2008 – Our year ahead…


2008 – Our year ahead…

How do you start the New Year ? I know I never sit back and make a whole bunch of resolutions that are bound to be broken before January is out ! I like to steady my way in, feel the energy of the New Year and consciously work toward creating an experience – from a body, mind and soul perspective – that is conducive with my soul’s growth.

So lets take a look at what 2008 holds in store, and what this year means for you and hence humanity.

2008 resonates to a ‘one’ vibration (2+0+0+8=10, 1+0=1). Thus 2008 is a Universal One year for humanity. One is the number of leadership. It possess the energy, strength and enthusiasm to get ‘the ball rolling’ and initiate new projects.

Thus as we arrive into 2008, we are embarking on a new journey, a new cycle of growth for humanity’s consciousness.

Regardless of where we are in our own personal years numerologically (Birth Day + Birth Month + 2008), each of us will experience a ‘surge of energy’, an added spark of enthusiasm to move forward in new directions and discover more of our true selves.

By the time we reach the end of January 2008, the energy has really been kicked into motion for the year with two planets moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn… Jupiter moved into Cap on the 19 December 2007 and Pluto moves into Cap on the 26 January 2008 (Australia Day here in Australia).

When Jupiter spent the last 12 months in Sag, we were filled with lots of fiery ideas, expanding the Sag traits of unveiling the truth, and seeing new ways to live…. now with Jupiter in Capricorn until January 2009 we can Earth these ideas and make them a physical reality. The Cap/Jupiter combination creates the events, opportunities and circumstances to make things happen. Thus 2008 is an ideal year to start a business or expand your current one, find a new job, move house, commit to living authentically etc… the success will however be dependant on working with Cap/Jupiter energy of commitment (and moving through your fears), responsibility, resourcefulness and honesty/ethics. When you combine all four elements, the rewards and success are yours for the receiving.

Now when Pluto moves into Cap on the 26 January for the next 14 years (moving retrograde into Sag for a short while June 2008 – November 2008), the Capricorn/Jupiter/Pluto combo is really set to shift power/authority bases as we know it ! The last time Pluto was in Capricorn (1762-1779) the USA sought & found freedom against Great Britain, and the East Coast of Australia was mapped (with subsequent settlement in 1788).

Pluto the planet of transformation in Capricorn is all about shifting the powerbase, addressing those in power to ensure truth, honesty and integrity reigns. The corrupt and oppressive powers around the world will surely crumble over the next 14 years ! Unfortunately the US elections fall in the Sag/Pluto retrograde period, so 2012 elections may make the Cap/Pluto energy more tangible then in the US.

Bringing this all together, it means 2008 begins a new cycle of addressing our foundations, disposing of the ‘bad eggs’ and moving forward and transforming our world to live together in respect, community and unity.

What we can expect to see this year is a global proliferation of ‘a positive change movement’… and by that I mean people relinquishing their need to be ‘anti this, or anti that’ or mudslinging to further their own self-righteous cause. Instead people over this next cycle will begin to set firm foundations to create the change they wish to see in the world, by actually BEING THE CHANGE. As Mother Theresa once said she would never participate in an anti-war demonstration, but would not miss a Peace Rally. I also love this quote from Mother Teresa ‘Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person’.

People aren’t just going to be talking about all the issues that are affecting the world at this time and discussing ideas / consequences etc…. but rather physical steps are going to be earthed into our currently reality to actuality make/BE the change to happen. This will be a period of unprecedented action – where we roll our sleeves up and get to work on BEING our desires.

When I attended Woodford this year (annual Folk Festival held in Queensland, Australia Dec 27 – Jan 2), this theme for 2008 was ringing loud and true. Hearing a range of speakers from all around the world …. the persistent theme that underlined each presentation was ‘we need to get real now, and walk our talk’, in order for the survival of our planet. As each individual takes responsibility and becomes their own leader, a new world order will be free to emerge.

On my return in early Jan, as I came home and looked around our house and began clearing up the last remnants of Christmas celebrations… I felt dismayed at how consumer driven our home had become. Yes we do not use plastics, we recycle, compost and buy organic… but I saw how we could do oh so much more. As I was bundling up all the ribbons and Christmas paper and other disposable Christmas items I made a vow to commit more fully/deeply to building a new world from the foundations upward. As I self-love, I too send ripples out allowing people to do the same.

Then co-incidence I think not, one of my first emails of the New Year was a link to a great site about consumerism… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, do share it with friends.



In summary, 2008 is the year to move out of your comfort zone, take a leap of faith and BE the CHANGE for yourself and the rest of humanity. The Love Wave emanations from our Galactic Centre and our planetary alignments are supporting us now in our efforts, it is up to us to take self-responsibility to ground and make the change a reality.

As we love our selves unconditionally, our day to day living becomes implicitly authentic, we deepen our appreciation with nature, we only consume our needs and we conserve our resources as we acknowledge our infinite abundance (excess consumption = fear). When we self-love we revere all life (be it animal or human), and we open our hearts to the sanctity of being able to love one another.

I personally can’t remember the last time that I felt so excited to commence a new year. I wish each of you a transformational journey through 2008, as the Initiate taking the journey to experience World Love, Peace & Unity.


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© Simone M Matthews 2008

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