How to Grow a Better World


How to Grow a Better World

It’s Mother’s Day here in Australia this weekend— any excuse to gift myself a present— The Good Life Book by Hannah Moloney. My treasured purchase arrived today, and the subtitle caught my eye ‘How to Grow a Better World’.

The inside cover stirred my heart too ‘how living an ordinary life can create an extraordinary contribution’— these words were the same sentiments that had wavered through me during my morning meditation.

The world is changing. Just like being dumped in a wave, life within this moment can feel topsy-turvy, back-to-front, inside-out. As the sands of what we knew as ‘truth’ have shifted beneath our feet, a clear vision of how we are to navigate uncharted waters may yet be visible. Yet… there is something stirring deep within us, rising within the collective, a benevolent force guiding us to ‘plant & grow the seeds of a better world’.

We are composting the failures of a world in disarray & decrepit decay. And this decomposing putridness is now fertilising the visions of what is newly emerging within this next cycle of life, evolution, creation.

In our humanness, there is a tendency to want to fast-track to the finish line and enjoy the fruits of those seeds now. You know— plant the seed and expect a tree to sprout and produce fresh juicy apples 🍎— by tomorrow of course! However nature’s cycles are vibrant with intelligence, and when we flow with her Grace— her growth becomes our growth and vice-versa.


Ordinary to Extraordinary

Over the last months I have received many emails from community members floundering in how to move forward and navigate these changing times. What am I to do? How can I make a difference? What if I make a mistake? Are my actions futile? Can I really make change? What if I fail?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the ‘vision of the glorious apple tree’, that the enormous luminosity of our dreams prevents us from taking action. We doubt our ability to create a tree that is so magnificent in stature & fruitful abundance. Who am I to create such a bountiful and life-giving tree?

We procrastinate. Maybe if I improve upon & perfect my vision of the plentiful tree before I plant the seed— maybe then I won’t fail, and I will be capable of growing the best tree ever!

Don’t get me wrong, planning has a place, but intuitive heart-based action has a place also— it’s just a little more scary to follow because there are no guarantees. Yet from that place of vulnerability, we open ourselves up to possibility.

It’s time.
It’s time we plant the seeds.

We don’t need to do it with fanfare or instagram-filtered posts to prove we are capable or worthy of growing a tree. We just need to do it as part of our ordinary yet sacred steps in life. These everyday steps include feeding our seeds with love, watering them with kindness and breathing them into beingness through generosity of spirt.

Sure there will be storms, hail, drought and other such seeming obstacles along the way. However it’s this untamed wildness of nature that creates the perfect kaleidoscope of life experience to birth a grandmother Apple Tree that is resilient, regenerative and restorative to the dreaming of the Apple and her eternal seed of life.

We discover our ordinary everyday life sharings are what ultimately create the extraordinary. The tree becomes extraordinary because of our humble everyday offerings. We may even discover that we are extraordinary because of our everyday ordinariness— how divine is that!

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Sharing the following video [for our paid Substack Subscribers] where I ponder how our ordinary acts create the extraordinary. I will also share what I have been working upon these last months, and what is being seeded within the humus of life.

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