Children are our Future— let’s ensure they have one!

I am well aware this can be an emotive topic for many, but bear with me. My heartfelt intention is to share viewpoints that empower you to make informed choices for yourself & your family.  As a friend said to me this week Truth Illuminates— may the following post shine much luminosity indeed! For Clarity & […]

Truth, Forgiveness, Healing & 9/11

On the 22 year Anniversary of 9/11, sharing a NEW doco that I feel opens the doors to truth, forgiveness, healing and moving the story of our world into a more beautiful trajectory. On 11 Sept, 2021,  I was 36 weeks pregnant  and watching the tragic unfoldment on TV that would change the course of […]

Becoming Homo Luminous

Humanity is on the cusp of evolving into Homo Luminous— hallelujah ☀️ And in a parallel reality, materialistic science advocates for blocking/deflecting Sunlight or even moving Earth’s Location! Oh our glorious Sun— the giver of life, the activator of natures intelligence, the Heart of our SolarSystem that ignites our LIGHT from the inside-out. Without our […]

Not that very Apeel-ing? My Heart is with Lightrition— and living in the LIGHT.

With Apeel-treated produce ramping up globally, sharing my research on Apeel, plus my insights into health, nutrition— within the bigger vision of our Lightrition.  Before I dive deep into all things Apeel, let me share my views on Nutrition and my expanded viewpoint of Lightrition. Nutrition Nutrition is defined as the process by which a […]

The Love of One’s Fate— Amor Fati

The latin phrase Amor Fati guides us to accept all the events that make up our lives with grace & gratitude. And to cherish the present moment however it shows up— as a gift toward our becoming. Life is a miraculous unfoldment of experiences— some we directly conspire to cultivate, whilst others cross our paths […]

Wortcunning— Return of Feminine Healing

With the 3rd leading cause of death being IATROGENIC (death by medical error), we are experiencing a global renaissance back to the wisdom of plant spirit medicine— the return of the Feminine. Over the years I have immersed myself in the mysticsm of wortcunning— not a word you often hear brandied about in contemporary medical […]

Bees, 5D & the Pleiades

Reflecting on the Wisdom of Bees, 5D & the 13 Grandmothers of the Pleiades— in recognition of World Bee Day. Each year in the month of May our Sun [our LIGHT] transits over the Pleiades [Divine Feminine] — opening our consciousness to the mystery of the natural world,  a grander possibility for our lives— a greater LOVE.  Did you know […]

5D— Our Great Awakening

We are 5th Dimensional (5D) Souls having a human experience— Beings of the LIGHT. To quote the words of Rumi: We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within— Rumi. Last week I shared The A.I. Dilemma— a force for good, or catastrophe?— as a commentary on what could […]

The A.I. Dilemma— a force for good, or catastrophe?

50% of A.I. researchers believe there’s a 10% or greater chance that humans go extinct from our inability to control A.I.   Sobering thought I know, but what can we do about it? I have been watching a thought-provoking video presentation given by Tristan Harris & Aza Raskin filmed at a private gathering in San Francisco […]

Human ‘Robots’ wanting to be Human

With the dark global push to technocracy and transhumanism— I have been pondering of late the nature of modern day life and the possibility that Humans are already partly ‘Robotic’. Humans are divine vessels of life, powered through nature, and connected to a intelligence that knows no boundaries.   Yet we have created life-styles that not […]

The Greatest of Resets— Earth Magnetic Pole Reversal

Whilst there is a large bandwidth of discussion on the planet regarding the materialistic The Great Reset— from a multi-dimensional place of observation there is an even GREATER RESET that is taking place— a full Magnetic Pole Reversal of planet Earth— where North & South poles reverse.  As I shared within my Earth’s Pole Reversal […]

The Future of Food— rests within our hands

I was listening to the CHD Food Symposium this week, featuring some of my most favourite radiant humans such as Stephanie Seneff, Patrick Wood, Joseph Mercola & James Corbett to name a few! The key message from the 7 hour Symposium (you can listen to the 4 Sessions here), was that the future of our […]

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Children are our Future— let’s ensure they have one!

I am well aware this can be an emotive topic for many, but bear with me. My heartfelt intention is to share ...

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