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BEing Woman 2019 bnr 1

Being Woman… A Gathering for Women – March 2019

8 – 11 March 2019 Camp Warrawee, Joyner, Qld Australia Book your Ticket for Being Women… March 2019 > Inviting you attend the 15th annual Being Woman… gathering. Since 2005 Being Woman… has intimately supported the healing and transformation of hundreds of women. This healing and transformation ripples out to their family members, friends, colleagues …

Being Woman… A Gathering for Women – March 2019 Read More »

New Moon Solar Eclipse January 2019 bnr

New Moon {partial} Solar Eclipse – January 5/6, 2019

Our January 2019 NEW MOON is all about diving deep into your Heart, unveiling your greatest desires and making a plan to unleash them with wild abandon during 2019.   The energy of the New Moon is being amplified through a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – an opportunity to transform the remnants of a year just passed …

New Moon {partial} Solar Eclipse – January 5/6, 2019 Read More »

Gratitude 2019 bnr

How I started my New Year 2019

Hey gorgeous community welcome to 2019… Happy New Year, New Present ! As I write to you today, I am enjoying the last few days of my vacation time with family.   It is summertime here in Australia, my most FAVOURITE time of year… so I am feeling all LOVEDup and ready to pour my HEART  …

How I started my New Year 2019 Read More »

2019 Annual Celestial Overview 2019

2019: Annual Celestial Overview

Sharing with you my Annual Celestial Overview for 2019. I will be updating this page regularly to help you power through the year !  You may also like to sign-up to my Newsletter & be the first to hear about upcoming Celestial happenings, Special Offers, Online Courses & Events. Image Credit: David Calderón   Numerology …

2019: Annual Celestial Overview Read More »

Envisioning 2019 bnr

Stepping into 2019 with Fierce Grace – Downloadable Gift

How are you feeling as we head into these last few days 2018 ? I am sensing a global ‘breath out’ (ooh & it feels good),  a huge release, a feeling of relief that the year is nearly over and a fresh new start awaits us all in 2019. For me personally, I love this …

Stepping into 2019 with Fierce Grace – Downloadable Gift Read More »

A Blessing of Love bnr

A Blessing of Love – Downloadable Gift

I feel a little misty today – reminiscing over the year, reflecting on such great loves, deepest sorrows & somehow each and every time finding my way back home. I know deep in my heart, you my beautiful tribe of vibrant & lusciously radiant wayshowers have played a part in keeping the flames of my …

A Blessing of Love – Downloadable Gift Read More »

Numerology spiritual meaning 2019 nw2

2019: Universal ‘3’ Year in Numerology

We are in for a deeply creative, sensual & wildly transformational year as we enter a Universal 3 Year in Numerology in 2019.   If you have felt a deep rumbling in your life over the past couple of years, a call to change your work/relationships/home, a call to step into something bigger & more wildly …

2019: Universal ‘3’ Year in Numerology Read More »

Personal Year Number 2019

2019: Numerology of your Personal Year

Numerology is the sacred language of numbers.  How the vibrations or personalities of numbers both flavour our lives & gift us insight into our greater Soul Potentials.   Numbers enable us to not only get intimate with the deeper aspects of ourselves, but also can be used as predictive tool to understand the different cycles …

2019: Numerology of your Personal Year Read More »

Retrograde Planets spiritual meaning 2019 nw

Retrograde Planets – 2019

The planets within our solar system are in constant motion as they revolve around our Sun. When we gaze into the night sky, our planets move to the East relative to the stars.  However, there are times where it appears that a planet is moving in the opposite direction, to the West, and that is …

Retrograde Planets – 2019 Read More »

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