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Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas Conjunction

Well here we are.  In this most extraordinary time on Earth.  Something deep inside you already new this time, this shift, this transition was coming.   Yet somehow, as we wade our way through, that inner-knowing doesn’t always make the physical experience any easier. On the back of January 2020’s Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (beginning a new 30 …

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Aries New Moon March 2020

New Moon in Aries – She’s Rising

Oh gorgeous family, how are you?  What a HUGE & extraordinary global shift we are all experiencing at this time.  Our Aries New Moon is sooooo what is drawing us to LIGHT, as the bigger themes/ways of our life are crumbling after January’s Saturn & Pluto conjunction… & Saturn transiting Aquarius… who’s ripples will be …

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Covid19 what do you consent to

Coronavirus [COVID-19] – What are you Consenting to ?

Hey gorgeous community, sharing with you my latest S.O.C.I.E.T.Y. video’s on ‘Com(im)munity’ and  ‘Heart Intelligence’ – the Awakening of Humanity to a New Earth Era. The choices we make today, create our tomorrow. Your critical thinking, the questions you ask, where you put your attention & sagacious heart are so vitally important at this time. …

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Full Moon in Virgo March 2020

Full Moon in Virgo – March 2020

  Our March Full Moon in VIRGO, is reflecting the light of the SUN in Pisces.   And adding to the anatomy of this Full Moon are three other potent aspects – the Neptune is conjunct the Sun,  Mercury moves direct about 10 hours after Full Moon, and the Moon is also a Supermoon.  No …

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Coronavirus immunity lr

Moving beyond the VIRAL-INFECTION of the Mind

After posting my article last week CoronaVirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience, I have been reflecting on human behaviours and peoples panic responses during times of uncertainty. When people’s deepest vulnerabilities have been tapped (thank you media!), we have seen an inordinate flurry of people hitting the supermarket shelves and panic buying toilet paper in …

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Coronavirus Immunity Resilience 2

Coronavirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience

With the fever pitched media reporting of the Coronavirus- thought I would shed a little light on this topic… and most importantly share some empowering & nurturing tips that serve your optimal immunity. Each and every day we are bathed in a sea of viruses – more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square …

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Heart Alchemy wb

The HEART: It’s not what you think!

What do you think is the role of the Human Heart ? At the Heart (pun intended!) of my new Lightrition your Life Course, we dive deep into how the Heart plays a central role in our health, longevity, resilience – as well as the KEY ROLE it plays in our spiritual connection with the …

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New Moon February 2020(2)

New Moon in Pisces – Diamonds of Wisdom

Sensually feeling, deeply nourishing, and vibrantly creative – welcome to our New Moon for February 2020. With 2020 being such an intense/transformative year of astrological transits, our February New Moon in Pisces brings a welcome respite to the Heart & Soul. The path is being paved ready for late March/ early April conjunction of Jupiter …

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Retrograde Planets spiritual meaning 2019 nw

Retrograde Planets – Energetic Meaning

The planets within our solar system are in constant motion as they revolve around our Sun. When we gaze into the night sky, our planets move to the East relative to the stars.  However, there are times where it appears that a planet is moving in the opposite direction, to the West, and that is …

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Simone Matthews St Valentines 2020 lr

My St.Valentines Song for You

I know it has been a while since I have posted, so please forgive me!  I have been diving deep into the creation of my new Lightrition Course, as well as helping our youngest child move away from home to start University.  Needless to say it has been quite an emotional month indeed. In celebration, …

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Full Moon in Leo February 2020 wb

Full Moon in Leo – February 2020

Whilst Full Moons can be challenging with the Moon & Sun sitting on opposite sides of the zodiac, they can also be wildly expansive & potently creative as the Lunar & Solar (yin & yang) are in natural harmonic balance.   And I promise you, this weeks Full Moon in LEO reflecting the light of the …

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New Moon Aquarius + Chinese New Year WB

New Moon in Aquarius + Chinese New Year

The Aquarian Energy of this New Moon is your leap off the precipice in the co-creation of ‘The Year of New Earth Beginnings- 2020’.   As Jupiter & Saturn come together in Aquarius in December 2020 for the Great Conjunction, this New Moon will have you step out of the box/framework of life as we have …

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