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Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that inherent intelligence of the body to heal & that you were born to thrive.  Together lets pioneer a NEW Human Story of Earth for this new decade & beyond.

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Lightrition your Life

is the holistic life-experience of soulfully being human.  Nourishing your body in symbiotic resonance with natures cycles.  Cultivating a fresh & vibrant relationship of breathing/eating/dreaming/& working in accordance with the same patterns found in the natural world.

During this tumultuous & uncertain time on Earth with COVID-19, Lightrition will help you make sense of this moment in Herstory.  The bigger picture of Humanity Awakening.  And will help you open your Sacred Heart & truly thrive!  Lightrition is a KEY accelerator of personal & planetary consciousness… learning to live, breath, eat & thrive through ancient wisdom. 

During your studies with Simone, throughout Modules 1 to 8 she will draw upon the Ancient Lemurian & Atlantian Intelligences to:

  • Discover the Realms of the Natural World through Sacred Geometry
  • Breathe your Crystalline Light Body into 5D Consciousness
  • Access the inherent wisdom in Minerals
  • Feed yourself with the Light Codes within food
  • Nourish yourself with Cosmic wisdoms from the Moon, Sun & Stars
  • Transform your DNA through the Imaginal Realm
  • Awaken to the mystical power of Structured Water
  • Discover the impact of 5G & how you can limit your exposure
  • Awaken to a NEW Story of the Anima Realm (Pathogens/Viruses) & their sacred purpose
  • Emerge into a more Heartful way of life, with clarity & Soulful purpose.
  • Discover & Engage in a New Earth Story through your Cosmic Heart
  • To become isomorphic with the reality around us, the memory of the Universe.

Due to this unprecedented global experience we find ourselves here in 2020, Simone is specifically tailoring the Lightrition Course Material to meet the challenges of this moment

As each Module is created Monthly – Simone directly addresses the deeper experience of CoronaVirus, what it means for each of us individually, the greater spiritual experience of COVID-19 (Germ Theory, Awakened Understanding of the Anima Realm), & how we can use the gift of this moment to transform ourselves both personally, planetarily & cosmically.

Join us for our 2020 Lightrition your Life online learning course, plant your seeds for a reLOVEutionary 2020… and together lets pioneer a NEW Human Story of Earth for this new decade & beyond.


Read the Full Course Curriculum & Learning Outcomes –
Lightrition your Life – Course Information page


What do I receive upon Enrolment ?

When you Enrol in MODULE 7you receive a LIFETIME of access… making it easy to study in your own space/time.

Upon enrolment you receive Instant Access to our Lightrition your Life –  Online Course Dashboard – Module 7.  From your Course Dashboard you can:

  • Access the Course Teachings – Module 7
  • Attend LIVE Zoom Masterclasses – Module 7
  • Access our Lightrition your Life PRIVATE FB Community Group & get to know your fellow Lightritioner Tribe from around the world.
  • Receive Bonus Gifts. During your Lightrition Studies, Simone will periodically gift BONUSes to students to support their studies!   Enrol today & receive your first Bonus Gift.


Overview of Module 7


Crystallogenesis is the Anima Crystallisation of the Mineral Realm, both within our bodies & with all life-forms, that creates a divinely sacred harmonic resonance within the natural world.

As humans, we tend to see our selves as the ‘superior’ life-form on this planet, with nature just a backdrop to our self-serving needs. However, we are in fact just complex forms of bacteria, and we are minute in comparison to the complexity of inter-relationship of life-forms on this planet.

But that doesn’t mean our role isn’t important, quite the opposite!

In this Module 7, we dive deep into…

  • How our personal Metamorphosis is in fact the most reverently profound gift we can bequeath to Earth. A sacred gift in reciprocity for all the Earth freely gifts to us.
  • How our Crystallogenesis, born from our personal Morphogenesis (Module 6), is what drives the co-creation of a New Earth
  • Understanding the Super Highways Mycelium of intelligent life within the Earth.
  • Connecting with Song Lines of Earth’s consciousness & evolution
  • We discover the Fibre Optic Channels within cells how they facilitate transfer to LIGHT intelligence through out the Body – enhancing intuition, claircognisance & pre-cognition.
  • Discussion & practical application of Crystallogenesis that enables revolutionary change not only within every cell within your body, but also within the Holographic Field.
  • Continuation of our discussion & techniques from Modules 5 & 6 – on Dreaming, PreCognition & Holotropic Transformation.


How to do I Enrol ?

To Enrol in MODULE 7, click ‘add to cart’ at the top of this page and continue through to checkout.  

You will then receive a confirmation of purchase email which includes a link to our Lightrition your Life –  Online Course Dashboard– MODULE 7.



During your Lightrition Studies, Simone will periodically gift BONUSes to students to support their studies!   Simone has some special things in store, we know you will just LOVE these gifts!

To get the bonus ball rolling, ENROL TODAY & receive Prayer Wallpaper & New Earth Wallpaper… not just for your phone, but also for your tablet, laptop & PC.   What a great way to feel into the energy of Great Spirit during your LIGHTRITIONing studies.   Plus enjoy a range of printable Poster TEMPLE-ts to help you move into Heartful Alchemy with Life & the Cosmogenesis of your Soul.


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Lightrition your Life

Alchemy of Wellness

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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