Consciously Creating your Reality


Consciously Creating your Reality

You have probably all watched ‘The Secret’ by now and so are aware of the Law of Attraction, and your ability to ‘think’ your reality. However, as a metaphysical teacher of Universal Laws, this movie really only gives you a fraction of the information relating to manifestation. Let me now fill you in on the missing parts, and lets discover THE REAL SECRET. The Law of Attraction states that what you ‘give out to the world’ you receive back. So if you think about being successful for the majority of your thoughts then you will manifest success into your life. But when we put the Law of Attraction into practice, there are further elements that must be addressed in order to turn your thoughts (energy) into physical reality. Before we look at these essential other elements, lets first look at what ‘thinking’ for manifestation really means.

Know What you Want

So you have decided what you want, and you are consciously bringing your thoughts into line with this ‘want’ to become manifest. An important point to remember when creatively manifesting is to ensure that you actually know what it is that you want. Sounds simple but many people fail right here. You need to be able to put down in no uncertain terms exactly what you want to create. The Universe does not understand ‘wishy-washy’ orders, and such orders only bring you ‘wishy-washy’ results. Thus it is important to define your want in very precise terms and make it quantifiable/measurable. An example would be someone making a resolution to lose weight and stating ‘I want to lose weight’. A more precise way of stating your want to the Universe would be ‘I want to lose 5 kg of excess fat on my body within the next 3 months’. Its precise, to the point, measurable and easily understood.

Believe in Yourself

There is no point repeatedly thinking over a thousand times per day ‘I want to lose 5 kg of excess fat on my body within the next 3 months’, if you have no real belief in yourself that it is possible. In order to turn those thoughts of fat loss into reality, you must have an undying belief that you have the ability to achieve this and will achieve it. If this starts to bring up issues with self=esteem, belief that you are not good enough / deserving or you lack the necessary skills or talents to lose fat etc… then of course the Universe cannot provide your ‘want’ as you have a deeply ingrained belief that it was never possible in the first place. Deal with your ‘belief in yourself’ issues first (affirmations work wonders here). Believe with every part of your being that you have all the necessary talents, gifts, abilities etc… to achieve your want. You are a child of God, thus God provides you with all the necessary skills for you to manifest your wants…it is just up to you to believe this !

Feel the Want Now

So you are ‘thinking your want’ and believing in your ability to create it, the next step is to ‘feel’ the want as already manifest. Yes that’s right, emotionally feel what it is like to have lost 5 kg of fat, and maintain that feeling within your body every time you ‘think your want’. There is no point saying your want over and over in your mind when all your emotions and feelings are concentrated on being fat and unhappy with your physical body. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire your leanness, and give much love and gratitude for your healthy excess fat free body. Remember what you concentrate on through thoughts and feelings is what you will bring more of into your life.

Turning your Want into Action

This is the most crucial part of making your want become manifest, as it involves taking action. But taking action with a difference. The action you take is based on the model of your want already achieved. That’s right, your action is not working to achieve a goal, it is supporting a goal already manifest. Using the fat loss example again, taking action would involve not just exercise (performed with the feeling of already being lean and healthy and giving love & gratitude for this), but also choosing all your actions like a lean person. That is actually jump into the body of a lean person and act like a lean person does. Love your food, love your body, love your exercise and BE a lean person. To clarify this further, lets look at another example. Imagine someone earning $40,000 per year and wanting to earn $80,000 over the next 12 months. That person must make decisions now and act as if they already earn $80,000. Surround yourself with people who earn $80,000 and act like they do (as well as think and feel of course). To get to $80,000 you can’t always talk of getting there, you act now as if you are already there. For-instance if you usually hold about $50 worth of notes in your wallet, now hold $100 worth of notes etc..

Trilogy Key – Think, Feel, Action

By applying the ‘Trilogy Key to Manifestation’ – thinking, feeling and taking physical action, your every want will be provided in accordance with the Universal Law of Attraction. Last weekend we had first hand experience of the magic of applying the ‘Trilogy Key to Manifestation’ during our climb up Mt Cooroora (refer to photo of Mt Cooroora at the beginning of this article). Half an hour into our climb our daughter who is just 5 years was getting quite frightened as we ascended the mountain on foot. The terrain was getting very rocky & steep, the cliff edges or drops were becoming spectacularly large and the wind was picking up speed. Ms Five was wanting to give up and go home as it was all too hard, not fun anymore and she didn’t believe she old or big enough to do it. That’s where our 7 year old stepped in. He sat her down and said the reason she was scared and didn’t believe she could do it was because she was saying she couldn’t. He instructed her to say a mantrum over and over as she was climbing – ‘I know I can climb this mountain and I am climbing this mountain’. As Ms Five held onto the belief she could do it, mentally acknowledging herself as doing it, feeling what it was like to be doing it and actually doing the climb she achieved a wonderful conclusion as we rested on the mountain peak. She turned to us and said, “ I did it, that was easy, when are we going to do it again”.

Gratitude & Thanks

As we ascend, that is grow spiritually and thus hold more light within our physical bodies, we become powerful creators. We also take responsibility for our wants, and ensure our wants are for the highest good of humanity and all souls involved. As enlightened souls we also give much gratitude and thanks for the Universe for providing. In acknowledging the infinite level of abundance available to us, it is important to give back to others freely, with love and focus on being of service. Our freedom of giving and our open arms of receiving creates a never ending flow of abundance and peace within our lives. We create a Heaven here on Earth. © Simone M Matthews 2006

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