Simone M. Matthews and her family are travelling the globe during 2015-16, for her revolutionary Spirited-Travellers World Tour ☆

Inviting you to join Simone at one of her FREE Talks or Certification Courses in your city to discover dynamic and inspirational practices on how to live your life in reverence of your soul potential, in connection with akashic memory and from the deepest and most sacred place of Soul-Hearted & Source-Full living.

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[No Events - Tour has now completed]

Spirited-Travellers - Videos

Sharing with you these overview videos from Simone, where she talks a little bit about Spirited-Travellers and her upcoming Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® Workshops... as well as her FREE Talks.

Also... sharing with you a short video of testimonials from our first two Essence of Angels® Workshops in Virginia & Massachusetts, USA.   Please view our Testimonial Page for sharings from attendees from around the world.

Spirited-Travellers - Events

Spirited-Travellers is all about inspiring people to be the bridge between ancient knowledge and our present day world, so we can transform ourselves, our community’s and the world at large from the inside out.

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of knowledge from our indigenous cultures & traditions the world over, this generation holds the key to the future of Earth and all life on this planet.  We are at a cross-roads in our evolution and it is up to each and everyone of us to ‘wake up’ and be the bridge between our cherished ancient wisdoms and today’s leading edge science such that we become active participants in Earth’s Quantum Evolutionary Shift.

[No Events - Tour has now completed]




Living the Wisdom of your Heart

Interested in taking your work, your passion, your grandest vision  to the next level ?

Join us at one of our live Workshops, attend a Retreat or enrol in an Online Course - transform your challenges into your greatest gifts & become a vibrant force of change in the world.

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