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Aetheric Healing™ enables you to tap into this field of infinite wisdom, to easily and coherently access universal intelligence to guide & flourish every area of your life ♡

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For further insight into Aetheric Healing™, please read our Aetheric Healing™ information page.

Aetheric Healing™ – Practitioner Online Course

Deep from my Heart, I invite you to enrol in our Aetheric Healing™ Internationally Accredited Practitioner eCourse.

Our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse is completed on-line, in your own time and at your own pace. There is no need to engage in any aspects of the course at a certain time and date, as all the teaching videos/audios are pre-recorded and you can watch/listen to them as many times as you like at your own leisure.  Plus you receive Lifetime Access to our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, such that you can refer back to the teachings at any time.

Your enrolment includes the following:

  1. Enrolment in our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse – free lifetime access
  2. On completion of your Studies, International Accreditation Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner
  3. Free Lifetime Access to our Online Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Resources
  4. Free listing on our Practitioner Directory (no obligation, this is optional)
  5. Gifted benefits such as a Lifetime Discounts & periodical Special Offers

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Aetheric Healing™ – Summary

Aetheric Healing™ is the dynamic art of living your life in harmony with the symphony of universal intelligence expressing itself through you.

You are a universe unto yourself, a divine magnificent being who is already whole and complete.  When you live your life as a conscious expression of this intelligence, your life takes on a greater purpose, your relationships become more meaningful and you ooze luminescent health & vitality.

Aetheric Healing™ is not just a profound technique that enables you to tap into this field of infinite wisdom, but rather is an attunement catalyst that enables you to naturally, easily and coherently access this universal knowledge 24/7.

‘Imagine living your life as a clear channel of all-knowledge. Living your life on purpose, choosing greatness and flourishing in soul potential.  Aetheric Healing™ enables you to succinctly open to this vast sea of knowledge and be the Master of your life’s journey from the inside out’.  Simone M. Matthews

Overall, Aetheric Healing™ is a series of steps/processes that you can either incorporate into your day-to-day life, or work with as part of energy healing sessions with clients.  Aetheric Healing™ is the perfect compliment to Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® Sessions or you can work with Aetheric Healing™ as a stand alone modality.


Aetheric Healing™ – Certification

On completion of our Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner eCourse, you graduate as an Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner through our Wisdom School. As an Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Graduate you receive the following:

  • Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Certificate
  • FREE Lifetime Registration on our Universal Life Tools Directory
  • Free Lifetime Access to our Online Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Resources
  • As an Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner, you also receive gifted benefits such as a Lifetime Discounts & periodical Special Offers
  • Graduates may also apply for International Registration with the IICT a professional association that recognises Aetheric Healing™ as an Internationally Accredited modality in over 26 countries around the globe – see details below.


Aetheric Healing™ – International Accreditation

Our Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School is a Platinum Training Provider with the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).  As a result, our Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Certification course is an Internationally Accredited Course through the IICT in over 26 countries around the globe.

On graduation as a Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner you may apply for membership with the IICT and enjoy such benefits as professional indemnity insurance, Practitioner Directory Profile with IICT, marketing resources, promotion through IICT etc.


Aetheric Healing™ – eCourse Details

Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner eCourse is completed on-line, in your own time and at your own pace.  PLUS there is no time limit for when you must complete the course.  There is no need to engage in any aspects of the course at a certain time and date, as all the teaching videos/audios are pre-recorded and you can watch/listen to them as many times as you like at your own leisure.

PLUS you have LIFE-TIME access to the entire course, which is updated from time-to-time as new discoveries in science / quantum mechanics come to light.

Aetheric Healing® is an 8 Module eCourse, each Module contains the following:

    • Module Videos facilitated by Simone M. Matthews (30 hours)
    • Module Audios to support each Modules teachings (10 hours)
    • Module Notes – Including Diagrams, Tables & Visual Aids (150 pages)
    • Supportive Resources eg  Books, Videos, Audios to support your continuing professional education.

All the above teaching materials have been created personally by Simone M. Matthews – the founder & creatrix of Crystal Light Healing®, Essence of Angels® & Aetheric Healing™.

Videos & Audios:  Via Video & audio, Simone guides you through the Aetheric Healing™ teachings – thus it is like having a personal workshop being facilitated especially for you and in the comfort of your own home.   The Video & Audio teachings combined total 40+ hours.   With a LIFETIME of access to our Aetheric Healing™ Course, it is easy to fit your online learning into your calendar.  You could start at say completing an hour every week, or a couple of hours every month, or if you have more time you could complete the entire course within a couple of weeks.   The Course has been created over 8 Modules, with each module containing on average 6 videos… so it is EASY to complete the Course in stages.. watching just a few videos each week !

Module Teaching Notes:   These notes accompany both the Video & Audio teachings & give you a comprehensive insight into the wisdom and application of this healing modality.   You can download the course notes and save the PDFs on your device – great way to save on printing/look after the environment.   Or if you prefer, you can download & then print the notes and create an Aetheric Healing™ Course folder.   As you work your way through each Module, you maybe guided to Print the Diagrams, Tables & Visual Aids (approximately 50 pages) and place these in a folder… as they make EXCELLENT reference tools for not only Aetheric Healing™, but also in application with other healing modalities

Supportive Study Resources & Downloadable Templates:   These are gifted as part of the eCourse and are not compulsory, but rather give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge & application of Aetheric Healing™ across varying fields of interest such as colour therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, holistic therapies (naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy) as well as hands on therapies such as massage, bowen, osteopathy, chiropractic, plus energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Light Healing® etc.

8 Modules – Summary of Topics
The following is a summary of the topics that are included within the 8 Module Aetheric Healing™ course:

  • Introduction to the basics of Aetheric Healing™
  • Detailed insight into the 5 Elements of the Aetheric Field and the relationship to the 5 appendages of the human body, the 5 appendages of the hands & feet and the 5 vital organs of the body.
  • Experiential exercises to understand the 5 Chi Mudras of the hands and their relationship with the Aetheric Field.
  • Aetheric Field access through Reflexology (foot & hand) & Iridology
  • Exploration of your personal Natal Chart (Astrology/Zodiac Chart) including the placement of key positions such as the Galactic Centre, Sirius, Alcyone, preNatal Eclipses to understand HOW to step into your Divine Potential of your Soul Evolutionary Triangle via the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle – Cosmic Tetrahedron.
  • Exploration of your Numerogical Soul Imprint and how to work with these imprints to truly flourish your Soul Potential via the Aetheric Field.
  • Fingerprint, Hand, Finger & Fist Analysis
  • Finger Chi Mudras – RAS (Reticular Activating Sysytem) & Neuroplasticity
  • Experiential exercises to open a neural loop between your Heart & your clients Heart, creating a strong electro-magnetic frequency that speaks the language of the field.
  • Comprehensive understanding of how to entrain your Nervous System with Aetheric Field, awaken your Higher-Self to universal wisdom and re-pattern your neural pathways.
  • Discussion of how to integrate Aetheric Healing™ with Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®. If you are new to these modalities, then you will learn additional tools that will help amplify your experience of Aetheric Healing™
  • Duty of Care & professional application of Aetheric Healing™
  • Experiential exercises that demonstrate how to use Aetheric Healing™ not only on clients, but also on/within yourself, gifting you clear and coherent access with universal intelligence.
  • Experiential exercises that enable you to perform an Aetheric Healing™ distance healing sessions on family, loved ones or clients.


Do I need to purchase an Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report?

During the Aetheric Healing eCourse, students will be required to work with their own Natal Chart (Astrological Zodiac/Birth Chart).  Students do not need any previous knowledge/study of the Astrology to enrol in Aetheric Healing™ – but all students will need a copy of their Natal Chart in order to complete all components of the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse.

If you already have your own Natal Chart (previously prepared by an Astrologer) then please take a moment to see if the Galactic Centre, Alcyone, Sirius & preNatal Eclipses have been charted on your Natal Chart.  It is rare for Astrologers to chart these points as part of a standard Natal Chart.

If your Natal Chart does not contain the charting of the above points, then during the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse we will discuss ways in which you can approximate the location of the Galactic Centre, Alcyone &  Sirius within your chart (Simone will show you how to approximate the house and astrological degree where they are located).  This should be sufficient for the practical sessions during the eCourse… which means you do not have to purchase an additional chart.

Plus a chart of Eclipse Dates will also be provided, thus you will also be able to approximate the location of these preNatal points on your Natal chart too to support your Aetheric Healing™ studies.

An Astrological Natal Chart is ESSENTIAL for the completion of the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse.   If you elect to provide your own Natal Chart, then at a later date you change your mind, you can always purchase a personalised Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report at full price at a later date (if you feel you require it).

If you would like Simone to personally prepare for you your own Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report (inclusive of Natal Chart) then we recommend that you enrol in our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse Special Bundle Package (inclusive of Astrology Report).



How to Enrol

You can enrol in our Aetheric Healing™ ONLINE Course at ANYTIME and there is no time limit for completion of the Course.  To enrol in our course, simply ‘ADD to CART‘ at the top of this page and proceed through to checkout.  Your enrolment in our course is agreement to our Course Terms & Conditions.

Once Enrolled, LOGIN to your MyAccount to access your Aetheric Healing™ Dashboard at any time, from any device.  You receive a LIFETIME of Access to the Course, even once the course has been completed in full.




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