What is LOVE – Part 1


What is LOVE – Part 1

If you were to try and put pen to paper now, and answer the above questions, many of you would be stumped. Yes you could describe what LOVE feels like, how you act when in LOVE and how your express LOVE… but what actually is LOVE ?

We all seek and need LOVE in our lives, but do we actually know what it is LOVE is ?

Love is the field of vibration that connects us all. It is space, it is matter, it is energy and it is everywhere all the time. It is the ALL. It is the primordial vibration that links all of humanity and the greater cosmos into a woven web referred to as L.O.V.E.

The Creation Story

To get down to the nitty gritty of things lets start at the beginning….

Since the beginning, often referred to as the ‘big bang’, creation began its infinite path of expansion in an ordered pattern of energy. From creations central core, which many people call ‘Source Energy’, impulses or waves are continually being released creating vibration, sound, colour and at the slower forms of vibration physical matter.

From the smallest cells here on Earth, through to our solar system, Milky Way Galaxy and the greater Cosmos, everything is a direct emanation from Source, and everything is intimately linked in its vibration.

This linking of all parts of creation did not and is not happening hap-hazardly but rather everything has and is being created in an ordered pattern from a higher intelligence or Divine Mind.

The ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures from around the world were well aware of the field of higher intelligence that connects all creation from atoms, to stars, to galaxy’s and DNA. The history of our dreamtime stories, folklore and mystical wisdoms referred to this energetic field through the ages as the ‘Web of Life’ or ‘the net’.

LOVE is Creation

As we have already seen, creation continually expands energetically through sacred geometric patterns – from the fibonacci spiral of our Milky Way galaxy, to the way plants grow, the molecular structure of crystals, the beautiful design of a snowflake right down to our DNA. The symmetry of design is breathlessly beautiful, everything is a Divine part of the whole.

Mainstream science however believes we are all separate, we are not energetically linked to each other, let alone to the entire Universe or greater Cosmos. From their perspective this ‘linking’ cannot be measured in scientific terms, thus it cannot exist.

Quantum Physicists however have proven the intricate connection of all creation, and whilst cannot measure the ‘linking’ as such, through various experiments have proven the connection of the ALL and that a ‘linking’ must exist.

Quantum Physicists do not have an agreed upon name for this linking of creation, but it is often referred to as ‘Matrix’, ‘Intelligent Field’, ‘Ether’ ‘Primal Force’, ‘Subtle Field’ or ‘Space’.

In metaphysical terms, this web of inter-linking energy is referred to as L.O.V.E:

L ive
O ne
V ibrational
E nergy

Quantum Physics & L.O.V.E.

Whilst quantum physicists cannot directly measure L.O.V.E., experiments performed over the last century undoubtedly prove the existence of this matrix. We are all intimately connected to this matrix, hence we too are all pure expressions of Source LOVE.

In the coming months, we will explore how quantum science proves the existence of the LOVE matrix, and how we can work with the matrix to BE the full expression of THE LOVE our soul fully wishes to express here on Earth.

© 2008 Simone M. Matthews

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