Inviting you to join Simone M. Matthews at one of her Spirited-Travellers FREE Talks &/or workshops during 2015-16.

Simone's Spirited-Travellers talks/workshops are transformational once in a lifetime gatherings  that awaken the POWER of CREATION through YOU !!!   Sharing with you a few video's where Simone talks a little bit about Spirited-Travellers and her upcoming Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® Workshops... as well as her FREE Talks.   View Videos >

At every Spirited-Traveller gathering with Simone, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into yourself, connect with Ancient Crystalline Wisdom and remove the blocks that inhibit your experience of joy, freedom & abundance in order to awaken to your natural state of  health, healing and vibrant vitality.  EVERY participant at our gatherings will have the opportunity to:

  • Embrace COURAGE and not let fear hold you back from living your dreams
  • Transform your VULNERABILITY into your greatest STRENGTH
  • HEAL yourself from dis-ease and patterns of limitation & low self-worth
  • Connect with ANCIENT WISDOM & the cherished knowledge of our Ancestors

Please click on the links below to find & read more about our FREE Talks or Workshops in your city or to make a Booking directly from the Event page. We are touring the United States & Canada (March to October 2015), then touring Europe (Nov & December 2015) and finally touring Australia/New Zealand in 2016.

[No Events - Tour has now completed, Thank you]