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Esoteric Liquid-Light Integration
FINAL Payment (Copy)


Final payment for your Earlybird Enrolment in our Wisdom Course 201: ELI – Esoteric Liquid-Light Healing.

Deposit (Earlybird): $100 received, thanks
Balance Due: $100 by the 21 October, 2018


Thank you for your Option 1 Earlybird Enrolment in our new
Wisdom Course 201: ELI – Esoteric Liquid-Light Integration.

First Payment: $100 – received, thank you.
Balance Due: $100 (by the 21 October 2018)


To finalise your enrolment & receive instant access to our ELI eCourse,
please ‘Add to Cart’ & proceed through to checkout, thank you.


Option 1: 
Earlybird Payment Plan – 2 Payments
Total Cost – $200
  • The FIRST payment of $100 due on Enrolment
  • The SECOND payment of $100 on/before 21 Oct 2018
√  Save yourself $95 OFF the Full Course price of $295
  BONUS – On Enrolment (FIRST payment) receive INSTANT lifetime Access to SIX bonus Courses valued at $99 (package bundle price):

  • Course 101 – LIGHTBODY Octahedron
  • Course 102 – LIGHTBODY Merkabah
  • Course 103 – LIGHTBODY Stellated Dodecahedron
  • Course 104 – SOUND & COLOUR
  • Course 105 – DIMENSIONS
  • Course 106 – GALACTIC CYCLE

This BONUS is ONLY available for Earlybird Enrolments.  This Bonus is NOT available for enrolments AFTER the 1 October 2018.

  On Release date 1 October 2018, full lifetime access to Wisdom Course 201: ELI will be given once your SECOND payment is received.
Thank you for your prompt payment ♥︎


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OPTION 1: Earlybird Payment Plan, OPTION 2: Earlybird Single Payment

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