Signposts – Messages of Love


Signposts – Messages of Love


Signposts are universal messages delivered to us through our loving Angels, nature spirits, elements etc. They guide us on our path, help us to understand ourselves and come to our aid when we need help. They may come in the form of dreams, a feather on your path, a new person in your life, an animal message or even a vision. They provide important messages of where you are in your life, and assist you with decisions for the future.

The best way to explain signposts, is to sight a few personal examples. For those that have done workshops with me know that I am always full of these little stories….so sit back and enjoy. Last Saturday afternoon it was a glorious day here on the Sunshine Coast. I finished work early, and with the family out I thought I would take the opportunity to go for a walk by myself.

As I set off I immersed my self in the beauty of the early afternoon. The warmth of the sun on my skin, the smell of a near by lemon myrtle tree and orange jasmines, the crashing of the waves on shore – what a truly heavenly afternoon. When I go for my long walks, they are almost meditative, it that I get lost in the physicality of walking and enter into the realm of spirit. It is like putting my brainwaves to a Theta state (many of you would have experienced this before, like driving home in auto drive, for when you pull up at your destination you can’t for the life of you remember the trip).

Walking in this delicious state of delirium I gave much love, thanks and gratitude to all my angels for their love and support over the past weeks as much had been happening in my life. As I sent this message, I was startled as a car sped past me with a loud exhaust and pulled me out of my trance. Written on the back of the car (someone had smudged the words in the dirty silt that had built up on the back window), in big bold letters was ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Well believe me, that stopped me in my tracks. My angels had delivered a return gift of love in a matter of seconds. Remember, nothing in our world is by chance, everything above is so beautifully orchestrated – ‘as above, so below’.

The second signpost happened at my Crystal Light Healing I Seminar held earlier in May 2006. We were all outside laying crystals, in preparation for performing a ceremony to prepare a crystal essence. As we sat down in a circle around the Crystal Mandala, we were about to embark on bringing in the elements when suddenly a very large Black Crow swooped down and sat on a branch above us. It was all very theatrical and all of us sat up to take note.

The Crow is held as a sacred symbol in many traditions. It represents the embarking of the new, bringing in change into your life. To release your old realities or way of doing things and to embark on a higher energetic resonance. The crow is often associated with Alchemy, blending matter and spirit, representing spiritual realms. This was all quite significant, in that the essence we were making was about connecting back to our Lemurian heritage, releasing the ‘old world ways’ and connecting with the higher vibrations of Lemuria. How apt to have the crow as a symbol of the energies we were working with that day.

This last story is very dear to my heart and family, and it is with love that I share it with you. Just a few weeks ago we were all gathered in a chapel to farewell my husbands sister Caroline, as she left this life to embark on her next Souls journey. Shaun (my husband) gave a eulogy filled with words of love, compassion and wisdom. I am so very proud of him that in the depths of his pain he unabashedly expressed his emotions to a room of over 200 people (he is a little shyer than me ) and touched their hearts.

In concluding his eulogy, he gave a quote from our young children about their thoughts on death and what Caroline was now doing: ’Caroline is now in Angel Land….she is a freckled faced red headed trainee Angel waiting patiently in queue ready to use her wings to fly onto her next adventure……’.

At the end of the ceremony, the celebrant asked us all to sit for a few minutes to reflect on Caroline in our heart, our memories and give our blessings for her future. What happened next was the love of spirit at play. We were all facing the front of the Chapel, which had floor to ceiling glass frontage inviting in the panoramic views, the tree tops and the endless depth of the sky.

As we all sat in our seats and reflected, a very large white bird came up to the glass and hovered, it did not fly up, or down or even side ways it actually just hovered whilst staring back at us all in the Chappell. This continued for well over a minute, till the bird did a final 360 degree swoop of the Chapel and headed upwards into the sky, until it was out of sight.

Many of us were left speechless, and that bird was the talk of Caroline’s Life Celebration party that followed. Many reflected on the ceremony and likened how the bird hovered to the words ‘a trainee angel patiently waiting in queue’. Then the birds sweeping fly upwards into the sky was compared to ‘using her wings to fly onto her next adventure’.

This signpost held different meanings for everyone there who saw it. And that was the whole point, the Universe is so divinely orchestrated, that all messages are delivered and received exactly as they should be, ‘upstairs’ knows the ‘what, when and how’ for every individual. The celebration was then dotted with stories of similar happenings, and tales of miraculous signposts and events. It showed to me the magic of spirit, and endless possibilities of life if we just take the time and open our hearts to ‘listen’.

Whilst we all have the ability to tune into our messages, to help us on your path I highly recommend the book ‘The Secret Language of Signs – How to Interpret the Coincidences and Symbols in your Life’ by Denise Lynn. I bought this book over 10 years ago (it was actually called ‘Signposts’ back then), and it has been a much loved part of my collection. I hope you enjoy it too.

© Simone M Matthews 2006

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