L.O.V.E. (Part 2)


L.O.V.E. (Part 2)

In L.O.V.E. Part I article, we looked at the field of energy that is creation itself, the energy that is the ‘glue’ of all creation and the energy that is the container of all creation …it is of course L.O.V.E. (Live One Vibrational Energy). A field of unified energy that permeates through all matter, space, energy, it is everywhere all the time, it is the ALL.

Not only are we all Creation, but we are also co-creators (or participants in creation). In Part 1 we also saw how our emotions/feelings have a direct impact of affecting all elements within the L.O.V.E. field. In other words, what we think or feel directly affects our environment and our experiences/perceptions of our environment.

In other words, our reality is a mirror of our thoughts and emotions. This concept may not be new to you, but now you know there is quantum scientific evidence supporting the fact that our own consciousness and the greater field of consciousness is what moulds creation. We individually and collectively create our reality in this Universe/Cosmos.


What this means is, what we think and feel most of the time (and this may be conscious or even subconscious) is what we experience in our lives. Thus we all have the potential to heal, end suffering and bring peace our world. We are all creators and not just observers in our world, and we have the ability to transcend time and space and mirror a magnificent heaven here on Earth.


So now we have established that we are all creators through the fabric of L.O.V.E., how then can we consciously work toward bringing Peace, Joy and Unity into our world.

A study performed during the early 1980’s in the war-torn area of the Middle East (of course there are hundreds of similar experiments, this is simply used as an example), defined the method of Conscious Creation. Practitioners were trained in a special form of TM (Transcedental Meditation) where by the vibration of their bodies exuded ‘Peace’. Not only were their thoughts and emotions peace, they ‘were Peace’ itself.

What the study showed that during times when the participants ‘were Peace’ there was a significant statistical decrease in terrorism, crime, traffic incidents and emergency room visits. However, when they release their consciously created vibration of Peace, the statistics reverted back.

What this study showed is that it is our continued thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actually living the reality (being the reality) of our thoughts and beliefs that impact L.O.V.E and hence create our realities. In other words our actions must support our thoughts and emotions, as there is not point thinking and feeling in something to be made manifest if all our actions are the exact opposite.

The study also showed that as little as the square root of 1% of the population consciously ‘being Peace’ was enough to statistically bring about changes in the general population (of course the more people ‘being Peace’ a faster and greater result was achieved).


Now lets tie all this back to The Wave of Love itself. As we come to the end of many great cycles in time, the end of a 225 million year cycle (complete rotation of the Milky Way around our Galactic Centre) and a 26,000 year cycle (complete rotation of our Solar System around our Central Sun Alcyone), we are entering the beginning of a new cycle of time commencing in 2012.

As the Mayan Calendar which tracts cycles of time has predicted, we are in the process of entering a new state of consciousness, and what this state is dependant upon is our individual & collective thoughts, feeling and actions as we approach 2012.

To support humanity in Consciously Creating a peaceful golden cycle in 2012 ‘The Wave of Love’ has been gifted to us all.
The Wave of Love is made up of one continuous wave of Photons (smallest particles of Light), that is flowing out of our Galactic Centre. The Wave is travelling through the L.O.V.E. grid and hence is resonating through all of creation – through all particles, waves, matter, space, the ALL.

The photons within The Wave are of such intensity that they are triggering changes within our DNA, awakening dormant energy centres within us and awakening humanity to consciously remember who we are and our Divine role as co-creators. The Wave of Love is triggering a huge evolutionary shift for humanity.

By consciously connecting in with The Wave of Love we are being guided in every moment to think, feel and Be Love hence raise our own vibrations and that of the collective consciousness.


From the above experiment we were shown that it only takes the square root of 1% of the population to kick off measurable change. Our world population estimate currently sits at 6.6billion people, thus it only takes at a bare minimum of less than 26,000 people within the world to consciously bring about Peace, Love & Unity. When you look at this statistic one feels empowered to create a new world order, as your conscious expression truly counts !


By viewing the movie on a daily basis during the Stage I – 777 Activation we are aligning with The Wave of Love energies, activating our dormant DNA light codes and awakening and remembering our roles in Creation. The Sacred Symbols (from the Ancient Mystery Schools) assists us all in holding a strong vibration of thinking, feeling and Being Love. The combination of these 3 aspects charges the L.O.V.E. grid hence alters the vibration of the wider consciousness.

We then only need about 26,000 people from around the world to perform the daily Stage II – 999 Attunements to create a leap in consciousness for us all. This is achievable, this will be achieved and on some level this has been achieved already. We are all resonating in blissful Love.

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