2010: The Energy of a Universal ‘3’ Year


2010: The Energy of a Universal ‘3’ Year

As we welcome in 2010, we also welcome in a new frequency, a universal ‘3’ energy vibration (2+0+1+0). And I am sure you will agree… doesn’t the energy feel different already !

Last years energy facilitated huge growth for many as we embraced the energy of a universal 11 (or 2 year). With Capricorn in Pluto and Jupiter in Aquarius it was about breaking down old structures to begin the building of a new world powered by heart centred humanitarian principles….. and boy did we see so much of the ‘old’ crumble around us. This has brought major challenges on a global basis and many people finished last year tired, in need of a break, and pondering the meaning of their lives in the midst of chaos.

Thus 2010 is a breath of fresh air, as we welcome in a new year … and the key word I keep getting for this year is JOY (JOY is a 3 letter word too, very apt for a 3 vibrational year !).

As Jupiter (expansion) moves into Pisces for the year, we are opening deeply to our sensitive, compassionate, imaginative nature… and feeling the shift of the planet quite deeply. Pisces is a highly spiritual sign, and ‘feels’ the pulse of the universe… thus we are being offered the opportunity globally to tap into the field.. and feel our JOY in each and every moment.

As the old structures within & outside of ourselves were breaking down during 2009, it could have been easy to have been trapped by the pain, got lost in the chaos, and lost sight of the bigger picture of life. In the deep hurt, it could have been easy to have consciously lost the JOY.

2010 now is reminding us to BE the JOY in each and every moment. Even as the world at this time seems to be out of control, are you getting caught in the drama of the pain.. or this year will you work with the psychic knowing Piscean energy and remember the JOY within is a state of mind, and state of being.

So what do I mean when I say JOY is a state of mind, and state of being ?

I mean that JOY is a choice, and when you make that conscious choice you are co-creating a new world from the inside out. In numerology, the word JOY resonates to the number ‘5’, this is the number of change.

Lets look at an example. It is easy to be joyful when things in life are running smoothly.. eg you just received a bonus from work, you found the love of your life, given birth to your first child etc…. But how joyful do you feel when life may not be flowing smoothly eg you just lost your job, your marriage may have broken up, or you just experienced a miscarriage ? Can you still experience the art of JOY. This is not to say that any of these events aren’t painful, and it is healthy to fully express and release your emotions as they come up…. but underneath it all, can you connect with the deep JOY and love of creation that moves through you ? Are you grateful for the journey of growth and evolution of your soul in the bigger picture of consciousness ?

We are at a point in history where we have such sophisticated technology, advanced scientific knowledge, and extreme wealth in many country’s…. yet lets look at the current world facts*:
– nearly 1 million people die of hunger each year
– over 1 billion people around the world are undernourished
– 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day
– estimate of 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS
– 20% of people on our planet use over 80% of the worlds resources

It would take $16 milion dollars to feed all the hungry people today… but lets look at our global priorities of where money is spent annually (US$):

– $780 Billion on defence
– $400 Billion on narcotics
– $12 Billion on perfume (USA & Europe)
So the question needs to be asked, why is there so much inequity in the world…. and with such wealth, technology and knowledge in industrialised nations… why are people on our beautiful planet dying of starvation ?

The way to transform the allocation of the worlds resources and bring compassion and humanity back to our planet is consciously transforming ourselves on the inside. Our universe is evolving into a higher consciousness, and we are moulding this consciousness in each and every moment. We are the creators of the new world, and it is the awakened / conscious people of this planet that is driving the change.

So how can I consciously drive the change and be the JOY you may ask ?

A ‘3’ universal year, is a year of Truth and Authenticity. It is a year to not ponder what brings joy through your life, but to LIVE and BE that JOY…. and ALLOW yourself to FEEL and experience it it in each and every moment. It is a year to do the job you have always wanted, to allow yourself to play, to connect with nature regularly (the nature Divas are living examples of playful JOY), and share that JOY infinitely with others. There is no time for excuses in a ‘3’ year (and most probably 2009 would have knocked those excuses out of you ☺ This journey on Earth is fun… so allow yourself to be the JOY.

When you BE the JOY you are living your mission here on Earth. Your Soul has chosen to be present on this divine planet called Earth to herald in a new Earth, for your own personal growth as well as planetary / universal consciousness. A universal ‘3’ year reminds us that in BEING our JOY, we transform our planet from the inside out.

© 2010 Simone Matthews

* Source: worldhunger.org and WHO

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