A Blessing of Love – Downloadable Gift


A Blessing of Love – Downloadable Gift

I feel a little misty today – reminiscing over the year, reflecting on such great loves, deepest sorrows & somehow each and every time finding my way back home.

I know deep in my heart, you my beautiful tribe of vibrant & lusciously radiant wayshowers have played a part in keeping the flames of my Heart burning brightly. And I hope that I too have played some small part in igniting a deeper love within you too.

Thank you for being a part of a movement, a vision, a burning light of LOVE of our New World. I truly adore you & am humbly grateful to walk this path with you. I look forward to rising, thriving & loving with you again Subscriber throughout 2019.

This morning I created a little gift for you. Well to be honest, I created this gift for my family celebrations… but then I had an idea, how fabulous to also share it with you too ! What a delightful thought that although we may all be scattered around the world during the festive season… in some small way we can all be nourished and ‘dine together’ through our Hearts.

I have created two ‘A Blessing of Love’ images for you to download.

The landscape image would make a beautiful placemat for each of your guests on your festive table… and the portrait image could grace your kitchen space.

May your festive gatherings be filled with joyous celebration, and may 2019 radiate a LIGHT in this world that harbours the awakening of our collective DREAMS.

Joyous Holiday Blessings everyone, I LOVE you ♡
xx Simone

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