International Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

Women are deliciously amazing – a force of nature here to heal, nurture & transform the world.

Whilst EVERY woman is enchanting in their own right, something mystical emerges when women unite.   Together we uplift each other, help each other to grow, support each other through the challenging times and cheer each other on to be our bestest selves and truly shine.

We would much rather collaborate, nurture, support and tenderly guide our fellow SiStars, than be in competition.   We thrive on open communication, caring for one another and intuitively sharing wisdom with grace & ease.

Reclaiming Feminine Power

When a Women fully owns, reclaims and steps into her Feminine Power… this is when the magic happens.  

True FREEDOM is unleashed, creativity is unabashedly channelled and pure raw joy becomes the driving force of life.  You get into your body and I mean you deeply anchor your Soul Presence into every cell of the beingness as you weave the Dream of the Feminine into the fabric of reality.

You/We become BOLD.

You/We become LIBERATED.

You/We become PROVOCATIVE instigators of change.

And You/We become REVOLUTIONARY in our Heartfelt desires.

The Divine Union

When we reclaim our Feminine Power, the world changes.  

The scales are no longer tipped toward a Patriarchal system, but rather a loving DIVINE UNION of the Feminine & Masculine emerges.  A perfectly balanced Yin & Yang – a union that becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Through Divine Union, we honour the different qualities, the essence of polarities of the Feminine & Masculine.   We respectively honour the character and inherent nature of the other and marvel at how energy seamlessly flows back and forth in a sacred dance of joyous expansion.

As Women when we rise up, let go of the doubt and BELIEVE we are worthy to fully SHINE our Feminine Power… we restore the harmonic balance of Divine Union.   We let go of the need to fight.  We let go of the uphill battle to be seen, heard & considered equal.   The battle comes to an end as a force greater than any one individual rises up from Heart of Creation itself and drives a loving Divine Union once again.

This doesn’t mean that we do nothing to foster & flourish equality.  But rather it means we step out of the battle ground of anger, hurt, humiliation, separation & victimhood.  We choose to collaborate.  We choose to come together in a gentle yet inherently wise show of intelligent strength that can move mountains. 

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

My loving vision for YOU this International Women’s Day is that you get unstuck from the old story of struggle, survival, competition & limitation.

YOU are an unbridled reservoir of unimaginable potential. 

You are powerful.
You are loving.
You are sensually radiant.
You can do/be ANYTHING that you want… all you need do is believe in the radiant power of YOU.

Its time to unfold your deepest desires and value yourself and your inherent gifts.  
AND its time to breathe in the life-giving support system of our SiStarhood to champion us on in fulfilling our deepest desires.

Happy International Women’s Day to YOU my blessed SiStar,
xx Simone 

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