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Heart-Felt Announcement♡

Happy #worldsmileday ‘Do an act of kindness. Help one person Smile!’ 😀

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It is my gorgeous daughters 15th Birthday today, on World Smile Day (the first Friday in October)… and her smile is quite infectious (as you can see from the picture). I just couldn’t resist sharing !

A smile is so so easy to do… it helps to release endorphins (feel good chemicals), releases stress & anxiety and improves your immunity.  Smiling not only makes you feel great, but also is quite contagious… such a great way to foster more happiness & kindness in the world.  Consider doing an act of kindness today and making one person SMILE 😀

Something to Smile about…

I was going to share this with you all next week, but as it is World Smile Day (not to mention the joy of my daughters Birthday)… well I thought I would share this with you today 😀

I am ecstatically excited to announce (BIG BIG smiles) that today, on World Smile Day, I am launching my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom workshop as an eCourse. 

AND… to bring a even greater smile to your face… when you enrol in my Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner eCourse SPECIAL PACKAGE (enrol before the 30 November 2016) you also receive my new Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse for FREE !!!

OR… if you enrol in my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse as a stand alone course, you receive my Shealla-Dreaming Book as a FREE eBook:

Sharing with you below a little of my story and how my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom came into being.

But if you are short for time… you may wish to scroll further down the page to find out more Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse course contents and details about my great offer !

Back in Time Reflections

It was the late eighties (ooh, that’s nearly 30 years ago now), and I was working in Sydney in the corporate field.  I was as unhappy as hell, but excelling at keeping everyone in my life happy… I was fast-tracking the corporate ladder, my parents were proud as punch with all my successes and I lived a life of affluence that many aspire to achieve.

On the outside I had it all, but on the inside I was miserable.  I wasn’t living a life that was true to my heart and soul.  I was purposely hiding my gifts, my soulful side and the callings of spirit in order to be accepted and feel that I was of value in the world.   I truly convinced myself that staying in a dysfunctional relationship, detesting every minute of my job and being an obedient daughter was the right thing to do and would make me a responsible and loving/lovable wife, employee, daughter and citizen of the world.

That all changed when I played hooky from my life and secretly attended a talk by Shakti Gawain.  Side note, for those that attended my Shealla-Dreaming book launch in 2012, I shared this same story with you on the evening.

It was the early nineties, and Shakti Gawain, the author of ‘Living in the Light’ was presenting an evening talk in Sydney Australia.   It was a break from my illusionary persona to attend a talk like this but I just had this compelling urge to be there.  I remember arriving on the evening of the talk in my business suit (OMG, yep, big padded shoulders were the flavor back then) and slinking into a seat up the back of the room in the hope that no one would see me.

I marveled at hearing Shakti’s stories of her world travels, her visions for the world and how each of us has the power to be the change.   It was as if I was the only person in the room that night and Shakti was speaking direct to me, to my heart, to my soul.

Shakti shared that it would take less than the square root of 1% of the worlds population to create a wave of change within the field…and at that time that would have been approx 7,000 or so people.   This was doable I thought.

I wanted to be a part of this wave.  My spirit was rising up and wanting to scream YES YES YES, lets do this together Shakti !

But instead, I stayed quiet.  Who was I to think that I could be a leading visionary of this change, let alone a best selling author like Shakti (after all my dyslexia had always been a stumbling block).

I went home that night in a whirl of possibility and struggled getting to sleep as I battled the inner-workings of the ego.  I had known ever since I was a child that this had been my calling… but my life was now such a complicated façade of falsehood & expectation that I had no idea now to unravel my fictional life story and simply be myself.  Isn’t it funny, I felt like I was living someone else’s life by living up to the expectations of others, but had no idea how to live my own life !

In my dreams that night, I was shown a school, a place for people to embrace their Light, spark their curiosity and step into the path of living through Soul.   I had had this same dream hundreds and hundreds of time since I was a child… but never before had my dream taken on such a deep meaning.

I awoke in the morning, just like I had done many times before, pushing the memory/feeling away and holding my attention to what I HAD to do (or at least convinced myself I had to do), instead of what my heart YEARNED to do.

Then in 1994, 22 years ago now… all of this changed !   A near-death experience showed me a path of light and expanded on the vision within my dreams.   I was guided to establish a School (Universal Life Tools) and bring to life the teachings & wisdoms of the ancients.

I started to write my first book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ (which took me 18 years to release, I had no issues there at all.. LOL), studied to be a Naturopath & Herbalist (among a range of other modalities) and shared the wisdoms of my School with clients and through my meditation gatherings.

It took me until 2004 to formally release these teachings as Professional Certification Courses (Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner Course later followed by Essence of Angels® Practitioner Course) and to finally in 2008 release my first Teacher training courses.   In that same year (2008) I also summoned ALL of my courage to release my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom Course (I will talk more about this soon).

Then just last year (2015), we stepped out of our comfort zones and embarked on our Spirited-Travellers World Event Tour.   We took our School’s teachings on the road to inspire thousands of people to see the beauty and sacred light of their own presence here on Earth…to KNOW they are GOOD ENOUGH and to step into CONSCIOUS ACTION of being the change through the Heart.

It was then that last years World Event Tour inspired me to release this year my new Aetheric Healing™ Modality as an eCourse… and feedback from this course has been AMAZING.

And well, my Aetheric Healing™ eCourse guided me to open new doors of opportunity for you all…

The Opening of New Doors…

The last couple of decades have been a truly magical ride of sharing our Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® wisdoms with the world.   I feel so very humbled to have personally spent time with thousands of people from around the globe and shared sacred wisdoms from my heart.

And I also feel so very blessed that we have thousands graduate Practitioners/Teachers rippling out a WAVE of LOVE round the world too ♡

However, our travels last year highlighted that it was time to grow the ripples of LOVE even further… and it was time to quantum leap the square root of 1% of the worlds population.

Whilst I LOVE LOVE LOVE facilitating face-to-face workshops, I understand that it is not always possible for people to attend a live event with either myself or one of our Teachers.  This could be due to work or family commitments, illness, some people have young children at home which prohibits them being away, other people are single parents, others are carers or others are in their senior years and wishing to study for their own personal growth & development but in the comfort of their own home.

Then there are many many countries around the world where we do not have Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® Teachers… so offering eCourses in these countries opens up opportunities for people to study with us for the first time !

In addition, Social Media, YouTube, Vimeo and the speed of the world wide web have exponentially brought the world together like never before.  PLUS technology has enabled people to learn, study and empower themselves in ways I never dreamed of 22 years ago.

So yes, now in 2016 the time has arrived for us to open new doors and bring our Internationally Accredited Courses online… and YES our eCourses have now been birthed !

International eCourses

I have dedicated this year (2016) to bringing all of our Schools Internationally Accredited Courses on-line.  We now proudly offer the following Internationally Accredited eCourses as Self-Study options through our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School:

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner eCourse

Essence of Angels® Practitioner eCourse

Aetheric Healing™ Master Certification eCourse

I must say, I am really LOVING bringing all of our courses online.  It is a HUGE HUGE job, but well and truly worth it.   I just LOVE that all of our students receive a LIFETIME of access to our eCourses PLUS they have access to additional self-study tools (videos, articles, websites, books etc) that just aren’t possible to connect with during a 2 day workshop.

But I have been holding back a little… debating whether I will release as an eCourse the one workshop that is so very dear to my heart… the workshop that underpins the birthing of all the above Courses through our school… that is:   Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom.

Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom – eCourse

Well today, on World Smile Day, I am excited to announce that the time now feels right to release Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom as an eCourse.

The wisdom within this course sits very deep in my heart… as it is a personal eCourse where I share with you channelled wisdoms of the ancient Mystery Schools of Earth – Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt & Mayans.

I share with you my knowledge, my dreaming, my direct experiences and my future predictions… as received direct from the Akashic Field.

This eCourse dives deep into the Mystery Schools cherished teachings.   Firstly I look at what is our Earth, why/when humans came to Earth and what part do each of us individually / collectively play in alignment with this bigger picture of creation.

crystal-light-healing-saw-sqDuring the eCourse I work with the 13 Sacred Keys Map of Creation (an ancient Metatrons Cube).  We then experientially spend ‘time’ in each individual Mystery School (of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt & the Maya) and learn about how this Map of Creation paves the way of evolution.

Within each Mystery School I share with you daily life, community & customs, relationships, sexual union/reproduction, metaphysical wisdoms, crystal healing, archeon essences, breatharian / lightarian / activated food, multi-dimensional skills (eg inter-dimensional travel, astral projection, lucid dreaming etc), holographically repatterning, akashic readings, aetheric channelling and a whole lot more.

When we reflect on the past, we are empowered to understand ourselves more deeply in the present moment and are inspired to BE the CHANGE… for we are the ancestors of future generations.

My Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse presents you with the tools to foster quantum forgiveness, finally release the shackles that hold you back and surrender to the joy, love, kindness, compassion & happiness that life is waiting for and wants you to embrace NOW.

This eCourse is designed for YOU.  To help you understand yourself, your past, your gifts / talents in this life-time and will propel you to step into the highest potential of your Soul in the NOW.   This eCourse will support you in awakening to the beauty of your Light, to help you experience the infinite LOVE within you and will transform your life

I invite you to join me on this Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse journey.

Special Offer

As I mentioned toward the top of this page, when you enrol in my Crystal Light Healing® eCourse SPECIAL PACKAGE before the 30 November 2016, then you will receive access to my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse for FREE :

Enrol in Crystal Light Healing® eCourse SPECIAL PACKAGE today >

Alternatively, you can enrol in my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse as a stand alone eCourse.    When you pre-enrol you also receive access to many free gifts too including my Shealla-Dreaming Book as a FREE eBook:

Enrol direct in Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse today >

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Understanding Ascension: 5 Tips to Help Your Journey Into the New Earth

The New Earth is a term used to describe the next dimension of life on planet earth. Right now humanity is engaged in the collective process of ascension. Ascension is an energetic journey in which we birth into an awareness of the bliss and Eden that exist on earth. This process has roots anchored deep within the energetic grids that shape Mother Earth. When you raise your body’s vibration, you come into energetic alignment with these higher dimensions. In this way, choosing to raise your vibration is the most effective way of ascending with grace and assisting humanity’s shift into the New Earth.

We are crossing over from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions of existence together. In the 3rd dimension, we collectively viewed our world from an egoic lens, only seeing from our limited view of self.

The 4th dimension marks a shift where we begin together to see from a place of love. This is a place where we hold divine forgiveness and compassion on our path. Once we fully inhabit this space, our outer world will begin to take shape in a whole new way.

Imagine that instead of creating a life shaped by the expectations of others, or from your own unconscious thoughts, you begin to create from a heart centered place, with thoughts, words and actions that fill you with joy and make your heart sing!

In the 4th dimension we open more than ever before to our intuition and our ability to perceive and interact with other planes of existence. It is where we are more able to connect to our angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and light-beings.

The 5th dimension is our next destination. it is the place of light, the birthplace of heaven. In the 5th dimension we are able to fully let go of any fears that we have been holding and we can soar upon angels wings into the arms of our Creator.

These dimensions do not exist in finite realities, they are not black and white. We can simultaneously participate in all dimensions as we make this shift together. This is why is is so important during this time to connect to our communities of light all over the world to stay connected to high vibrational energies that will allow us to transition through these dimensions with ease and grace.

What Is Ascension?

Ascension is the process that accompanies man’s shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimension of living in union with physical reality to the next dimensions of living in union with love and total surrender to your higher spiritual self. In this place you live in a moment by moment awareness of the bliss and Eden that exist already here on Earth. As we transition into the next dimension of living we are less and less connected to who we were in our old realities, but are not yet fully grounded in the new. Ascension is not something that happens overnight. Although you can have a powerful experience overnight that can catapult you into awareness of the next dimension, ascension occurs over the course of your lifetime and never stops as you pass through this life into your next. We each hold our own ability to ascend into the New Earth at a time that is right for us.

Ascending into the New Earth begins in your heart and in your mind, a place where only love is real and hope and faith guide your every thought and action.

Ascending is a word that describes transformation into a higher place in life. Google describes it in two ways :)

ascension meaning   Google Search

Ascension into the New Earth is both the rising to a higher level of consciousness and a process that involves the death of many different aspects of your life and the resurrection of your highest self. Ascension occurs in an infinite number of layers, you can be ascending into a new relationship, into a new career, into a new perspective or way of seeing your current world, or into new physical surroundings. These times are often disorienting. You can feel out of it and disconnected. You may find yourself disconnecting in your physical life to things that you once took comfort in. You may find yourself angry or very irritated at conditions and behaviors that you previously accepted. These are all symptoms of being in this gap in between dimensions.

This gap is one that takes time and energy to cross, but your journey through it is an experience like no other. If approached with open-hearted curiosity, it can be a time full of excitement and hope, exhilarating as you surrender at each twist and turn, trusting in the magnetic pull of spirit to guide you through to the other side.

Understanding the New Earth

The New Earth is a place that you can imagine as a lighter and better feeling place than where you are right now. This place will feel more like love and less like fear. It is a place to which we are all headed, and what the Mayans and other famous prophets described as the end of the world as they knew it. Nostradamus described an explosion of energy taking place at precisely this moment in time. This energetic explosion is a destructive force in place to tear down the old fear based structures that have been holding our thoughts together and creating our lives since the beginning of time here on earth.

This is a time that we have all been waiting for, and you are sure to feel some excitement for the process, as we have all chosen for one reason or another to incarnate during this very magical time. As the fear is slowly released over time we begin to vibrate into higher and higher dimensions of living, and through a combination of our own focused intention and the natural tendency of our beings, we will naturally move into lives that are more filled with a love for ourselves and all others beings on this planet.

Here are the strategies that my spiritual guides have shared and continue to share with me. I feel that living in full awareness of the bliss of existence on Earth will occur collectively over lifetimes. These are tips I return to over and over again every day of my journey :)

Ascension Tip #1

Surrender the Limiting Beliefs of the Past

The primary shift that needs to occur in order to fully let go of all that is no longer serving you is to release two central beliefs.

The first belief to surrender is that gaining recognition, status and external things will bring happiness.

The second belief to surrender is that you are less than a perfect and innocent creation of God.

These thoughts are part of the old structures that are no longer serving humanity as a whole. When you seek love, status, recognition within a job, or thanks and appreciation in order to feel good, it puts you in a place of seeking your happiness in the outside world. There will never be enough on the outside to totally fulfill you without a deep connection to the depth of your soul that is your highest self that lies deep within you. When you seek for life to provide for you on the outside, you will always be left seeking. Any discomfort or struggle you experience will most likely be tied to holding thoughts connected to the 3rd dimension.

As you release a need to seek anything in life on the outside, you will naturally move inward, where the true love, riches and reputation lie. The key to releasing these beliefs is to develop a relationship with God and your higher self and to practice self-love. A deep relationship to God is cultivated through religion, spiritual practice, and solitude in nature. A deep relationship with God will guide you through every relationship in life, everyone and everything else is secondary.

God has the ability to share a love that is there for you at all times, a love that forgives you for your worst choices and loves you through your darkest moments. This love is so great and is embodied by so many different parts of your life, it can be overwhelming once you first start to really pay attention to it. When your goal is to move into alignment with your highest self and gain a deep sense of self-love, all else in life will come from this place with ease. Living this way is a lighter feeling, a higher feeling, a feeling that we can seek to cultivate in our own hearts. Residing in these high vibrational energies for longer periods of time will allow us to more fully come into connection with the highest parts of ourselves. This process is one that we will be observing over our entire lifetime, patience with ourselves and all others as we move through this process is of the utmost importance.

Ascension Tip #2

Living in the Void and Accepting the Now

Trying to know everything and control your surroundings are strategies that calm the fearful mind. As we move into higher vibrational realities it will become much easier to stay in a state of appreciation for the present moment. As we begin to manifest at faster frequencies in these higher dimensions, the fruits of our labor are coming to us in less time than any that have come before us have experienced.

This is truly a magical time in history, when we can disconnect from the fear that dictates much of societal structures today, we can more easily allow our own actions to be guided by love and not fear. This is a gradual process and not one we should expect to achieve overnight or to judge anyone else for. The greatest challenge and reward of these times is to open ourselves up to the truth of who we are and what we are here to do.

The void is a time to till the soil, fertilize it and to plant the seeds for the first harvest. It is a time that will require patience and grace as the unexpected forces of universal love pulls the rug out from underneath our feet, only to be replaced by something far greater, far richer, a far more beautiful life to live.

Ascension Tip #3

Crises of the Earth

The crises that arise in our life are being reflected in our earth right now. As these little earthquakes of fear occur collectively within our psyches and physically within our earth’s crust, let it be a reminder to us of where we are right now. Each crises brings with it an opportunity to make a new choice, one more grounded in self-love, integrity and a sincere desire to achieve the greatest good for all people that are in our lives.

As we move through this dimensional experience, we will always have security in this world if we can find a deep love for ourselves. Practice seeing deeply into the life of another and choosing to focus only on the love that is present for we are all reflections of one another, and the country and world we live in today are filled with an infinite number of reflexive connections.

As we journey through the void into the next dimension our greatest asset is love. As the world shifts into higher and higher dimensional frequencies it can no longer hold the lower vibrating frequencies of fear as they now exist. The future as it has been predicted is here, we can choose to fight it, or we can choose to surrender and help each other along the way.

Ascension Tip #4

Choosing to Surrender

Ascension comes with many conflicting energies. So many things are up in the air. You can see the glimpse of some great opportunity ahead. You have changed so much, you have had time to find a newer center, one filled with a little more harmony and balance. This is a time of shifting. You have realized new ways of living and interacting with others. You are releasing old thoughts and ways of being, and moving forward fully into living in alignment with your soul’s purpose. However, your physical world is in many ways still reflecting your old energy. Your soul has reached a point of moving forward, but your physical body, environment and relationships have not yet caught up.

You must first accept where you are now in order to move forward with grace and ease. The first step in acceptance is being honest about where you are and what you are doing in your life right now. Look honestly at what you are doing that is serving your highest self and the highest selves of those who surround you.

Ask yourself, “What do I envision my highest self doing or giving in the world?” Then move in that direction with small action steps everyday. When increasing percentages of the population begin to think this way, we will all organically move into a society dominated more by thoughts of self-love and love for others; this is not a shift that will happen in one day, but it is a shift that will take time, and it is the journey that we need to learn to accept and enjoy.

It is a time like no other to surrender. Our greatest opportunities for surrender lie in our uncomfortable feelings. These feelings are only signals that we are leaving the old and moving into new levels of existence. If you have been living out of alignment in any way, now is the time to surrender these habits and ways of being.

Our challenge is to see the lessons and the love and leave everything else behind.

Ascension Tip #5

Downtime and the Final Frontier

This period of downtime we have all been witnessing was and is a necessary tool to ensure that we have time to nurture ourselves throughout these changes.

Right now we need only to bow our heads to God, surrender our imperfections, and know everyday universal energy is flowing through us. We are being led and are only directing the small details of our journey. Once we can relax into the flow we are currently in, whatever that may be, true peace will come. It is the always struggling to be somewhere else that creates the struggle in our lives.

The final frontier in accepting the now is surrendering to the truth that every experience you have in life is a reflection of the energy of your soul. When you choose to live in total love of yourself and in realization that all those you come into contact with are only reflections of a piece of you, understanding blossoms, and from here, peace is inevitable. You bring about every experience in your life through vibrational attraction. Therefore, judging, blaming, or pointing fingers at ourselves or at another’s behaviors are connected to lower dimensions and have no place in our next dimensional reality. When we can truly live from a place of love within our own hearts, and learn to live in appreciation of being able to give that love to others, we open ourselves to the grace and security that will come from living in a very new world.

Love yourself with unconditional compassion, no matter what the outward circumstances may be.

Challenge yourself to love all of humanity, no matter what is happening on the outside.

We are all in this together, one infinite grid of energy, vibrating together. This kindness of the heart towards ourselves and others is what will help us to ascend with grace and find peace in our everyday lives.

From my open heart to yours, sending blessings for transcendent love, harmony and peace in your body, mind, soul and home :)

Article by: Aimee Rebekah Shea

Aimee Rebekah Shea is the beautiful Event Host of  Simone M.Matthews Spirited-Travellers Events being held at Gallery X, in Massachusetts, USA in March 2015.

To find out more about Aimee’s Hosted Events or to make a booking, please visit our Event Pages:

FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom – Massachusetts – USA

Facilitator: Simone M Matthews
Friday, 27 March 2015
Gallery X – New Bedford – Massachusetts – USA
New Bedford, MA, United States

Essence of Angels® – Course – Massachusetts – USA

Facilitator: Simone M Matthews
Saturday, 28 March 2015 – Sunday, 29 March 2015
Gallery X – New Bedford – Massachusetts – USA
New Bedford, MA, United States


What is Your Soul’s Purpose?

If you have found yourself to this page, than like me, you no doubt have been recently trying to get more clear about that elusive question: “What is MY Souls Purpose?”

How can I become and create the next greatest, grandest version of myself ever lived? The short and easy answer is through Love, of course. Such an easy, concise, all-encompassing answer. And I do believe it really is that simple; Be Love. But responding in this way requires that you live as though Love is a verb; every response and re-action coming through you comes from that place of purest intention to use your life to “give Love a Voice.”

The good news is that there’s many ways to awaken this opening within yourself. True, it is a process, of un-guarding our hearts, taking down the walls that the mind has resurrected, allowing our “stories to dissolve,” and one that takes an active commitment to choose to be really “present .”

The power of tuning into the breath and getting out in nature instills a feeling of being connected to the force of Creation that exists within and through us. If we could only stay connected, and “plugged in” to this radiant energy we would find that indeed, we already have what we need within us to fully awaken to our Divine brilliance, and the Love that lives within us. But life is busy & the world we live in is complicated, moving at a dizzying pace of “To Dos” and responsibilities and technologies that seem to constantly pull us in another direction, away from our center.

earth-angel-lrThere are people, whom I like to refer to as “Earth Angels” who are open-hearted-wise-ones who walk among us and have already accessed deeper truths and knowings . They are not better than us…they just have a certain skill we don’t yet possess- a more awakened consciousness, and the experience of course, of already activating this within themselves.

To me, Simone Matthews is one of these Beings. Over the years, I have found her insights amazingly helpful, instructive, grounding and directive. Her writings seem sometimes as if from another planet, vast and beyond my minds ability to comprehend the magnitude of the science and Divinity it explains and yet, my heart feels a deep resonance and profound peace and yes, true excitement in the infinite possibilities that we each hold the power to unlock. What is even more astounding, is her genius in communicating such awesome connections in a way that is as easy to take in as the air you breathe.

What IF awakening to our Soul’s potential was just that easy too? What would our lives look like, our World look like, if we could learn how to use our ability to feel and listen so deeply that we no longer needed to use confusing language to understand ( and misunderstand) each other? How would our perspective expand and create peace amongst us?

What IF catapulting into YOUR potential was presented in a way that was just so much simpler than all the personal development books, workshops made it. What IF you no longer had to go “outside” of yourself for answers, but instead you were able to access the Highest Vibration of Love within you for support and guidance. What IF we ALL have every bit of knowing, every answer to every question already locked within our own DNA; and we could access the imprint of Creation to serve the goodness of all of humanity, life and wellness.

What would it look like IF every human being on the planet believed in themselves so entirely that they lived like Galileo, Albert Einstein, Muhamad Gandhi , Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. with greatness rushing through their veins in pure service to Love?

spirited-travellers-world-tourOn March 20-22nd, Please join us in Washington DC for the most fantastic World Tour Kick off ever! Let’s take the Quantum Leap together & dive into the unknown for the possibility that the “something more” that our Soul knows exists, really IS real!

With a huge open hearted hug to you,

Diane Greene
Event Host – Spirited-Travellers
Greater Washington DC Area


Diane Greene is our beautiful Event Host of our Spirited-Travellers being held at Dream Yoga Studio Diane_Greene& Wellness Centre in the greater Washington DC area in March 2015.

To find out more about Diane’s Hosted Events or to make a booking, please visit our Event Pages:

FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom – Greater Washington DC Area – USA
Friday, 20 March 2015
Dream Yoga Studio – Virginia – USA
McLean, Virginia, United States

Essence of Angels® – Certification Course – Greater Washington DC Area – USA
Saturday, 21 March 2015 – Sunday, 22 March 2015
Dream Yoga Studio – Virginia – USA
McLean, Virginia, United States

Blessed Earth Crystals

spirited-travellers-world-tour-hand-onlyDuring 2015-16, we travelled the world as part of our Spirited-Travellers Tour – the sharing of Sacred Ancient wisdom through our FREE Talks, Community Events & Courses. 

Our Vision was to inspire a movement of passionate people in service to transforming the world into a kinder, more loving and compassionate place.  And our aim was to inspire CONNECTION, bringing people together to re-remember that we belong to one another. WE are all ONE.

As part of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour, we released Blessed Earth Crystals into Earths Waterways (Oceans, Lakes, Streams & Waterfalls) and we also buried these Blessed Earth Crystals into leyline grid points, portals & sacred sites around the world.  

Our vision is to map the release of over 1000 crystals around the world and create a Sacred Geometric Crystal Grid Map, which will form the basis of NEW Vibrational Essences, Healing Modalities and Global Meditation Linkups in the years to come.  Watch this space !

Global Sacred Geometric Crystal Map

Update – January 2016
Now that our tour has ended and we are back in Australia, we will be putting the finishing touches to our Global Sacred Geometric Crystal Map.  Though the Mapping doesn’t end here… as we will continue to expand the mapping over the years as we travel to regions of the world less travelled, continuing to release our crystals on the way.

Over the coming years, we will be activating & attuning this Global Sacred Geometric Crystal Map to work with Earths Electro-Magnetic Field & her Schumann Resonance Frequencies.  This Grid Map will play a key role in amplifying the greater potential of our Essence of Angels® Essence range and will form the basis of the creation of new Vibrational Essences in support of awakening Humanity’s Heart to the New Earth.

Gratitudes & Photos

Our Gratitude to everyone that believes in & supports our work… without your heartfelt support our visions could never be realised, thank you !

Please find below a selection of photos that capture our release of some of the Blessed Earth Crystals that we gifted back to Mother Earth.  Many of the crystals that we released were in regions where photography was not allowed (or was disrespectful)… but we have ensured that these are still all marked on our Map.  We look forward to updating this page over the years to come

You may click on the following quick links, or scan down the page:


PHOTOS – Australia

Please click on the first photo below to view the full photo gallery slide show, thank you ♡
Photos will be added here throughout 2017 ♡

PHOTOS – Cambodia & Singapore

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PHOTOS – Ireland, Italy & Romania

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