At the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy lies the Galactic Centre.  The Galactic Centre is a powerful transmitter of energy waves known as ‘Waves of Love’.  Since 1987, the vibrational frequency of these Waves have been increasing in intensity and will continue to do so as we move towards Golden Conjunction of 2040, the Golden Age— as discussed in my book Shealla-Dreaming.

These Waves of Love are facilitating a shift in consciousness; an evolutionary leap for humanity into a new Earth; an awakening of humanity from the dream and into a multi-dimensional reality.

Through our Wisdom School Healing Modalities, we learn how to fully embody 'Waves of Love', and how to can consciously connect with their vibrations  through— sacred symbol, our DNA, crystals, vibrational essences, thoughts/emotions, meditation, lightritional food, sound, colour & light frequencies.


The Wave of Love -  The Movie

The Wave of Love the Movie was created in 2007 by Simone M. Matthews (founder of Universal Life Tools) to assist people in consciously awakening to their Divine Magnificence !!!

By regular viewing of the movie and its symbolic representation of creation, activation and ascension through Sacred Symbols, a personals DNA not only activates but also attunes to its highest potential of multi-dimensional resonance.

The Movie awakens people to their Divine Beauty, the purpose of their Being and paths the way for all of humanity to resonate and fulfill the highest level of their souls potential. That is the purpose of all souls in this momentous time here on Earth, to re-remember who we are and simply Be Love.

Note: This movie was created on a very basic budget, and way before 'at home graphic technology' was a thing!  Whilst it certainly shows its age physically, energetically it continues to amplify & evolve ♡




The sound track to the above Wave of Love Movie was composed, performed & recorded by Owen Arnold (my brother) of RegattaStudios. Owen has the rare gift of synesthesia – where he sees and feels the visual colours/sacred symbol musically… hence is able create form through sound.  Thus Owen’s gifts were instrumental in combining the sounds of sacred geometry, colour, light and crystalline vibrations in order to resonate the Waves of LOVE for DNA Activation & Attunement.

Owen Arnold is also the composer of our Angelic Meditations sound track for healing.


FREE Wave of Love Images

To support your personal growth and awakening, it is our pleasure to offer to you for FREE - the 13 Full Colour sacred geometry images from The Wave of Love the Movie.

Print these images on quality paper (or photo paper or glossy paper) and then consider laminating them - the colours are amazing ! You could then display the images in your healing space, meditation room, or place of tranquility within your home. Just by viewing the images you are supporting the awakening, activation and attunement of your DNA via your 13 energy centres/chakras.

Please click on each of the links below to download The 12 Wave of Love Sacred Geometric images:

Image 1 - I Choose to Awaken - Earth Star

Image 2 - I am Awakening - Base Chakra

Image 3 - I am Creative - Sacral Chakra

Image 4 - I am Divine Will - Solar Plexus

Image 5 - I am Divine Love - Heart Chakra

Image 6 - I am Divine Voice - Throat Chakra

Image 7 - I am Divine Sight - Third-Eye

Image 8 - I am Divine Wisdom - Crown Chakra

Image 9 - I am Divine Soul - Soul Star

Image 10 - I am Lunar - Stellar Gateway (Pleiades)

Image 11 - I am Solar - Universal Gateway (Sirius)

Image 12 - I am God, Goddess, Spirit - Cosmic Gateway (Galactic Centre)

Image 13a - We are all ONE (front)

Image 13b - We are all ONE (back)



Book: Shealla-Dreaming

In 2012, Simone M. Matthews released her new book 'Shealla-Dreaming'.
The book is a culmination of over 20 years study of metaphysics, quantum physics, crystalline energy, indigenous wisdoms and the divine teachings of the ancient civilisations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the Maya.

Shealla-Dreaming unveils the greater story of creation, discusses in detail what the end of these grand cycles of time (consciousness) means for Earth, and outlines what we potentially are birthing toward 2040 through the Waves of Love.

Each Chapter of Shealla-Dreaming incorporates the 'Sacred Affirmations' from The Wave of Love Movie.











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