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Welcome to my Radiantly Human Journal

We amazing Humans are evolving.

We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story. Discovering the intelligence of our bodies to heal, the expansion of our minds into grander levels of consciousness, and we are accessing untapped dimensions of wisdom as we EVOLVE into awakened states of Soul within Cosmos.  READ MORE >>

Radiantly Human Words v2

We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story— becoming Radiantly Human. Click on the images below to read our weekly Radiantly Human Journal Posts.

Radiantly Human Words v2
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Simone Matthews Peace Beautiful New World

What we Fight with we Dance with. What we Dance with we Become.

The more we fight against something, the more we take on the qualities of exactly what we are fighting against. This is our time to...
Butterfly Blue lr

We the people must be the drivers & visionaries of a NEW Health Care System

Why? With the impending proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IRH) and the Pandemic Treaty/Accord, we are at risk of losing our freedom of...
Chemtrails in the morning sky

Climate Change, Consciousness & Evolutionary Cycles

Could there be a much bigger story about Climate Change than what we have & are being led to believe? I recommend you read my...
Children are our Future

Children are our Future— let’s ensure they have one!

I am well aware this can be an emotive topic for many, but bear with me. My heartfelt intention is to share viewpoints that empower...
Peace, War & 911 v2

Truth, Forgiveness, Healing & 9/11

On the 22 year Anniversary of 9/11, sharing a NEW doco that I feel opens the doors to truth, forgiveness, healing and moving the story...
Becoming Homo Luminous

Becoming Homo Luminous

Humanity is on the cusp of evolving into Homo Luminous— hallelujah ☀️ And in a parallel reality, materialistic science advocates for blocking/deflecting Sunlight or even...
Apeel health concerns nutrition lightrition

Not that very Apeel-ing? My Heart is with Lightrition— and living in the LIGHT.

With Apeel-treated produce ramping up globally, sharing my research on Apeel, plus my insights into health, nutrition— within the bigger vision of our Lightrition.  Before...
The Love of One's Fate— Amor Fati

The Love of One’s Fate— Amor Fati

The latin phrase Amor Fati guides us to accept all the events that make up our lives with grace & gratitude. And to cherish the...

Wortcunning— Return of Feminine Healing

With the 3rd leading cause of death being IATROGENIC (death by medical error), we are experiencing a global renaissance back to the wisdom of plant...
world bee day 20 May 2023 lng

Bees, 5D & the Pleiades

Reflecting on the Wisdom of Bees, 5D & the 13 Grandmothers of the Pleiades— in recognition of World Bee Day. Each year in the month...
5D The Great Awakening

5D— Our Great Awakening

We are 5th Dimensional (5D) Souls having a human experience— Beings of the LIGHT. To quote the words of Rumi: We are stars wrapped in...
The A.I. Dilemma— a force for good, or catastrophe?

The A.I. Dilemma— a force for good, or catastrophe?

50% of A.I. researchers believe there's a 10% or greater chance that humans go extinct from our inability to control A.I.   Sobering thought I know,...

IMPORTANT MESSAGE— the information presented within this Journal may not necessarily reflect all my personal beliefs at this time.  This Journal contains a wide variety of viewpoints, resources & information to support your own personal critical thinking & decision making. Above all, I share this Journal with LOVE  xx Simone

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