Energy Predictions for 2007


Energy Predictions for 2007

As we enter into 2007, we are entering globally into a 9 year. Nine years are all about compassion, humanitarianism, returning to nature and winding down from the frenetic pace of the last 8 years.

What this means for our planet, is the opportunity to bring much peace, love and understanding for each other and how we treat our beloved Gaia. Of course how to work with the planets 9 vibration energies, depends on where we are in our own personal years – but where we all are is perfect and as a united team we stand to make major in roads into creating a Heaven here on Earth.

My suggestion for everyone this year is to use the Planetary 9 energies for giving back to Gaia. Many of us experienced much hardship in 2006 as we made major shifts in our lives and diligently worked at growing and reconnecting once again with spirit. Lets make 2007 a year of Gratitude. Enjoying the journey more, slowing down, smelling the roses and being proud of our achievements and where we have come. This does not mean it is a year off from growing, but rather we all have reached the point of understanding that doing more does not create more. It is time to put our words into action and experience on every level just BEING.

BEING means living in the moment, living each minute to the fullest, living without regret and living in the now (not in the future). As we work with the energies in each loving moment, we tap into that blissful state within, and radiate our magnificence to all.

To understand what a 9 year means to us all and to clarify the above description, I did a small card reading from a deck to Angel cards. The 3 cards pulled were Optimism, Marriage, Miracles.

Optimism means setting our goals, and having faith, belief and inner knowing of these becoming manifest. Remember we create our own realities and like attracts like, so believe in your dreams and your positive attitude will inspire others to do the same. Interestingly we start the year with 6 planets in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is all about passion and optimism. Jupiter is sitting in Sagittarius for the next year, further enhancing the energies of optimism and hope.

Marriage means the union of our relationships including aspects of ourselves. As the energies from the first full moon on the 3rd January (within a 1 vibration month) set a tone for 2007…it is time to unify, bring together or heal aspects of relationships that are in need of love. Not only is it important to BE yourself, but it is also important to allow others to do the same. A 9 year is usually a time in relationships to scrutinize all your ideals and values, determine what is it that you really want, resolve any problems/conflicts and move forward fully embracing your relationships in oneness and with integrity. Imagine us all coming together, honouring ourselves and just Being.

Miracles means that we are all loved, as we all emanate from the one source. Thus according to Universal Law, as we are all one, we all have within us the power to create miracles. As we work with Optimism (faith) and Marriage (unification) we create infinite levels of possibilities. Lets work together in 2007, bringing peace, joy, love and Being into the lives of us all.

Put another way, when we work with Optimism, Marriage & Miracles in 2007, we are working with OMM the primordial sound, the cosmic hum to which we all resonate.

Thus using the resonations of a 9 year, and combined with the energy in January of 1 (1+2+0+0+7=1), in combination with a powerful planetary line up, we have a powerful combination of energies at our command to transform major shifts within our selves and our planet.

We have worked hard over this last cycle and set the ground work for Being in a blissful state of Being. In saying that, 2007 is a 9 vibration (and we have entered into the 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar – see Dec 2006 Message) so expect to be tested along the way regarding the choices you have made. You have the choice to come from a place of integrity, self worth and Love for human kind. So act with integrity and choose wisely.

© Simone M Matthews 2007

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