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‘3 Minute’ Meditation – Enrich your Life Today

What if I said just ‘3 minutes a day’ is all you need to thrive in every area of your life ?

In just 3 minutes a day you can feel at peace in your body, deepen your relationship with yourself, awaken your innate abundance & truly flourish through radiant living ♡

There are only 75 days left in 2017 – so if start your daily 3 Minute Meditation ritual TODAY… you can flow into 2018 with a whole new outlook on your life, your relationships, your work & love your body into vibrant health.

Please keep reading down where I have GIFTED you a 3 Minute Meditation 
(to listen/download)… so there is no excuse for you not to get started today !

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation reduces your heart rate, calms the nervous system, decreases inflammation & supports the body in its innate ability to heal itself. 

On an energetic level, a ritualistic morning meditation sets the pace of your day and syncs your biorhythms with the energy of Earth’s field. When you are in-sync with rhythmic flow, you invite into your life synchronicity, opportunity & sacred potential. 

Your intentions that you set during your 3 minute morning meditation are a force of quantum creativity, that over time will elevate your life to new potentials in mystical & profound ways.  Your heartfelt intentions speak the language of the field and divinity lovingly ‘responds’ to your deepest heartfelt desires.  The universe conspires to ‘bring’ to you that which enables you to step into the grandest most gracious version of you.

Why a 3 Minute Meditation ?

But why 3 minutes ?    Three minutes equates to 180 seconds, or two sets of 90 seconds.

As explained by brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor in her book ‘My Stroke of Insight (& you may also like to check out her TEDx Talk too):

When a person has a reaction to something in their environment, there’s a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.

Something happens in the external world and chemicals are flushed through your body which puts it on full alert. For those chemicals to totally flush out of the body it takes less than 90 seconds.

This means that for 90 seconds you can watch the process happening, you can feel it happening, and then you can watch it go away.

After that, if you continue to feel fear, anger, and so on, you need to look at the thoughts that you’re thinking that are re-stimulating the circuitry that is resulting in you having this physiological response over and over again.

Now relating this to your 180 second morning meditation…

The first 90 seconds of your daily meditation ritual is about ‘flushing’ the emotional chemicals from your body.  As you focus on your breath and bring your awareness to the present moment, you are clearing your body- physically, emotionally & mentally – in order to set the stage for infinite potential of your day.

The second 90 seconds of your daily meditation ritual is about aligning your vibration with the Earth, Nature, Divinity- opening your Heart to LOVE.  As you think, feel & BE this LOVE… a flood of ‘LOVE’ chemicals surge through your body and your energy field ripples out your heartfelt intentions.

As your 3 Minute Meditation (180 seconds) draws to an end, you have set the highest potential for yourself for the day. Through the expansive flow of your breath, you step into your day being the grandest version of yourself. 

Throughout the day, the Universe responds to your vibratory intentions… and ‘answers’ the following questions that you have rippled out through the field by bringing to you opportunity, synchronicty & divine magical happenings:

  1. Today, how may I access the eternal LOVE within my Heart and BE this love through my every thought, word, deed & action
  2. Today, , how may I access the eternal LOVE within my Heart and BE the SOURCE of this LOVE within another.

3 Minute Meditation – Gift for YOU

Maybe meditation is new to you.  Maybe you would love to meditate but you don’t have the time.  Or maybe you meditate regularly but are open to grow, expand or learn fresh tools/techniques…. then great news, I have created a short 3 Minute Meditation just for you!

My gentle yet transformative  3 Minute Meditation is designed for you to do EVERY single day… preferably first thing in the morning as you breathe in your first breath of the day.

Through the expansion of your breath, this daily meditation awakens your connection to the Source of Power & radiant JOY that lies within you.

I invite you to start your daily 3 Minute Meditation TODAY… and bring to close the last 75 days of 2017 with Grace… and bound into 2018 with ease !

Listen/Download Meditation >

Take your Daily Practice to the Next Level

Would you like to take your Daily Meditation Practice to the Next Level ?

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