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We amazing Humans are evolving.

We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story. Discovering the intelligence of our bodies to heal, the expansion of our minds into grander levels of consciousness, and we are accessing untapped dimensions of wisdom as we EVOLVE into awakened states of Soul within Cosmos.  READ MORE >>

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The energy crunch is going to impact you and your family

The Energy Crunch – Impact on your Family

I have been talking about this in depth within my Humanity Rising Series - PREPPING: The Essentials course.  The importance for taking responsibility for our...
australians say no

Australian’s Say NO to Forced Vaccination

What is happening in Australia right now can only be described as a medical apartheid, where basic human rights are being removed on the basis...
The testimonies project

The Voices of People Rising – Doctors, Vaccine Injured, Nurses – New World Order ?

Giving a voice to the voiceless, the silenced, and the story of the Covidian Cult.   United we stand, divided we fall! In Peace and Solidarity,...
COVID Protocols - Prophylactic & Treatment

COVID Protocols – Prophylactic & Treatment

UPDATED with NEW Protocols [October 2021].   Over the last 18 months I have been sharing a myriad of COVID Protocols to help our community members...
Science Stands Up

Science Stands Up – Expert Findings on the Global Experience of COVID19

Contributors to the #ScienceStandsUp Campaign, include almost 200 experts from varying fields in Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, Medical Specialists,  BioTech, Legal, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Microbiology, Epidemiology,...
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Resources for Teachers, Family, Children, Doctors & Nurses

'Necessity is the Mother of Invention' is a very old proverb that essentially means people create new things out of need.   Looking around the world...
Corona Investigative Committee

Corona Investigative Committee – Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Update September 2021

Sharing the latest update from Dr Reiner Fuellmich, as at 15 September 2021. If you are not aware of the work of Dr Fuellmich, I...
End of the Medical System as we know it

End of the Medical System as we know it!

As shared in my The Medicine Keepers, as the hidden-shadow of our world is 'seen' and brought to LIGHT, something powerful shifts within the field. ...
For "whites only" - a bench in Cape town. Bench with the inscription, as the memory of apartheid and segregation in South Africa. Memorial bench and feet of a passing boy

Segregating the Unvaccinated – Questioning Morality

History has never looked kindly on politically motivated segregation or discrimination, even (and especially) under the guise of ‘health emergencies'.  Within this crucial moment of...
COVID - Know your Rights-1

AUSTRALIA – Know your Rights, Legal Action & Informed Consent

With Medical Apartheid via Vaccine Passports fast descending on Australia, it is important to know your rights. If you are are being coerced to take...
Robert F Kennedy Jnr Civil Disobedience

Time for Civil (peaceful) Disobedience!

Rather than give a big long introduction, I feel I will let this video below do all the talking! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains why...
Woman on a swing with blue sky in the back light

What does it mean to live FREE ?

Freedom to me represents the experience of expressing divinity without hindrance. Whether that be hindrance made manifest from my own anxieties or fears, or hindrances...

IMPORTANT MESSAGE— the information presented within this Journal may not necessarily reflect all my personal beliefs at this time.  This Journal contains a wide variety of viewpoints, resources & information to support your own personal critical thinking & decision making. Above all, I share this Journal with LOVE  xx Simone

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