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Shealla-Dreaming offers a radical yet graceful approach to moving beyond a culture based on fear, war & suffering – by offering the reader a compelling & heart-felt vision of a world built on the foundations of LOVE through GRACE.

Buy the BOOK today and dive deep into this wild adventure story to transform your thinking and discover a new way of Soulful Living.

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About ‘Shealla-Dreaming’

Shealla-Dreaming (pronounced ‘SHE-ARH-LARH) is a book by Simone M. Matthews, founder of

Shealla-Dreaming offers a radical yet graceful approach to moving beyond a culture based on fear, war & suffering – by offering the reader a compelling & heart-felt vision of a world built on the foundations of LOVE through GRACE.

Whilst Shealla-Dreaming reads like a wild adventure story, this spiritual parable aspires to be a catalyst to transform your thinking and discover a new way of Soulful Living.

The book follows the adventures of Sarah Martine, a sassy thirty-something woman who has been living in New York City and fast-tracking the corporate ladder. After returning to Australia to attend a funeral, Sarah synchronistically finds herself enmeshed in a thrilling journey of awakening to the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation.

The 13 Sacred Keys form a map, a map that unlocks the secrets of the universe, the secrets that the mystics, sages and monks have revered throughout the ages of time. As a reader you will be compelled to join with Sarah to also unlock each Sacred Key within your own life and join the adventure of awakening, transformation & spiritual enlightenment.

As you journey through Shealla-Dreaming and unlock each Sacred Key, your heart opens, your eyes fill with wonderment and each breath exudes a profoundly deep aura of inner-peace. You are inspired to free yourself from the past and discover a sacred vision of your life, a soul purpose; a commitment to live courageously and dream big, so together we can create a kinder, more compassionate and peaceful world.

Shealla-Dreaming is the perfect companion for Simone’s Crystal Light Healing®, Essence of Angels® & Aetheric Healing™ modalities, as it provides a greater depth of understanding and a profound insight into the evolution of the Soul.

Shealla-Dreaming is also the recommended text for Simone’s Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse.

Every book purchased is personally signed by Simone M. Matthews – author of ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ ♥
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About the Author

Simone M Matthews StarsSimone M. Matthews is an international speaker, best-selling author and inspirational teacher.  Over the last couple of decades, Simone’s work has impassioned millions of people around the world to live their life with joy, abundance and sacred meaning.

As co-founder of, author of the best selling book ‘Shealla-Dreaming‘ and founder of the healing modalities Crystal Light Healing® Essence of Angels® & Aetheric Healing™, Simone travels the globe facilitating talks & courses in these profound healing wisdoms.

Simone is an enlightening, engaging and passionate speaker & teacher, who’s warmth and down-to-earth nature inspires people to realise their innate greatness.  Known for her creativity and humor, Simone engages audiences to open their hearts, be seen and live soul-full lives.

Simone’s philosophy through her teachings are:
‘You, yes YOU, are a miraculous DIVINE BEING… you are EXTRAORDINARY… and it is my wish, intent and humble purpose to help you live your life in gratitude and as a divine expression of the perfection of that truth’.

Simone lives in Noosa Heads, Australia with her husband Shaun, their two children Callum & Indigo and their puppy Shikaylah.

For more information about upcoming workshops, courses & special events please visit:


‘Simone has woven her profound, life enhancing spiritual teachings into a heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable adventure of mammoth proportions!  I am astounded by the brilliance of this work and its potential to positively empower readers to co-create much needed change in their lives and out world.  What a gift Simone has given us at this vital time in the evolution of humanity and our Earth.  This is a must-read for both the novice and the spiritually adept.’
Kyrona Unity Hope
Founder & Faciliator of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light

‘This is a beautifully constructed and profoundly mystical story of one woman’s adventure to the ultimate destination – her true self.  Simone writes with passion and great depth of feeling – if you are on a quest towards your true self, you will absolutely love this book.’
Lyvea Rose
Author & Astrologer

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