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The ONE person you really need to marry…

Oh I so LOVE our community. Big thanks to our gorgeous tribe for all of your emails of encouragement & support re my vision I shared in my latest newsletter… I really LOVE your juicy vibes.

Encouraged by all your uplifting notes, you had me reflecting this week on how important it is to belong to a tribe. To be a part of a community that gets you, that sees you for who you know yourself to be in your heart, and who uplifts you and supports you to shine with brilliant luminosity.

In my moments of reflections this week, I recalled a TED Talk video that I had watched recently entitled ‘The Person you really need to Marry’. Spoiler alert in case you hadn’t already guessed it, the person that you really need to marry is YOU !

Imagine ‘Marrying YOU’ and making a ceremonial commitment to yourself to:

  • Marry YOU till death do you part – Commit to yourself fully for a lifetime, taking a vow of acknowledgement to LOVE yourself fully just the way you are, you are already whole & complete.
  • For Richer or Poorer – once again LOVING YOURSELF in each and every moment and in any circumstance you may find yourself in over your lifetime. Money is not a value of your worth.
  • In Sickness & In Health – LOVING yourself enough to give permission to make mistakes, forgive yourself and simply believe in the magic that is YOU.
  • To Have & to Hold – LOVE yourself the way you want someone else to LOVE you.

Just imagine for a moment if we all took the time to ‘Marry ourselves’, how much more generous, kind, loving, patient & nurturing our world would be. We wouldn’t look to any thing or any one else to complete us, as our commitment to ourselves is our AFFIRMATION to the Universe that we are already whole & complete and simply a divine beacon of eternal LOVE.

If we married ourselves, there would be no need to binge eat, there would be no need to hurt ourselves with unkind thoughts, there would be no need to do a job that eats away at our very core and there would be no need to let our age be a barrier in fulling our deepest desires and wildest dreams. Now that I think about, I think becoming a marriage celebrant for ‘individuals marrying themselves’ sounds like a really amazing job !

Should we make the committment to ‘Marry ourselves’ in this lifetime, through self-worth, self-nurturing, self-appreciation & self-love, then our HEARTS burst wide open to authentically & most sacredly LOVE our tribe, our family, our Earthly brothers & sisters.

Marrying ourselves opens our life up to FREEDOM.  As we marry/commit to ourselves fully, we open up to our truest natures… that of LOVE.    Through LOVE we come together to support one another, grow together, uplift each other to new heights and help each other to truly shine.  Through LOVE there is no need for competition, no glass ceiling, no need to tear another person down in order to rise to the top.  Through LOVE we ultimately give more power to commUNITY and discover ourselves to be stronger, more vibrant, more radiant, healthier & happier than ever before.  And through LOVE we can truly be of service to our SiStarhood – raising each other up to shine and be divine radiance from the inside out!

In case you are interested, here is the TED Video that I mentioned above… it is humorous, real and a delightful take on Marrying YOU.

Simone M. Matthews

Are you ready to Marry Yourself ?

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