Succulent Wildness, Chiron Return & eating Mangoes Naked

Succulent Wildness, Chiron Return & eating Mangoes Naked

Eating Mangoes Naked

After my morning beach walk I prepared breakfast and sat on the garden deck to lavish in my Mango feast.  By-the-way, after travelling the world I can say with 100% certainty Australia has THE BEST Mangoes on the entire planet !

With sweet juice running down my arms and a grin on my face ear-to-ear… an old memory popped into my mind unexpectedly.  Funny how that happens, how smell/taste/pure lusciousness can rekindle long lost memories.

I recalled a book that I read in 1997, on the eve of my 30th Birthday… ‘Succulent Wild Woman’ by SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy).

Oh I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book.  This book had been lovingly created by hand with drawings/paintings, colourful poems and wise wisdoms.   I no longer have my copy (sigh), it is lost somewhere in ‘book lending land’ (with hundreds of my other books over the years).. but the images on the pages still sit deeply embedded in my heart to this day.

One of the pages that were jumping out of my memory banks was SARKs depiction of a Succulent Wild Women eating a Mango naked under a tree or in a hammock, licking the juice as it dribbled down her arms.

Ok, I’ll be honest with you… I did have my bathers on (my children can relax now if they are reading this), and I wasn’t in a hammock… but none-the-less I was still getting lost in that feeling of bliss, of complete surrender to the sweet succulence of the moment and a deliciously bodacious appetite for being wild & free. 

Your own ‘Mango Moments’ & Chiron Return

Whilst ‘eating a Mango naked’ may not be to your taste, or something you identify with as being ‘wild & free’… it does conjure up a metaphorical message of being happy, comfortable & radiant in the juiciness that is you !

Over the last 12+ months I have been transiting through my Chiron Return – Chiron returning to the same position on my Natal Chart at my time/date of birth.  Chiron takes approx 50 years to transit your chart, so it returns to its original position at your time of birth somewhere between 49 to 51 years of age. 

Most of us only experience one Chiron Return in our lifetime… unless of course you live to be 100 !

Chiron represents the ‘Wounded Healer’, where we hold our deepest wounds, hurts, sorrow & shame in our lives – body, mind & spirit.  When Chiron returns to its original placement in your chart at birth, over a period of 1-2 years during its transit, we have an opportunity to revisit our wounds of the past.

Did you sweep your wounds of the past under the carpet ?  Did you soldier on and not really ever feel into and subsequently let go of your wounds?  Or did you mentally deal with your wounds – but never really process them with Whole-Heart?

Chiron Return is time to revisit your wounds, see them in a fresh new light.  To reflect on the story of your wounds, how you processed your story and what the story has brought to your life’s journey. 

If you never truly processed your wounds from the past, Chiron Return is your time to re-do / think / feel/ forgive a new… and begin a fresh cycle of joyously LOVING YOU.

You may also find that the wounds/scars never leave, but your emotional attachment to the hurts & pain take on a new experience.  Rather than being damned by the past, you may find that acceptance of the past or forgiveness (self & others) in the present moment means that the wounds no longer have any hold over you… but rather serve you in delightfully radiant ways.

Chiron Return can be an amazing right of passage when we create space in our lives to feel into our Hearts & surrender to the experience.  Chiron Return can be your ‘Mango Moment’ if you choose to experience it this way!  What do you choose ?

Our upcoming SUPER Moon, Blue Moon & our TOTAL Lunar Eclipse

Why am I sharing with you this ‘Mango-Moment-Chiron-Return’ story ?  As we come into our 31 January 2018 Full Moon, to me it feels like a mini-Chiron Return for each and everyone of us… no matter our age !

Our 31 January 2018 Full Moon is also our second and LAST Full Moon SUPERMOON for 2018, it is also a Blue Moon… AND we we also have a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.

I LOVE the energy of our upcoming Full Moon, a power-FULL insight into our childhood wounds around nurturing, tenderness, presence & parenthood.   Combined with an insightful reflection of Women/Divine Feminine… and an opportunity to to step into a more loving, authentic, tender, strong & powerfully graceful state of presence in the world.

You can read all about the energy of our 31 January 2018 Full Moon here >

For me personally, as I count down the final 6 weeks of my Chiron Return and step into the next 50 years, I intend to let loose more. 

Forget about what others think of me.  No more hiding, playing it safe, staying small… if I really want to eat my Mangoes naked in the garden then I will!  I see myself being nourished from self-love and singing loudly the song of my Soul.  Look out world, Mango Season is here !


xx Simone


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