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Fear is Contagious 2

Madness or Enlightenment

Do you ever wonder where words come from ?    I think about things like this all the time.  Words hold energy, they shape our lives and drive our behaviours – both conscious and unconscious. With the word COVID-19 dominating the mind-highways of 2020 (a year of 20-20 vision), I couldn’t help but think about the …

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Lions Gateway 2020 Portal of Light 8 8

Lions Gateway 8:8 Portal – Becoming LIGHT

The Sun entered the constellation Leo on the 22 July 2020, and is transiting through Leo until 23 August 2020.  Peak energy of the transit is felt mid-point on the 8 August (8:8) with the rising Sun forming a semi-sextile aspect with Sirius Sun or tetrahedron of LIGHT aspect with Earth. This alignment is often …

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Aquarius Full Moon Sun in Leo 2020

What is your Umwelt ?

German Biologist Jakob von Uexkull coined the term Umwelt to describe our ‘self-centered world’.  Umwelt describes our unique sensory perception of the world, and how this models how we perceive or experience our lives within the world. With all that is happening in the world at this moment, I think reflecting on your Umwelt is …

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Aquarius Full Moon Sun in Leo 2020 nw

Full Moon in Aquarius – 4 August 2020

Right Relationship.  Blessed Connection.  That is the theme of our August Full Moon in Aquarius, as she reflects the light of the Sun in Leo. This Full Moon is about moving beyond the ‘stuff’ that fosters separation in our lives, and instead taking our selves to a higherplace.  A place that seeks connection, that moves …

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comet neowise genetic upgrade spiritual meaning

Comet Neowise – Genetic Upgrades ?

I am releasing Module 6 of Lightrition your Life online course later this week, where I have been diving deep into the Anima Realm – the diverse Cosmic-Earthly Biome of nature. In my course videos, I have discussed how over 40,000 tonnes of Cosmic Dust falls to Earth each and every year, sprinkling the Earth …

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Life is a Miracle

Life is a Miracle

I was lying in bed this morning, rain pit-pattering on our roof, birds chirping exuberantly, grateful for my warm cozy bed… and reflecting on the MIRACLE of Life as we come into our 25 July 2020 – Day out of Time. I just looked up the definition of MIRACLE ‘an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention’. …

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Day out of Time 25 July 2020 Galactic Calendar

Day out of Time – 25 July 2020 – Galactic Calendar

Every year, on the 25 July, we come into our Day out of Time on the Galactic Calendar.  A space between worlds, a rainbow bridge that connects the past with the potential future in the present moment. The 13 Moon Galactic Calendar (unlike today’s Gregorian Calendar) calibrates our energy field with the rhythmic cycles of …

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5G Biological Impact

5G, Biological Life & Coronaviruses

I have an important piece of published research to share with you… but before I do, let me share something first. Two of the key words that underpin my life are CURIOSITY & WONDERMENT. From that context, life becomes an ever unfolding rose of joyous experience. I do my best to not hold any hard …

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The Great Awakening

What do you Believe ? COVID-19

We are all experiencing this COVID-19 moment in Earth’s Herstory differently.   This glimpse in time being coloured by the foundations of our beliefs. Who we believe ourselves to be.What we believe is our relationship with the world.And what we believe is the purpose of our lives. Essentially this means our life-transit over the last six …

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Sacred Geometry Metatrons Cube

This Changes Everything – 99.99 %

I have been flowing in the delicious dreamtime space of the imaginal realm this week. I LOVE this space. The infinite void of possibility. The chalice of enLIGHTened vision. And I think the heavens may have also played a part in my dreamy sojourns – with Venus conjunct the Moon, and Jupiter being the closest …

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Biome of Life

Our Cosmic-Earthly Biome & Com-Immunity

The natural world brings us back to community.  That LIFE flourishes through a harmonically diverse community.  And that we are never alone, but rather an integral part of the inter-connected evolution of Earth & the greater Cosmos. It’s through Earth’s diverse Biome that we feel nourished.  We experience ourselves as part of something much greater …

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vastness that quiets the soul new earth(1)

There is a Vastness that quiets the Soul

I experienced the most amazing dream last night.  Have you ever had one of those dreams where the experience was so visceral, so alive, so scintillatingly radiant that you wake up with a ‘knowing’ that what happened was on some level quite real ? Well, that was my dream.  And it certainly was REAL. In …

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