system.  Anti-septic, digestive tonic and anti-oxidant.  Cayenne accelerates the actions of other herbs/foods it is combined with.

Raw HoneyRaw, unprocessed, non-heat treated honey is packed with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes.  Processing/heating honey destroys the both the natural enzymes & antioxidants within honey, as well as making it an acidic food source (ie pro-inflammatory).

Himalayan Salt – Or any natural, unprocessed, non-bleached, non-iodonised Sea Salt flakes is high in trace minerals… cofactors in healthy cellular functions, vitality & immunity.   Natural Salt is a rich source of over 60 minerals, helps regulate the body’s PH balance, helps to balance hormones, bloodsugar, supports adrenal function and is a natural anti-histamine.   I try and walk on the beach every day to enjoy the health giving qualities of the negative ion effect of salt air… but a dash of natural salt in your JuJu and maybe a salt bath each week can be the next best thing.

Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil has certainly become a fad super food of late… but wading past all of the hype, this really is a highly nutritious food to include in your diet.   The fats in Coconut Oil are MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which are healthy fats with brilliant medicinal benefits.  Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and the fats and support your body’s metabolism, fat burning power & healthly gut microbiome.   When chewing your daily does of JuJu it has the effect of oil pulling too… keeping the microbes in your mouth under check fostering healthy gums & reduction in cavities.

Quartz Crystals – For me, using Quartz Crystals in the kitchen has always been a natural part of my kitchen repertoire.  Whether putting crystals in my dried herb bottles to keep them fresh, using crystals to activate the water (structured water) in fermented foods & beverages… of steeping foods with crystals to stimulate their lightrition qualities.   As I teach in Crystal Light Healing®, crystals absorb, store, transduce (piezoelectricity), amplify & emit energies from their environment – such that they are essential element in any kitchen to make the most of food as your medicine.


Plant Spirit Medicine

I will talk more about the individual plant spirit medicine of each of the individual ingredients of JuJu in future posts, but for now here is glimpse of JuJu spirit medicine.

Doctrine of Signatures – JuJu is warming, feels like drinking liquid light when you put it in your mouth and is a great stimulant to get you moving & active.  When I consume JuJu I feel the warmth of the Sun in my body, the Golden Rays of Light opening my Solar Plexus (Yellow) and a deep nurturing & sensual oozing from my Sacral Chakra (Orange).

The Solar Plexus is governed my Archangel Michael (Essence of Angels®), and helps to keep your Auric Field strong, vital & radiant in your lightness of being… cutting off any unwelcome energies/attachments/pathogens from your field.  Thus JuJu helps to fend off microbes as you have strength of will to shine your light & vitality no matter what the environment serves you.  JuJu is also a great remedy for seasonal SAD… kicking off the winter blues.

The Sacral Chakra is governed by Archangel Haniel (Essence of Angels®), and JuJu helps you tune into your natural sensuality & sexuality as well as nurture the physical body for health & vitality.  Just a new-born will thrive through loving touch, JuJu will help you to thrive as take time to nurture & receiving loving touch as an important part of not only your physical health, but emotional heal also.   If you have a low libido, experiencing challenges with your fertility, or looking to extend your orgasms… JuJu maybe a welcome addition to your diet.

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