L.O.V.E. (Part 1)


L.O.V.E. (Part 1)

In last weeks ‘The Wave of Love Update No.3’, we took a look at what the Galactic Centre (GC) is, and how we are aligning with the GC (through our Central Sun) in 2012. The Wave of Love is a direct emanation from the GC, and is an integral part of our growth and development leading up to 2012.

In this article we will concentrate our discussion around the ‘energy’ that connects everything within our cosmos, to lay the foundations to understand the importance of The Wave of Love for humanity.


Lets begin with the beginning of Creation. God said ‘Let there be Light’ and there was Light. These first vibrations (ie words) are what set the Creation ball in motion. Creation began its infinite path of expansion in an ordered pattern of energy.

Creation continually expands energetically through sacred geometric patterns – from the fibonacci spiral of our Milky Way galaxy, to the way plants grow, the molecular structure of crystals, the beautiful design of a snowflake right down to our DNA. The symmetry of design is breathlessly beautiful, everything is a Divine part of the whole.

Mainstream science however believes we are all separate, we are not energetically linked to each other, let alone to the entire Universe or greater Cosmos. From their perspective this ‘linking’ cannot be measured in scientific terms, thus it cannot exist.

Quantum Physicists however have proven the intricate connection of all creation, and whilst cannot measure the ‘linking’ as such, through various experiments have proven the connection of the ALL and that a ‘linking’ must exist. This of cause has been known for thousands of years by many ancient civilisations. For-instance the Hopi traditions called it the ‘Web’ of Spider Grandmother, the Australian Aborigines depicted this connection in paintings dated over 20,000 years ago and in Buddhism it is referred to as the ‘Net’.

So what is this ‘Web’ or ‘Net’ of energy? Quantum Physicists do not have an agreed upon name but it is often referred to as ‘Matrix’, ‘Intelligent Field’, ‘Ether’ ‘Primal Force’ ,‘Subtle Field’ or ‘Space’.

In metaphysical terms, this web of inter-linking energy is referred to as L.O.V.E – (Live One Vibrational Energy). It is the energy of Creation itself, it is the container that holds all of creation and is the ‘glue’ that holds all creation together. It is a primal energy not measurable according to ‘normal’ standards of how energy behaves, as it is the material that comprises/creates everything as well as being the container for all of creation.


Whilst L.O.V.E. cannot be measured by scientists, there have been thousands of experiments performed since last century showing the existence of this Web.

In the book by Greg Bradden ‘The Divine Matrix’ he discusses some of the major experiments in our history that support the Matrix or Web of creation we call L.O.V.E. Here are a couple of examples from the book:

  1. If you were to split in half a photon (smallest particle of light) such that you have 2 separate halves, each half behaves and moves exactly the same even thought they are separate (even if you separate them by hundreds of km) AND it happens instantaneously. That is there is no time lag as the movement happens at exactly the same time.
  2. If you put some human DNA (ie skin cells from a persons inside cheek) into a ‘vacuum’ which only contains Light Photons, the Photons arrange themselves in a different order/shape in accordance with the DNA present.
  3. If some human DNA is separated from a person (ie putting skin cells in another room), and a person is stimulated to experience a range of emotions eg Grief, happiness, sexual stimulation etc the DNA cells in a separate location ‘react’ according to the persons emotions AND the reaction is instantaneous, there is no time delay.
  4. If some human DNA is place in a beaker, and a person with focussed intent/emotions directed these toward the DNA they were able to change the shape of the DNA and influence its function.

Putting all this information together, what this means is there must be some ‘field’ of energy which connects all of creation in order for a participant to ‘effect’ a change in something else (which appears to be separate). The changes also defy scientific logic as they are instaneous, ie there is no ‘travelling’ time for the changes to occur.


L.O.V.E. is the field of energy that connects us all. It is creation itself, it permeates through all of creation and it is the container that holds all creation. It is space, it is matter, it is energy, it is everywhere all the time, it is the ALL.

Not only are we all Creation, but we are also co-creators. From the above experiments, we saw that our emotions/feelings have a direct impact of affecting other elements withing the L.O.V.E. field. In other words, what we think or feel directly affects our environment and our experiences/perceptions of our environment.

In other words, our reality is a mirror of our thoughts and emotions. This concept may not be new to you, but now you know there is quantum scientific evidence supporting the fact that our own consciousness and the greater field of consciousness is what moulds creation. We individually and collectively create our reality in this Universe/Cosmos.


In The Wave of Love update 5 we will look at why The Wave of Love is being directed to Earth at this time through the L.O.V.E. field, the impact it is having on humanity and its role leading up to 2012.

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