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Discover what awaits you energetically during this Universal 8 Year in Numerology, and how to make 2024 the most Visionary year of your life!

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Numerology of 2024

2024 is a Universal 8 Year in Numerologythe year of ‘Cosmic Weaving‘— taking charge of your life, believing in yourself, and weaving your God given eternal light with fierce grace.   It’s a year of personal power, spiritual & material abundance, bringing your dreams into material reality, and having the courage to be assertive and operate from your true north.  

My Numerology 2024 Course guides you through the energy of 2024 and how to make the most of this Universal 8 Vibrational year!    

2024 Numerology Course

I am thrilled for your to join me for my 2024 Numerology Course— where I share my intuitive insights for the forthcoming year and how to make the most of a Universal 8 year.

Over 8 Course Videos, you will dive deep with me as I cover the following topics:

  • Energy of 2020-23 and how this relates to the Vibration of 2024
  • Universal 8 Year and what this means for LOVE, Finances, & your Work
  • HOW to access the 8 Mastery Energy for personal healing
  • Working with the Soul Star & Cosmic Gateway in an 8 Vibrational Year
  • How to embody the wisdom of the 8th Dimension Portal—Galactic Centre
  • Toric Fields, the Merkabah and Universal 8 Cosmic Weaving.
  • A deeper insight into the Tarot for 2024
  • A deeper insight into working with Crystals for 2024
  • Key 8 Vibration Words & their Metaphysical significance
  • Insight into KEY Astrological Transits of 2024 in relationship to Numerology
  • 8 Pointed Lemurian Star & your Octahedron Body of Light— what it means for you in 2024
  • How to consciously work with the challenging aspects of a Universal 8 Year
  • How 2020-23 created a template that guides us into 2024-2040 (glimpse of future transits).
  • Additional Resources to help make 2024 a year of soulful expansion.
  • BONUS Video 8— Gift for you !

Course Videos

Enrol TODAY and watch the following Videos as they are rolled out over January/February 2024.

  • 🎥 Video 1—Introduction to Numerology  — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 2— Universal 8 Year Insights — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 3— Galactic Number 8 — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 4— Life Path & Personal Year  — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 5— 8 Vibration Words & Crystals — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 6— Tarot & the Number 8  — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 7— Forecasts & Astrology 2024  — Available NOW!
  • 🎥 Video 8— Cosmic Weaving, Hopi Wisdom & our Future — Available NOW!
  • 🌀 Videos 1 to 8 include additional Resources links + Downloadable Tables & Charts


How do I Enrol ?

To ENROL in my 2024 Numerology Course, simply ‘ADD to CART‘ and proceed through to checkout.

Once Enrolled, LOGIN to your MyAccount to access your 2024 Numerology Course Dashboard.   You receive a LIFETIME of Access to the Course Dashboard.

Please note that this course is also available FREE within our Flourish Premium Membership.



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