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We amazing Humans are evolving.

We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story. Discovering the intelligence of our bodies to heal, the expansion of our minds into grander levels of consciousness, and we are accessing untapped dimensions of wisdom as we EVOLVE into awakened states of Soul within Cosmos.  READ MORE >>

Radiantly Human Words v2

We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story— becoming Radiantly Human. Click on the images below to read our weekly Radiantly Human Journal Posts.

Radiantly Human Words v2
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Downside Social Impact Bonds

The Downside of Social Impact Bonds

On the surface, Social Impact Bonds appear to be revolutionary financial instruments for helping the less-advantage.   But is there a downside to these new financial...
Safe Blood

Freedom to access Safe Blood

If you have been following the New Zealand Baby Will's case, you will no doubt have many questions!  Everything from the rights of parents to...
mRNA and personality changes

Educated insight into mRNA ‘vaccines’— Modifying Personality

The following video is a presentation by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Vortrag zum Thema: The danger of mRNA Vaccines— given at the Better Way Conference in...
Anecdotals Compassionate Exploration COVID19 Jabs

Compassionate Exploration of C19 Jabs

Leaning into my posts on Excess Deaths globally, the importance of choice regarding Safe Blood, and the Heart Knows, there are many questions at this...
Digital Money CBDC

Is CBDC a good idea?

Whilst the current digital money age may hold many conveniences, have you ever stopped to think how the system could in fact work against you? ...
Excess Deaths Australia 2022

Questioning Excess Deaths, Miscarriages & Birthrate Reduction in 2022

Following along the path of Asking Questions,  you may wish to question the data that is emerging regarding Excess Death Mortality during 2022. In the...
The Heart Knows

The Heart Knows – Important Questions to Ask

I am a lover of science!   As a Number 7 in numerology (by birth name, married name & even my date of birth!), I am...
WHO Global Pandemic Treaty

WHO Pandemic Treaty

Have you heard of the WHO (World Health Organisation) Global Pandemic Treaty— set to come into effect internationally in 194 WHO Member Countries in 2024?...
SuperHuman - Radiantly Human

Becoming SuperHuman

During this weeks LIVE Stream within Flourish, I talked about our Human SuperPowers or Extra-Sensory Powers— everything from precognition, remote viewing, telekinesis, altering states of...
Radiantly Human

Radiantly Human— Welcome

We amazing Humans are evolving.  We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story. We are discovering the intelligence of our bodies...
Letter to my Children

Letter to my Community

To my wondrous Community, This is one letter I hoped to never have had to write in my life time, but alas I need to...
Truth makes all things Beautiful

Truth makes all things Beautiful

I love to approach life with curiosity & wonderment.  Questioning everything.  Ruminating on every morsel of life experience, from the deepest states of sorrow, the...

IMPORTANT MESSAGE— the information presented within this Journal may not necessarily reflect all my personal beliefs at this time.  This Journal contains a wide variety of viewpoints, resources & information to support your own personal critical thinking & decision making. Above all, I share this Journal with LOVE  xx Simone

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