Being Woman… A Gathering for Women – March 2019

Being Woman… A Gathering for Women – March 2019

8 – 11 March 2019
Camp Warrawee, Joyner, Qld Australia
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Inviting you attend the 15th annual Being Woman… gathering.

Since 2005 Being Woman… has intimately supported the healing and transformation of hundreds of women. This healing and transformation ripples out to their family members, friends, colleagues and connections – ultimately contributing to the upliftment of consciousness and humanity

I have been invited to be a part of this years program, facilitating a 1.5hr Workshop entitled ‘A Walk through Thyme’

A Walk through Thyme

Facilitator:  Simone M. Matthews

Inviting you to join with me for my ‘A Walk through Thyme’ a journey deep into the world of Plant Spirit Medicine – in particular, the LIGHTrition qualities of the Plant Spirit Realm.

Plant Spirit Medicine wisdom weaves graceful guidance in helping woman step into their true nature. The natural world speaks to us, through our dreams, our thoughts, our work, our hands & our hearts. As women, when we embrace the sacred principles of Plant Spirit Medicine, dance with her wisdom & sing her songs, we rise up to who we know ourselves to be in – we thrive in our truest natures.

LIGHTrition is the holistic nourishment of Body, Mind & Spirit. How the plant kingdom not only provides us with physical nutrients & medicinals but also how the Spirit of Plants support our flourishing in all areas of life – our relationships, our work, our finances & our connection to
something greater than ourselves. LIGHTrition opens the doors to discover our grander purpose & live the values that bring the greatest meaning to our lives.

Together we will experientially dive deep in Thyme to connect with her LIGHTrition, her ancient wisdom & bestow the cosmic healing medicinals of this sentient plant. Through ritual, self-care ease, grace & love… you will discover how LIGHTrition through Plant Spirit Medicine may joyfully bless & nourish your Soul.

By the end of this session, you will emerge lighter, clearer & in touch with a deeper sense of inner-peace, soulful awakening & sacred purpose through the Women’s Way.

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Message from Jingki

Here is a video message from one of Being Womans Indigenous Aunties the magical “Jingki” (there are 6 amazing Aunties joining BEing Woman this year)…  talking about the joy and power of our gathering!

Being Woman 2019 is being held March 8-11 in Brisbane!!
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