What is Love – Part 2


What is Love – Part 2

What is LOVE? How do you define LOVE? Where do you find LOVE?

We all seek and need LOVE in our lives, but do we actually know what it is LOVE is ?

Last month, in ‘What is LOVE – Part 1’ we started the journey to find the answer to these questions and more. So now in Part 2, lets take LOVE a step further…..


We started last months article with:

‘Love is the field of vibration that connects us all. It is space, it is matter, it is energy and it is everywhere all the time. It is the ALL. It is the primordial vibration that links all of humanity and the greater cosmos into a woven web referred to as L.O.V.E. (Live One Vibrational Energy).’

Then we discovered that whilst we cannot see, touch or measure this L.O.V.E Grid, quantum physicists have –

‘proven the intricate connection of all creation, and whilst cannot measure the ‘linking’ as such, through various experiments have proven the connection of the ALL and that a ‘linking’ must exist.’

So lets now explore how quantum science proves the existence of the LOVE matrix, and how we can work with the matrix to BE the full expression of THE LOVE our soul fully wishes to express here on Earth.


In the book by Greg Bradden ‘The Divine Matrix’ he discusses some of the major experiments in our history that support the Matrix or Web of creation we call L.O.V.E. Here are a couple of examples from the book:

  1. If you were to split in half a photon (smallest particle of light) such that you have 2 separate halves, each half behaves and moves exactly the same even thought they are separate (even if you separate them by hundreds of km) AND it happens instantaneously. That is there is no time lag as the movement happens at exactly the same time.
  2. If you put some human DNA (ie skin cells from a persons inside cheek) into a ‘vacuum’ that only contains Light Photons, the Photons arrange themselves in a different order/shape in accordance with the DNA present.
  3. If some human DNA is separated from a person (ie putting skin cells in another room), and a person is stimulated to experience a range of emotions eg Grief, happiness, sexual stimulation etc the DNA ‘reacts’ according to the persons emotions AND the reaction is instantaneous, there is no time delay (even when measured with an Atomic clock).
  4. If some human DNA is placed in a beaker, and a person with focused intent/emotions directs these toward the DNA they are able to change the shape of the DNA and influence its function.

Putting all this information together, what this means is there must be some ‘field’ of energy that connects all of creation in order for a participant to ‘effect’ a change in something else (which appears to be separate).
The changes also defy scientific logic, as they are instantaneous ie there is no ‘traveling’ time for the changes to occur. Thus this instantaneous effect can only occur if everything is connected via a higher intelligence.

What this all means is that our thoughts, feelings and actions are all directly affecting the whole. In other words, we are far from being passive observers in our lives, we are all active participants. We create our own realities. We are not extras on a movie set of life as we are the movie, and we can directly affect how the movie is played out.


Not only are we all Creation, but we are also Co-Creators. From the above experiments, we saw that our emotions/feelings have a direct impact affecting other elements within the L.O.V.E. field. In other words, what we think or feel directly affects our environment and our experiences/ perceptions of our environment.

In other words, our reality is a mirror of our thoughts and emotions. This concept may not be new to you, but now you know there is quantum scientific evidence supporting the fact that our own consciousness and the greater field of consciousness is what moulds creation. We individually and collectively create our reality in this Universe/Cosmos.

What this means is, what we think and feel most of the time (and this may be conscious or even subconscious) is what we experience in our lives. Thus we all have the potential to heal, end suffering and bring peace to our world. We are all creators and not just observers in our world, and we have the ability to transcend time and space and mirror a magnificent heaven here on Earth.


So now we have established that we are all creators through the fabric of L.O.V.E., how then can we consciously work toward bringing Peace, Joy and Unity into our world?

In order to become the author of our own life experiences we must be conscious of our every thought, emotion and action in our lives. What we create in our mind and then project into the outer world is instantaneously created in the matrix of L.O.V.E. Hence we have the ability to consciously project what we wish to create in every living moment.

Every vibration we release out to the infinite L.O.V.E matrix spreads out like ripples on a pond. Our vibrations affect everyone’s vibrations on infinite levels of being. We now must return to living like our ancient ancestors and accept self-responsibility for our role as unique ‘threads’ in the divine ‘fabric’ that is creation.

The most powerful way of creating a world of peace, abundance, serenity and bliss is to have love, gratitude and appreciation of all the wonderful things in your life, no matter how small. Mentally affirm each of these miracles in your life, allow each of your senses to connect with them and act as if these miracles are abundantly flowing at any given moment.

My advice is to turn off the TV, put down those negative newspapers and direct your thoughts, emotions and actions to living in L.O.V.E. Live in the now, value every breathtaking thing in our life and as you live in a state of peaceful serenity, gratitude and appreciation of just being, you will attract more and more of those things at will. This is what living a blissful existence is all about. This is how we live according to universal laws.

The following quote is from Sara Paddison’s book ‘The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence’ which helps explain what gratitude and appreciation means:

“Appreciation is a powerfully magnetic energy that helps you see the wider picture faster. As you appreciate, you see more and understand more. On an energy level, it brings intuitive breakthroughs and helps you realize God is within you. Appreciation magnetizes you to the Universal flow. When you sincerely appreciate what you have in life, you magnetize more of your heart’s desires. Mathematically speaking, if people spent half as much time appreciating what they have as they do complaining about what they don’t have, life would have to get better.”

So the key to bliss, is really acknowledging in the present moment, in the now, that you are already in a Blissful existence and have gratitude and appreciation for Living, Love, Life. When you do this, you are Bliss and so it is done!

© 2008 Simone M. Matthews

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