There is a Vastness that quiets the Soul


There is a Vastness that quiets the Soul

I experienced the most amazing dream last night.  Have you ever had one of those dreams where the experience was so visceral, so alive, so scintillatingly radiant that you wake up with a ‘knowing’ that what happened was on some level quite real ?

Well, that was my dream.  And it certainly was REAL.

In my dream there was this luminous star shining in the sky, in fact it was the Lemurian Star beaming brightly.   The Star was moving closer & closer to Earth – at a rapid rate – and I felt that in any moment the Star was going to enter my Heart.   I leaned back and opened my chest to the sky to receive it.

But then something quite unexpected happened.  Instead of entering my Heart, the Star shattered the veils of the world into trillions of pieces. As if the world was one giant mirror and the presence of the Star here on Earth disintegrated the ‘illusion’ of what I could ‘see’ as my reality.

As the world view shattered and its pieces defied gravity floating off into another space/time, I realised all along that what I thought was a STAR moving toward me, was in fact a reflection of a Starr- LIGHT emerging from my Heart.   The Light was in fact the Lemurian Star that took the ‘form’ of a star but at the same time unfolded like a rose.  A rose of luminous starry-light.

I felt at peace. 
I felt so much love. 
I knew that the the dawn of a new era was slowly unfolding. 
And all I needed do was breath.

For me this dream was both symbolic but also visionary into what is unfolding on Earth at this time. 

The ugly shards of selfishness, hate, bigotry and cruelness are being dismantled as they are ‘seen’ for what they are – mirrors of our deepest fears.   But as we re-remember WHO we are.  WHY we came to this Earth.   And choose to live through LOVE, we unfurl a most wonderous weaving of light through the world.  The Earth becomes through us.  We are no longer living on the Earth, but of the Earth.

We become captivated with beauty in a blade of grass.  We smell eternity in the scent of a flower.  We find freedom in the soaring wings of a bird in flight, and we experience SOULitude in a momentary breath.


There is a vastness that quiets the Soul. But sometimes, we are so squarely in the midst of life’s forces that we can’t see what we’re a part of. ~ Mark Nepo

To experience this unfolding rose of the Divine through us, we are called to become the observer of our experiences.   To move our thoughts beyond our experience of the chaos around us, and instead open our awareness to a bigger picture.  An unfolding story that isn’t happening to you, but rather for you.  

Now doesn’t that change everything!


Dreaming with the Pleiadian Mothers

Inviting you to join me for this weeks New Earth Era Channelled transmissions from the Pleiadian Mothers – Lemurian Wisdom guiding us Home (Sharing #5).

I will be sharing my entire dream (that I briefly mentioned above) and guiding you into your OWN DREAM, to creatively find YOUR space of quiet SOULitude & creative presence within the world during changing times.

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