Events with Simone

Simone M. Matthews is an engagingly passionate speaker & teacher, who’s warmth and down-to-earth nature inspires people to realise their innate greatness & radiate Grace.  You can read more about Simone here.

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LIVE Workshops with Simone

Simone facilitates workshops in her home town of the Sunshine Coast and frequently travels Australia/Overseas.  If you are interested in Hosting a Workshop/Course in your City/Country, or would like to book Simone for your own Event, please use our Contact Form, thank you.

Aetheric Healing™
LIVE Practitioner Workshop

29 - 31 March 2019 (2.5 days)
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Join with the founder of Aetheric Healing™ - Simone M. Matthews - for a small & intimate LIVE Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Workshop facilitated over 2.5 days.

Crystal Light Healing®
LIVE Practitioner Workshop

26 - 31 May 2019 (6 days)
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Join with the founder of Crystal Light Healing® - Simone M. Matthews - for a small & intimate LIVE Crystal Light Healing® Master Practitioner Workshop facilitated over 6 days.

Essence of Angels®
LIVE Practitioner Workshop

3 & 4 August 2019 (2 days)
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Join with the founder of Essence of Angels® - Simone M. Matthews - for a small & intimate LIVE Essence of Angels® Master Practitioner Workshop facilitated over 2 days.

Heart Retreats with Simone

Simone's Life Mastery Teacher Heart Retreats are powerful immersions in Heart awakening. A time to savour silence, get back in touch with the healing power of nature, rediscover your soul song and nourish your body, mind & spirit through mindful presence

Join Simone for her next Heart Retreat and press pause on your life, fill up your cup through Soul-full healing & return filled with a deeper Grace & sacred Presence.

Heart Retreat
Life Mastery Teacher

12 - 19 October 2019 (7 days)
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Join with Simone M. Matthews for a small & intimate 7 day Life Mastery Heart Retreat, here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (Noosa), Australia.

Sacred Gatherings

BEing Woman...  A Gathering for Women
8 - 11 March 2019
Camp Warrawee, Joyner, Qld Australia

Inviting you attend the 15th annual Being Woman... gathering.

Since 2005 Being Woman… has intimately supported the healing and transformation of hundreds of women. This healing and transformation ripples out to their family members, friends, colleagues and connections – ultimately contributing to the upliftment of consciousness and humanity

Simone has been invited to be a part of this years program, facilitating a 1.5hr Workshop entitled 'A Walk through Thyme'

A Walk through Thyme
Facilitator:  Simone M. Matthews

Inviting you to join with me for my ‘A Walk through Thyme’ a journey deep into the world of Plant Spirit Medicine – in particular, the LIGHTrition qualities of the Plant Spirit Realm.

Together we will experientially dive deep in Thyme to connect with her LIGHTrition, her ancient wisdom & bestow the cosmic healing medicinals of this sentient plant. Through ritual, self-care ease, grace & love… you will discover how LIGHTrition through Plant Spirit Medicine may joyfully bless & nourish your Soul.

ONLINE Learning with Simone

Internationally Accredited Healer Courses, Wisdom Courses & Life Mastery Courses.

Transform your challenges into your greatest gifts & become a vibrant force of change in the world.  

All of our eCourses are completed on-line, in your own time and at your own pace. There is no need to engage in any aspects of the course at a certain time and date, as all the teaching videos/audios are pre-recorded and you can watch/listen to them as many times as you like at your own leisure... PLUS you receive Lifetime Access!

Learn Online - Lifetime Access

International Pract. Certification

Learn Online - Lifetime Access

with Simone

Learn Online - Lifetime Access

International Teacher Certification

I am releasing a NEW online learning course - diving deep into the ancient art of Mineral Spirit Medicine.

I will be releasing more details about this course in late January 2019... watch this space !

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