Radiantly Human— Welcome


Radiantly Human— Welcome

We amazing Humans are evolving.  We are awakening to a NEW chapter in our Human Love Story.

We are discovering the intelligence of our bodies to heal, the expansion of our minds to grander levels of consciousness, and we are accessing untapped dimensions of wisdom as we EVOLVE into awakened states of Soulful beingness with the Cosmos.   Our world is alive, and we are discovering ways to participate with the intelligence of the living world in the knowingness that nature is our truest nature— when she thrives so do we!

The Lost Souls

However— there is a small collective here on Earth, let’s call them the Lost Souls— that have forgotten their connection with the Divine.  They believe in the story of Human 2.0, a transhumanistic story of control & dominion over the natural world through mechanistic technology of mind.

Collectively we sit at a pivotal moment, an event horizon that has two possible paths— either the extinction of our Divine Humaness, or the awakening of the Human Condition to an evolved aliveness with & through the intelligence of the living world. 

I know what I choose.  What do you choose ?

Health Freedom— Journal

Over 2020 & 2021, I journaled numerous articles under the banner Health Freedom.  My vision was to not add to the division in the world but rather to offer viewpoints that were being censored by the Lost Ones, or suppressed by those with alternate agendas. 

From my heart, I compassionately shared valuable information that supported critical thinking, and empowered people to make choices from a place of self-authority & divine guidance.

Whilst I encountered much ridicule and cruelty from a small few, overall my sharings were received with love & appreciation by thousands of people across the globe.   In late 2021/early 2022 I posted Letter to my Community— a huge (no exaggeration) summary of what I believed was happening, and where our world could be headed if we handed authority for our lives over to others.  

During 2022 I took a years break from Health Freedom journalling— I focussed on walking the talk of being the change the world needs right now.   

I worked jointly with a radiant friend of mine (and later a core team of volunteers) to establish QHPA— Queensland Health Practitioner Alliance a state based alliance that supports HealthCare workers during this time of global & local upheaval.  One year down the track, we are now merging QHPA with the national organisation AMN— Australian Medical Network— a visionary voice for HealthCare workers now & into the future.

In addition, during 2022 I facilitated my Humanity Rising – Prepping the Essentials course to help people navigate this time— everything from growing your food, making your own medicinals, to unplugging from ‘the system’ & managing finances beyond Digital ID.   

The rest of my 2022 year was filled with so much goodness, way too much to share in this space but let’s just say that I moved into an expanded JOY for life, the nourishment of warm friendships, and deepening of my love for LIFE on this glorious planet Earth.   And high on the buzz of my Flourishing with life, in the second half of 2022 I founded my NEW online community Flourish with Simone… more on that below.

Radiantly Human— Journal

Now as we embark on 2023, I feel guided to return back to this journal space.  I have renamed Health Freedom Journal to Radiantly Human, and I plan on continuing the conversation from within this space.   You can still read all of my previous Health Freedom posts by visiting my Radiantly Human Journal webpage, and clicking on the 2020, 2021 & 2022 Menu Tabs to read the archives.   All Radiant Human Journal Posts will be found under the 2023 Menu Tab.

My vision in this reinvigorated Radiantly Human journal space is to bring awareness & foster discussion of the plans, trials & tribulations of the Lost Ones.   Once again my intention is to share information of what is happening out there in the world of the Lost Ones, such that we stay informed and are empowered to make choices that serve a grander story of possibility within Our World— the Radiance of Humanity Awakening.

In the words of Arthur Schopenhauer—  All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.    May stage three come to pass in both a timely manner, and with much grace & ease.

Flourish with Simone— CommUNITY

If you are seeking to connect with people of like Soul that hold dear to their Hearts the value of our Divine Humanness, I recommend that you join our ONLINE Community— Flourish with Simone.   We are a group of kind & loving Humans that revere the sacredness of the Human condition.  Just like the mycelium within Earth’s Soil, we are spreading our energy fields far & wide and connecting with one another globally.

Within Flourish with Simone, Women support one another in awakening our Human potential.  Through our daily Flourish Flow, LIVE Stream Events, Meditations & Courses, Flourish Members learn how to Nourish the Body through Lightrition, expand the Mind beyond what we have been lead to believe is possible, and Evolve the Soul through higher intelligences of Creation.   

Inviting you to join Flourish with Simone & embrace your Radiant Humanness. I look forward to sharing, connecting & walking with you through 2023 & beyond.  All my LOVE,
xx Simone


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