I Choose Love


I Choose Love

I can see laughter, or I can see tears.
I see a choice, Love or Fear.
What do you Choose ?

I can see peace, or I can see war.
I can see sunshine, or I can see a storm.
What do you Choose ?

Now I choose a Love, that freedom finds,
From my heart where the light keeps shining….

I Choose Love…
I Choose Love…
I Choose Love….

What do you choose ?

I came across the above magnificent song/visual movie last week (thank you Deanne) and was blown away by the lyrics and visual images. I cried and cried as I opened my heart and felt the pain of duality within our world. Yet at the same time I was crying tears of joy as I could feel the world uniting as one, transmuting this pain and ascending into absolute joy, love and peace for every individual and humanity as a whole.

We all have the God given power within us of free will, to choose our experiences, how we live, think, feel etc… Thus we have the choice to live in Fear or Love.

According to the Universal Law of Attraction we attract to us what we predominantly focus our thoughts on. Like attracts like. This law is well documented and understood through Hermetic philosophy and quantum physics. The more we focus our attention on something, the more of that ‘something’ will be brought into our lives.

The only emotion that exits is PURE LOVE, the love that resides within our hearts, that is our soul vibration and connection with all creation. We were created in exact likeness of God, as magnificent sparks of creation we ARE PURE LOVE. If God is LOVE and all of creation including ourselves is God, then we are all pure LOVE. Live One Vibrational Energy.

Fear itself doesn’t actually exist, it is just a duality ‘manifested’ by man by his thoughts, perceptions and actions. When we focus our thoughts on ‘anti-terrorism’, (and all the other anti’s), violence, pain, corruption, greed etc…we are creating more of it. We are literally manifesting more of exactly what we don’t want in the world.

However if we connect through our hearts, through Love, and focus on peace, joy, sharing, abundance etc.. that is exactly what we create more of. We come together as one, in the vibration through which we are birthed. Fear is eventually eliminated as it never really existed in the first place, only in our minds. It is only LOVE that exists within our hearts and creation.

As Albert Einstein once said:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.”

United together, as we CHOOSE our thoughts and actions wisely, we have the power to shift the consciousness of the planet back to the purest most sacred vibration, that of LOVE. It will happen, it is happening and in another dimension through our thoughts it has happened.

So, what do you Choose ?

Please take the time to view the ‘I Choose Love’ song and video, and focus on the pure Love within us all and all humanity and how we can choose to transcend duality and come together as one.


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