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Angelic music combining the sacred Universal sounds of sacred geometry, colour, light and crystalline vibrations.  This product is the purchase of the full 11 Tracks as downloadable MP3s – thus as a virtual product, no postage is payable.

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The Angelic Meditations CD is a compilation of 11 tracks, with each song resonating with sacred angelic vibrations through sacred geometry, colour, light and crystalline vibrations.

The harmonic frequencies are the perfect accompaniment for meditation and healing sessions with Essence of Angels and Crystal Light Healing healing modalities as the music enhances the vibratory synergy of healing.  Crystal Light Healing & Essence of Angels workshops are facilitated by Simone & Registered Teachers throughout the year.. refer to our Events Schedule.

Each song on the CD  is composed and performed by Owen Arnold of Owen has the rare gift of synesthesia – where he sees and feels the visual colours/sacred symbol musically… hence is able create form through sound.  Thus Owen’s gifts were instrumental in combining the sounds of sacred geometry, colour, light and crystalline vibrations in order to resonate with each Archangel.

The musical CD (there is no speaking on the CD) takes you on a journey of self-discovery, re-connecting with your past lives, bringing your future gifts into the now and simply BEing in the moment – acknowledging its Divine beauty.

This product is the purchase of the full 11 Tracks as downloadable MP3s – hence this is a virtual product & no postage is payable.  If you would prefer to purchase the physical CD and have this shipped to you, then please click here >


Recommended Uses:

This musical CD is ideal to play during times of relaxation, meditation, healing sessions or during the last hour of your day prior to bed to support the following:

  • To accompany Essence of Angels &/or Crystal Light Healing  healing sessions;
  • For personal or group meditation sessions, to raise the vibration of the session;
  • For relaxation, clearing and harmonising your Crystalline Matrix (auric field);
  • Balance each of your 13 Energy Centres (Chakra’s);
  • Pregnant women, to help nuture, ground & anchor baby in-utero;
  • To support bonding with mother & child after birth;
  • Wonderful for children, to clear & protect at end of the day & induce sleep – particularly in children that have high energy levels, easily distracted and hence difficult to settle at night.


Angelic Meditations – 11 Tracks

Inside_Cover_lrOn purchase of this Angelic Meditations Downloadable MP3s product, you will receive a link to a webpage where you can download each of the 11 tracks from the Angelic Meditations CD.
As this is a virtual product, no shipping charges apply as you download each track yourself from a secured webpage.

  • Track 01 Surrender & Release 6:03
  • Track 02 Cosmic Vibrations 6:19
  • Track 03 Lemurian Crystal Waves 2:47
  • Track 04 The Sacred Spiral 6:12
  • Track 05 Gaia’s Heart 7:19
  • Track 06 Celestial Harmonies 3:00
  • Track 07 Angelic Embrace 4:52
  • Track 08 Atlantis Rising 2:11
  • Track 09 Reconnecting 6:34
  • Track 10 Starry Remembrance 6:43
  • Track 11 One with Source 6:32

PLEASE NOTE: This is a music only CD to accompany a healing / meditation session (there is no speaking).


Angelic Meditations – Samples

Here are four 30 second soundbite samples from Angelic Meditations CD


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