Divine Men – The Grace of the Masculine


Divine Men – The Grace of the Masculine

There is so much beauty in the world in this moment.. can you feel it ?

In fact, I have been feeling so very loved up of late by the Divine Men of this world, generous of Heart Men that have taken to a whole new level the reverent mastery of sacred union with their Masculine & Feminine.

At a time when the world seems to have fallen into a gravely dark abyss of polarised thinking, I have been inspired, uplifted and brought to tears in recent weeks by men who radiate a new vision of wholeness… a deep LOVE of inter-being.

Over the weekend, as I was reflecting on the amazing men that have touched my life in recent weeks… that gratitude turned into this pinkest most magickal of winter sunsets… reflecting EXACTLY how I was feeling… oh so loved!

Sharing my heartfilled Sunset… and some great articles, podcasts & videos featuring some of these amazing men !  Thank you to these divine Soul’s for helping me rekindle the depth of my Soulfulness and guiding me to bring this voice & grace into my own work in this world.  Thank you

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Charles Eisenstein

I have long been an avid reader of Charles’s books & essays –  I think I may have read everything he has ever written!  I know he cringes a little at his first book ‘The Yoga of Eating’, but I really loved every minute of it!

Over the weekend I read Charles Eisenstein’s latest Essay ‘The Conspiracy Myth‘, and once again he really has articulated so superbly the feelings in my Heart – the perfect follow on from his earlier ‘The Coronation‘.

Charles & I were born just 2 days apart in the same year 1967. I missed out on Charles’s Soul gift of superb philosophical penmanship… (as a deep feeler/sensitive with dyslexia, I am often missing the words to explain my myriad of feelings)… however I am so glad I found my Soul Brother to help fill in all the blanks!

And as Soul Family would have it, Charles references in ‘Conspiracy Myth” is very much what I covered in my recent online Courses (Sharings 2 & 3 of New Earth Lemurian course & Module 4 of Lightrition your Life Course) – albeit, not in as much radiant prose as Charles!  But none-the-less, in my own heartfilled way… still filled with oodles of LOVE.

I highly recommend this audio of Charles being interviewed on the Rich Roll Podcast:

‘This natural altruism emerges… we are all in this together… it shows are future where my wellbeing and your wellbeing are interconnected… enough with the trajectory of separation, now is the time to rejoin the community of humanity, the community of life!’



Dr Zach Bush

Oh this man, somehow I have missed the work of this divine human… for only in the last month or so has the vision & grace of this man entered my life.

And I promise you, I am not exaggerating when I say that there are times when Zach has moved me to tears, the way he so reverently articulates the sacred interconnection of all life with such reverent humility.

The first video below I know you will love… but be prepared, you may need tissues ! I talk indepth about this sacred flow of life in Lightrition your Life… thank you Zack for helping find the depth of words to know feel/express my teachings to a new depth of being.

And in the second video, a very sacred insight on Death & the rebirth into a future where we know ourselves to be ‘enough’.

If you live in Australia, Zach is speaking on the GoldCoast on July 21.  Now I am not sure if this is going ahead (in light of the present global uncertainty)… but I have purchased my ticket, so fingers crossed !


Guru Singh

I do love being inspired by people who think outside of the box, and push the boundary of possibility… calling us to not only dive deep into who we are, but also what we are capable of becoming.

I have been listing to quite a few Rich Roll podcasts… and in his own words ‘these are not interviews, they are conversations… a weekly aural dance designed to provoke, educate, inspire and empower you to discover, uncover, unlock and unleash your best, most authentic self.’

I loved this interview with Guru Singh… a deconstruction of grief and loss. The potency it contains to both create and destroy. And the potential energy it holds for grace, gratitude and transformation.

And the second interview with Guru Singh gifts insight into so many things we learn about in our Lightrition Course.  Talking about Quantum Crystals out in deep space (so tiny, below ‘nano’), that ampliflies ‘actions’… and this is the same Quantum Crystal in our spinal fluid that provides us with infinitesimal capacity to create Quantum change through our CSF.   How we are electro-magnetic beings gathering the ‘Earth/Minerals’ in this mission…. and reflections on Artificial Intelligence and what is consciousness and life itself.  And his insights into the effects of diet beyond the physical and nourishing our three brains – Heart, Heart-Brain, & Gut-Brain that connect us with Grace.

“I think what people find in tragic challenges is a part of themselves they didn’t know existed. A new character arises in the midst of grief.

Guru Singh



I love how each of these Men embrace & offer a humbling insight into our innate divinity.  And I am grateful for their offerings of timeless wisdom, brought into a nourishing nest of possibility.

I am still in the process of digesting & absorbing… but the one thing I know deep in my heart is this:  

When the Masculine embodies the highest virtues of Masculine Essence – a strength of grace – ‘he’ provides a safe space for the Feminine to riseup into all she longs and truly knows her self to be.

I hope you enjoy all of the above sharings, and they inspire you as much as they have uplifted me these past weeks as we cultivate and navigate a shared destiny.


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