Lightbrary {Journal}

Follow the Stars.  Delve into the mystical realms of the Cosmos. Nourish yourself through Natures Intelligence.

Lightbrary {Journal}

Follow the Stars. Delve into the mystical realms of the Cosmos.  Nourish yourself through Natures Intelligence.

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  • LIGHTrition
  • The Great AWAKENING
Outer Planetary Transits 2023

Outer Planetary Transits – 2023

The personal planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars - move quickly through the Zodiac and represent our individual personal characteristics and experiences.   ...
Lunar Solar Eclipse Spiritual Energy Meaning 2019

Lunar & Solar Eclipses 2023 – Dates, Definitions & Energetics

LUNAR ECLIPSES occur when the Moon is ull and the Earth blocks the Suns rays from partially/fully reaching the Moon, thus the Moon is cast...
Blue Moons 2023

Blue Moons 2023 – Dates, Definitions & Meaning

You have most probably used the term 'once in a Blue Moon' in reference to a rare event.   But where did this reference come from,...
Black Moons 2023

Black Moons 2023 – Dates, Definitions & Meaning

A BLACK NEW MOON is an auspicious moon that amplifies your intentions & inner-most heartfelt desires for the cycle - a powerful New Moon for...
Super Moons 2023

Super Moons & Micro Moons 2023 – Dates, Definitions & Meaning

The Moon orbits Earth in an elliptical orbit (not a perfect circle), hence the distance of the Moon from the Earth varies throughout the year....
Retrograde Planets 2023

Retrograde Planets 2023 – Dates, Definition & Meaning

The planets within our solar system are in constant motion as they revolve around our Sun. When we gaze into the night sky, our planets...
Galactic Plane Alignment December 2022 v333

Galactic Evolutionary Alignment – December 2022

One of my most favourite times of year is our annual Galactic Evolutionary Alignment that falls a few days prior to our Summer/Winter Solstice.   ...
Gemini Full Moon - 8 December 2022

Gemini Full Moon – December 2022

In the lead up to our Galactic Plane Alignment on December 19 (I will be writing more about this very soon), we have our LAST...
Sagittarius New Moon November 2022

Sagittarius New Moon – November 2022

My heart feels like it has burst wide open as I share todays Sagittarius New Moon journal post— moving into the energy feels like a...
Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse November 2022

Taurus Full Moon – TOTAL Lunar Eclipse – November 2022

Following last months Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the October 25, we have been travelling through an Eclipse Portal which comes to a close...
11-11-22 November 11 2022 Numerology

11 November 2022 – 11:11 or 11:11:22 or 22:22

The Number 11 is a Master Number that guides us to remember who we truly are.  Each year on November 11, or 11:11 (11th day...
Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

Scorpio New Moon – Solar Eclipse – October 2022

Eclipse Portals— Solar & Lunar Eclipses— are powerful vortexes of energy that catalyse rapid change.   Whilst these whirls of potent energies can instigate upheaval or...

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