Finding your Voice


Finding your Voice

Something that I have had to come to terms with in the last few weeks is the fact that some people approach life in a mean-spirited manner.

Whilst I believe that deep within the hearts of all humans are the most beautiful states of LOVE, joy and compassion, the fact of the matter is we all have free will and some people choose to live life in a mean-spirited way.

I did a quick a google of the meaning of the word ‘mean-spirited’ and came up with the following:

‘mean-spirited is when a persons actions or inactions are unkind, motivated by cruelty or are characterized by a malicious, hurtful or petty spirit’.

Eek, as I read those words, that kinda summed up the character of people that I have had to deal with recently.  I have tried so hard not to pass judgement and tried with all my power to see the LOVE within them.

And then I found out something amazing within myself, let me fill you in …..

Setting the Scene…

I am a member of an Association.  I am SO VERY PASSIONATE about the purpose of this Association and for the last 10 years it has been an absolute pleasure to volunteer my time to help the Association achieve it’s goals.

However in recent months, a few Association members, a very small minority of this large Association, have sought to bring segregation to this once very strong community.  They have done so in the guise of ‘being a savior’ and ‘for the good of the all’… but in my opinion that is just a smoke screen to cover the egoic power being exercised over others.

As a result, our community has divided into two camps.  The smaller camp is a mix of power-hungry dark-crusaders, whilst the larger camp is trying to stay centered and heart-based during this time of turmoil.

Grim_ReaperThe dark-crusaders are gaining power through instilling fear into the hearts and minds of those community members who are very impressionable and easily influenced through corruptive methods.  I have likened the dark-crusaders tactics to that of a political candidate leading up to an election… paint a very dark picture of the other ‘team’ and then paint a horrendous picture of what the world would be like with them in power.  And just like any good politician, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story !

Crystal_AngelThe larger camp is, well what can I say, in shock, emotional, trying to hold space and see/be the higher vision… but alas cracks are forming in each and every individual… as each are pushed to the edge to really embrace a deeper truth from within.  A number of people have already had a nervous breakdown and others have been forced to leave the Association as the continued derogatory communications and vindictive and malicious behavior has just been too much for some sensitive people to bear.

Ok, enough of setting the scene now… lets move on…   presuming you are still with me !

The Bigger Picture…

All of us would like to think that if we are a part of an organization that is conscious, caring for the environment and whose purpose it is to foster an awakening of spirit from within… then life within the organization would be rosy !

Whilst this ideological utopia seems ideal, within the current level of consciousness of our planet this occurrence couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That doesn’t mean to say that we are all victims and doomed to the oppressive power of egoic maniacs… but rather it says that where there is the presence of ‘one mean-spirited person’ within the community, then this is a mirror image of the potential for ‘mean-spiritedness’ in all community members.

Oh dear I hear you say, ‘one bad apple can spoil the whole apple cart’… but the way I see it is that one bad apple provides the potential for all the other apples to lift their game such that NO BAD APPLES are ever needed to be made manifest in the apple cart in the first place.

We would all like to think that only LOVE & LIGHT oozes from our pores (goodness my sweat smells of sweet perfume, doesn’t yours?)… but I can honestly say, and I know you will not judge me for it… that in recent weeks I have pondered on many retaliative thoughts and I have considered actions to beat the dark-crusaders at their own game.

YES I am not proud of it, and NO I am not beating myself up about it either… but YES instead I have now chosen a constructive path to see just what the ‘rotten apples’ can gift to our community of blissfully conscious healthy apple connoisseurs !

Adopting the loophole…

As this whole messy situation has been playing out I have devoted time to inner-reflection and deeper understanding of myself.

In the past, in a situation where someone in my opinion had not done the right thing by me… I have tended to approach the situation with ‘oh well, I will let karma play out its course’ and all will be good in the world again.  Not that I have taken this approach all the time, but let me say probably about 99% of the time !

It is an interesting approach I know, but I do believe that we create our reality… so yes, if you live a mean-spirited life then karma (according to the Law of Cause & Effect, see my book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’) will reflect that meanness straight back to you.

I also like to follow the approach of Toltec Wisdom ‘Be Impeccable with your Word’, which means to always direct your words from a place of LOVE & Truth.  And words are not just your spoken words, but words are also your thoughts, your actions, your emotions and at times may simply be your silence.

loopholeFor me… what I am now seeing within myself is an interesting pattern, the adoption of a loophole of sorts… I have 99% of the time taken the approach of silence.  So in effect, I am creating my own karma, a karma through inaction.  As Eleanor Rooseveldt once said ‘what you don’t do can be a destructive force’, and I can see my inaction can create a destructive force within my self and hence also within the world at large.

Now I don’t mean to say that the expression of silence isn’t ever warranted, silence can be a most profound tool of action, but when the adoption of silence leads to destructive e-motions and inner-pain, well then silence is not being used from a place of LOVE & Truth.

So silence me no more, it is time to speak up…

Words are the Voice of the Heart

‘Words are the Voice of the Heart’ – such profound philosophic wisdom from Confucius.  Yet how many times do we not air our words for fear of hurting another, for not wanting to create waves or from a place of fear of the consequences.

Our words, when voiced from a place of LOVE & Truth can move mountains.   When we ‘speak’ from our hearts, we bypass the limitations or logic of the brain and speak directly to the field of creation that connects us all… that is the intelligent field of all creation.

For example, Mother Theresa one said ‘I would never attend an anti-war rally, but I wouldn’t miss a Peace rally’.  It think this really sums things up, words from a place of LOVE create real and evolutionary change.

Recently I came across a petition (not my most favourite word, I would prefer the term ‘movement of people in inspired action’) to stop Nestle trying to patent active constituents of the herb Fennel Flower (Nigella Sativa).  Nestle are claiming they discovered the medicinal effects of this herb and hence are choosing to dismiss thousands of years of empirical evidence of this same usage.  Oh yes, another case of don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

However, a group of concern citizens have started to speak up, their energy is building momentum and I anticipate (like has happened many times before), this patent will not proceed.   PS you can view the petition on-line here if you are interested:

If it wasn’t for people speaking up then how could we save the Barrier Reef, make pro-active steps toward climate change , remove descrimination from our Laws  or bring people to account for destroying life here on Earth.

Words – Voice – Action – Movement – Revolution

For me, I am currently processing my ‘pay off’ for remaining silent (maybe that will be food for thought for another article), but in the meantime I am choosing to use my VOICE.

I am appreciating the opportunity that the dark-crusaders have provided by their cracking of the protective shell of our community.  After all it is through the cracks that lies the opportunity of even more LOVE to be received and hence even more LOVE to be expressed creating an expanded version of self.

revolutionSo I am in the process of using my WORDS, I am giving VOICE to my heart, I am choosing to take action from a place of love and not fear… and through my heart I know a MOVEMENT will take place and collectively we will create a REVOLUTION.

This is the start of something big, I can feel it in my bones… now it is time to VOICE it and sing my heart-n-soul song to the world.

PS  I have also come to reason that these dark-crusaders are in fact light-crusaders.  Their actions are fostering an opportunity for them to see and be their light from with, so they don’t need to be insecure about themselves anymore. We just need to lead their way through our own hearts and show them how.

PPS  I just came across this great quote too and thought I would share:  No human would ever do anything to harm another if Connected (conscious of) Source because when you’re Connected, you’re empowered; you don’t feel insecure. And when you don’t feel insecure, you don’t need to do something to somebody else that you’re afraid of, because you’re not afraid. You understand that Well-Being is yours. Abraham

© Simone M. Matthews

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