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Essence of Angels® Mist Sprays are made from over 38 different plant, essential oil, crystal, sound, colour & sacred geometric vibrations as well as incorporating The Essence of Angels remedies. 

The Mists are ideal to use in the home, office, for sacred healing or in your meditation space.

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Our Essence of Angels Mist Sprays are made from over 38 different plant, essential oil, crystal, sound, colour & sacred geometric vibrations as well as incorporating our Essence of Angels® Sacred Liquid-Light Template Vibrational Essences


I have LOVED LOVED LOVED creating, making & sharing our amazing Essence of Angels® Mist Sprays with people around the world. Our Mist Sprays contain not just Essential Oils, but also Essence of Angels® Sacred Liquid-Light Template Vibrational Essences… hence are powerful transformative tools toward healing, health & well-being.

I have tried my best to source Mist Sprays pumps that are fully recyclable, but alas I have not been able to source recyclable pumps anywhere in the world!  So with a heavy heart, but also a LIGHTfilled Soul, I have decided to discontinue my full MistSpray product line.  Until stocks are sold out, I am offering a Buy 3 PLUS Get 1 FREE special on all our MistSprays.   Please use the following Coupon Code during checkout to take up this offer:   mist25

After using your MistSpray, I have recommend ‘re-purposing’ your Mist Pump.   The bottle/mistpump can be repurposed into homemade airfresheners, gifts for friends, cleaning products etc.   It at any time your repurposed Mist Pump becomes clogged, simply soak in warm soapy water overnight.


Heart Meditation Mist Spray is a supportive remedy for opening our hearts and strengthening our connection with Mother Earth (Earth’s Heart) & the Galactic Centre (Galactic Heart).

When we are connected ‘as above, so below’ we draw upon courage to let go of our stories, our pain & our struggles.   The past is forgiven, we let go of stress & anxiety over the future, and stay centered in the present moment, in the One Heart.   We experience a lightness of being and a freedom to be our authentic selves.

This mist helps us to experience our inner-beauty, take greater care of our selves, and love ourselves like it is our job!

This Mist Spray is effective both before & after healing work, long standing emotional pain/trauma and for personal meditation, healing & ceremonial work.


Spray the Mist Spray 2-3 times around auric field and/or environment as required.

To learn more about the energies infused within our Mist Sprays, inviting you to study our Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® healing modalities.


Weight 210 g



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