Model for Food Security – The Family Farm

Within my Flourish with Simone Free Community space, we have a growing Lightbrary of New Earth initiatives from around the globe— Visionary Projects & Solutions that Flourish our World More Beautiful 🌈 This week we shared a brilliant open-sourced initiative that provides solutions for food security for the future— the project is heartfelt (and being […]

Immediate & Complete Suspension C19 Injections

Dr Aseem Malhotra is an NHS Trained Consultant Cardiologist, and visiting Professor of Evidence Based Medicine, Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health, Salvador, Brazil. He is a world renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart disease. In the following series of videos, Dr Aseem calls for an IMMEDIATE & complete suspension […]

If the jabs are so dangerous, WHY are they still being rolled out?

It’s an interesting question isn’t it!    The number of people dying or have been injured by the jab are staggering, in the words of Ed Dowd ‘these are numbers you can’t hide‘.  YET…. Governments are still pushing the fear porn of ‘get your booster’ whilst turning their backs on the injured.  Even medicines golden […]

Died Suddenly

I read Cause Unknown by Ed Dowd over the weekend, a heart-breaking insight into the epidemic of sudden deaths in 2021 and 2022.    My tears flowed as this book reveals the human tragedy— these are not just numbers of death data, these are REAL human lives.   I believe we can’t begin to heal and […]

The Downside of Social Impact Bonds

On the surface, Social Impact Bonds appear to be revolutionary financial instruments for helping the less-advantage.   But is there a downside to these new financial bonds? What is an SIB? An SIB or Social Impact Bond are relatively new financial instruments used by Governments around the world to raise money from investors to be used […]

Freedom to access Safe Blood

If you have been following the New Zealand Baby Will’s case, you will no doubt have many questions!  Everything from the rights of parents to choose, to having the freedom to choose the type of blood you receive should you require a transfusion. And have you heard about darling Baby Alex?  Cornelia and Ron’s son, […]

Educated insight into mRNA ‘vaccines’— Modifying Personality

The following video is a presentation by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Vortrag zum Thema: The danger of mRNA Vaccines— given at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, September 17, 2022. With mRNA technology set to become the only “vaccine” available in the future, replacing conventional vaccine such as for measles, the flu etc., this raises […]

Compassionate Exploration of C19 Jabs

Leaning into my posts on Excess Deaths globally, the importance of choice regarding Safe Blood, and the Heart Knows, there are many questions at this time that remain unanswered! My heart does ache for the thousands (possibly millions) of people globally that have/still are experiencing severe reactions post COVID-19 jabs, yet are being ignored and […]

Is CBDC a good idea?

Whilst the current digital money age may hold many conveniences, have you ever stopped to think how the system could in fact work against you?  What may be the ultimate price of convenience? Take for instance the discovery of nuclear-fission— within the right hands it could be considered as an amazing advancement in energy production, […]

Questioning Excess Deaths, Miscarriages & Birthrate Reduction in 2022

Following along the path of Asking Questions,  you may wish to question the data that is emerging regarding Excess Death Mortality during 2022. In the first 8 months of 2022, an extra 15,400 people died in Australia, according to new analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data by the Actuaries Institute, with around one-third […]

The Heart Knows – Important Questions to Ask

I am a lover of science!   As a Number 7 in numerology (by birth name, married name & even my date of birth!), I am drawn to look deeply into the meaning of life, understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together— kinda like building a bridge between the physical & spiritual worlds.  […]

WHO Pandemic Treaty

Have you heard of the WHO (World Health Organisation) Global Pandemic Treaty— set to come into effect internationally in 194 WHO Member Countries in 2024? If you haven’t heard of the Treaty, the James Corbett Report video below provides an excellent overview.   Read a Summary of Key Points here.  Why be Concerned? The Pandemic Treaty […]

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Model for Food Security – The Family Farm

Within my Flourish with Simone Free Community space, we have a growing Lightbrary of New Earth initiatives from around the globe— Visionary ...

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